Tebowing.com: Trend Domaining


I’m not a big fan of buying domain names based on trends. From my perspective, it doesn’t usually pay off and it can cost a lot of money to buy domain names based on trends, since new trends take off every single day… and that doesn’t take trademark issues into consideration, which can have added risks and costs.

That being said, it seems that one “trend” domain name is paying off. If you aren’t aware, Tim Tebow is the new starting quarterback for the NFL’s Denver Broncos. Tebow starred at University of Florida, and he wasn’t projected to be a great NFL quarterback due to his throwing style.

Tebow is widely known as a religious man, and when he was shown in a bowing position, presumably praying, the term “Tebowing” was born. In similar fashion to the planking craze, people started Tebowing everywhere. They took and posted pictures of themselves Tebowing, and the Tebowing craze took off. As you can imagine, a person in Denver registered Tebowing.com in late October, and the quickly launched website features pictures of people Tebowing around the world.

This evening during the Broncos game vs. the New York Jets, the NFL Network showed a montage of photos of people Tebowing. On the top of the graphic, there was a notice that the photos were courtesy of Tebowing.com.

I suppose trend domaining does pay off.

Tim Tebow


  1. Trend domaining… LOL

    As far as his career goes, you wont hear his name in 2-3 years. Horrid technical QB and plain lucky the last 3 games.

  2. I detest all gator chomping, but this kid is a winner and even if he struggles at QB and can only run the read option, he can play Fullback.

    Tebowing.com is definitely better than Namathing.com, where you get hammered and hit on reporters or Plaxicoing.com where you go to clubs and shoot yourself.

    Namathing.co and Plaxicoing.XXX are still available.

  3. I watched him play a game @ Nease High School.
    Un-freaking-real to watch a 17 year old kid playing at that level. He was like a high school quarterback set to God mode. Whatever becomes of him in the NFL (or the CFL, or NFL Europe), it was probably the only time I’ve witnessed young talent that I knew for certain would go on to play at the highest level.

    I know a young kid who played high school league basketball against Derrick Rose and actually played him 1 on 1 once. He said basically the same thing. It was like putting Pujols in any given Little League.

  4. Site is now a PR6 so it could easily sell 10 links @ $100/month in addition to some in-text advertising/banners… then flip it on Flippa.com for $12k+

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