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George Kirikos Likely Sold for 7 Figures


Another (likely) seven figure domain name has has been revealed by George Kirikos on Twitter this afternoon. George noted the annual report from Indigo Books & Music stated the company spent roughly $2.7 million USD on domain names in the last year. Included in the company's purchases is the domain name, which I wrote about in February after I noticed it changed hands. Unless there were other major domain name purchases, I think it is likely that sold for 7 figures. is yet another color .com domain name that sold for a substantial amount of money.

Here are the tweets about

George followed this up with a second tweet to provide more commentary on the sale: → Read More

Rick Schwartz Sold


Earlier today, George Kirikos tweeted about a $13.5 million round of funding for a company called Teem, that had previously been known as EventBoard:

George also mentioned that the company acquired the domain name from well-known domain investor, Rick Schwartz:

teem-comOn Rick's website, he mentioned the sale of, stating "Soon I will be announcing another deal for, in which there is a cash and an equity component."

I reached out to Rick to see if he could comment on the deal, and he said he (more…) → Read More

Want to Learn About a 6 Figure Domain Name Sale?


Earlier this morning, George Kirikos shared on Twitter that he "uncovered a previously unreported mid-6 figures domain name deal." He promised to share the information about the sale once his tweet has 20 retweets, although he said it is a "non-CHIPs 4L .com."

Likely because it is a Sunday, the tweet only has 16 retweets in the ten hours since George initially posted: (more…) → Read More

GoDaddy Made a $42 Million Acquisition


In GoDaddy's most recent 10-Q quarterly report filing with the US Securities & Exchange Commission, the company reported a major acquisition and some other interesting business information.

On page 20 of the filing, GoDaddy stated, "In April 2016, we completed an immaterial acquisition for cash consideration of $42.0 million." George Kirikos speculated about the acquisition that was reported, since the filing made no mention of it by name: (more…) → Read More

Report: Deal Valued at Nearly $90 Million


George Kirikos is reporting that sold in 2005 in a deal valued at nearly $90 million over 35 years. The source of his tweet is a SEC filing from earlier this year that discusses the purchase agreement for dating to 2005.

Here are some of the details from the SEC filing that spells out the value of this deal:
"In June 2005,, LLC entered into an agreement for the purchase of The agreement specified that a $12,000,000, one-time payment be made upon execution of the agreement along with monthly payments of approximately $83,000 for 36 months, $125,000 for the next 60 months, and then $208,000 for the next 36 months. Per the terms of the agreement, after June 30, 2016, following the 132 initial monthly payments,, LLC in its sole discretion may terminate the agreement and → Read More

Did UDRP Decision Get Revision After Publication Without Notification?


I read something pretty surprising on CircleID this morning pertaining to the UDRP decision that has reportedly been revised after publication. I initially wrote about the decision because I found it strange that the domain name was canceled by the panelist, and Andrew followed-up with more questions about the decision. Domain investor and frequent domain watchdog, George Kirikos, wrote the Circle ID article.

According to Kirikos' research (and documented in Andrew's article), someone removed the following important sentence from the UDRP decision after it had been published: "Complainant held a trademark registration for "AOL" and Respondent registered the domain name ""'

Kirikos explains that the reason this line is important was that "This was completely out of place and nonsensical, because the complainant was Woot, not AOL, and was a reference to a completely different case in 2002. This was the original "smoking gun" that caused the public to dig further into other cases of "cut/paste" amongst → Read More