GoDaddy to Host Domain Security Blab


One of the reasons I use GoDaddy for quite a few of my valuable domain names is because of the security they offer. The company has two factor authentication available for accounts and the company also offers a phone confirmation security protocol to prevent unauthorized domain name transfers and account changes.

GoDaddy will be hosting a free domain name security “Blab” tomorrow (Thursday, April 28), and it might be a good idea to attend, whether you are a GoDaddy customer or not:

Joe Styler will be leading the Blab, which begins at 11:30am tomorrow (Thursday). Here’s what Joe told me will be discussed during the hour long discussion:

“We will take about a half hour to go over best practices for keeping your domains safe and secure. We will cover things for all types of users and the focus will be on prevention with some time at the end covering recovery if your domain name is taken. We will have two other people on the call Jessica Hanyen and Chris Patterson who are key members of the team who helps recover stolen names for GoDaddy.”

Some of the other domain name security topics that will be covered include:

  • Password best practices
  • Whois best practices
  • Email tied to your account risks and prevention
  • Registrar account itself
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Services that can help secure your domain
  • What to do if your name is taken

Based on my own observations, it appears that domain name theft has been on the rise over the last couple of years. If you own valuable domain names, it would be a good idea to tune into this Blab discussion to see how you can keep your domain name accounts secure and protect your domain names from theft.


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