Want to Learn About a 6 Figure Domain Name Sale?


Earlier this morning, George Kirikos shared on Twitter that he “uncovered a previously unreported mid-6 figures domain name deal.” He promised to share the information about the sale once his tweet has 20 retweets, although he said it is a “non-CHIPs 4L .com.

Likely because it is a Sunday, the tweet only has 16 retweets in the ten hours since George initially posted:

If you want to learn about this six figure deal, retweet George and he will share it.

In the meantime, George has shared a few clues about the sale, including the following:

“buyer has penguin logo.”
“the buyer of the domain name is in NYC.”
“the new owner is a fintech company.”
“the 1st letter is a “W””

If you want to find out the details, I guess you will need to retweet George.


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