Video: GoDaddy Domain Name Security Discussion


Domain name security is of utmost importance. GoDaddy held a “Blab” this morning discussing domain name security, and I want to share the video below. If you register your domain names at GoDaddy, you should take advantage of the company’s security offerings to make sure your domain names are a safe as possible.

There are several elements that are critical to domain name security (account measures, email account security, social media safety…etc). This video is worth watching when you have a bit of free time. Regardless of where you register your domain names, it is advisable that you learn about the mandatory and optional account security measures and keep your domain names secure.


  1. Howdy, Elliot.

    Appreciate the video article… would much rather have an OUTLINE of the most salient points and references… vs. taking 36 min. to listen.

    Thank you,
    ~ Alan

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