Backed by County for .Vegas gTLD While City Backs Other Entity


Vegas.comAccording to an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal, the operators of the famous website won a key endorsement from Nevada’s Clark County board of commissioners to run the .Vegas gTLD if and when ICANN approves the introduction of these domain name.

The county vote was unanimous, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s operators will actually be able to manage the .Vegas suffix. The city of Las Vegas previously endorsed Dot Vegas, Inc., another organization that would like to run the .Vegas gTLD. I personally find it a bit odd that another entity won considering the strength of the brand outside of Las Vegas… but what do I know.

Of course, the big winner in this will be ICANN. I presume both entities are going to have to pay ICANN a LOT of money to apply for the gTLD, and then ICANN can decide whether Clark County or the City of Las Vegas has the greater right to select an organization to manage the registry. This is another big issue that ICANN will need to sort through before they make their decision.

With millions of dollars at stake, all of the minor issues will certainly become major. Since the Clark County commissioners have been told the .Vegas gTLD “eventually could generate millions of dollars in fees for the county,” they probably won’t take a rejection lightly and litigation could follow. I guess it’s a good thing that ICANN is charging so much for applications – the legal fees could become enormous (imagine if the State of New York wants a .NewYork while New York City wants .NYC).

No matter whether gets awarded the .Vegas suffix or not (if/when ICANN approves their introduction), they will still be the winners when people type in things like and


  1. While I suspect that the folks would do the best job of handling/running a .vegas tld; if they do (eventually; after the lawsuit/s) get it; keep a close eye on their exact implementation, execution, and marketing methodologies for .vegas.

    Because it’s in their best interest to minimize any negative effects such an extension could have on their own, it wouldn’t surprise to see “things” done (and not done) to both enhance and diminish .vegas.

    Meaning that here’s actually a huge conflict of interest for to run a .vegas tld.

    But does anyone believe ICANN will care about such a conflict when decision time comes?

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