Want to Sell Domain Names Quickly?


Want to sell your domain names quickly? Someone in the domain business needs to hire this guy. πŸ™‚ Β He is going places for sure, and I respect the fact that he seems to have mastered the art of the cold call sales pitch.

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  1. This rap was around in the 80’s. I remember someone coming to the door and the first thing out of their mouth in the same voice and tempo was

    “I know I’m black! I’m not here to rob you!”.

    I don’t remember what they were selling at the time though.

  2. THAT was hysterical! The ‘get rid of me special’….oh man this guy’s a true salesman. Very intelligent. That sure won’t be that last we see of him. What a great laugh to start the day! Thanks E. πŸ˜€

  3. Great vid share! Sounds like a advanage sales pitch gone wild. Found very simliar sales pitch here but this guy is way not as good.
    I think the whole youtube video filming is a setup though, too many on youtube by the same company.
    Here is the guys cousin.

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