Video: Afternic Integration With GoDaddy

Yesterday afternoon, GoDaddy hosted a Google Hangout where team members discussed the Afternic integration. Afternic team members shared some thoughts on listings, best practices, and they offered other information about how to sell domain names on Afternic.

After concluding, GoDaddy posted the 40 minute Google Hangout on YouTube, and I have embedded it below.

One thing I have found is that the team at Afternic is generally willing to offer feedback and address customer issues when they come up. If you have questions or comments for them, you are welcome to publish them here. I am sure they will see them, and I am happy to let them know about comments. If you have questions, I am sure others have the same questions and their answers will be helpful to more than just you.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Thanks Elliot, we are all pretty constant lurkers on your site, so we’ll definitely address questions in the comments.

    We hope to grow this hangout into a monthly series with varying topics and even guest speakers, we’re happy to listen to ideas for future hangouts too.


  2. Elliot, thanks for posting the link. I couldn’t “attend” yesterday, so have just watched the entire broadcast.
    Hopefully, Afternic do indeed “lurk” on your site, as I’d like to ask some questions.

    Alan (I think) referenced names being up and running “within 24 hours” after the DNS change. I have found that the few domains I’ve imported take days to resolve, constantly showing an “error 403” page. I’ve had to contact customer service on this, which is quite time-consuming.

    Additionally, after carefully entering names in my preferred upper and lower case (as per the Afternic instructions), I find that sometimes the pages resolve to my entered choice, sometimes they don’t and show as all lower case.

    Domains enabled with Fast Transfer, a week later with no changes on my end, have reverted to No Fast Transfer and “requires submission”. Customer service replied that it seemed there was a known issue with this.

    Does Afternic have any timeline for when they hope these issues can be fixed? They are irritating rather than a deal breaker, as I really want to try Afternic. I have only moved 4 domains in (more to follow), but it does feel rather like herding cats…

    • Maggie,

      Great questions. I can have someone reach out to you and help get you some answers. Feel free to email me at jstyler at godaddy dot com.

    • Hi Maggie,

      Each case is going to be unique so I think it’s best to contact Joe directly to see what’s going on. In general, Fast Transfer support has issues with domains that have transfer locks on them, that’s likely the biggest sticking point we get. We have updated our systems over the past couple of months to get those situations handled better but welcome any direct feedback you have.


    • Hi Paul (and Joe),

      Thanks for your posted replies, and I have already contacted Joe directly. If Afternic worked the way it was supposed to, it would be great. However, the issues I have encountered (and Roscoe, below) are not uncommon, as per other posts on Namepros etc.

      Hopefully with the concentration now on the GoDaddy integration, these roadblocks towards smooth functioning of Afternic will be solved.


  3. How about making the notification center work? I delete messages over and over again, but yet they still stay there. It would be nice to be able to organize those a little bit. I just added a ton of domains, and I get hundreds of notices for “Opt-in to fast transfer” and then I get the occasional important notice about a problem with a domain, it’s almost impossible to find.

    A. There is no skip to the last page button (you can only click next and go to the next 10 messages)
    B. There is no back button to go to the previous page
    C. There isn’t a way to show more than 10 messages
    D. When I do delete messages, they don’t delete! They just stay there.

    Am I the only one with this problem or do other people have it too?

  4. I’m surprised there haven’t been more comments. Does the issue of messages not getting deleted only happen to me, or is this a system wide issue?

  5. I am very dissatisfied with how to treat customers Afternic. I have a buyer has bought and paid for a domain at Afternic Escrow July 20. July 24 ended with domain transfer to the buyer. And since July 24 I can not get any reply from Afternic that I get payment for this domain.

  6. Hamid,

    I have not checked this blog post in a while and just came across this. If you can provide some additional details I can make sure you are assisted. My direct email is jstyler at godaddy dot com feel free to reach out if this is not already resolved.


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