What Domain Names Have You Sold Recently?

I wrote a popular post a couple of days ago asking people what recent domain acquisitions they made, and that post has received 71 comments as of this afternoon. Steve Morsa followed it up with an email suggesting another post asking readers to post some of their recent sales.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to post this because I keep just about all of my sales and sales prices private. However, I don’t mind revealing some of my recent sales, albeit without sales prices.

  • Danvers.com
  • GolfBooks.com
  • BoroughPark.com
  • ParkSlope.com
  • GunCollection.com
  • RittenhouseSquare.com
  • UniqueInk.com
  • iCookbook.com
  • DeepWrinkleTreatments.com
  • ChristmasLawnOrnaments.com

If you’d like to post some of your recent sales with or without sales prices, feel free to do so. It’s an interesting look at what the aftermarket is doing.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Can you step us through the sales process (locating a buyer) for one or two of the names you listed above?

    I’m not asking for the specific details, more so the general approach. I would like to hear about UniqueInk.com since it was a developed site.

  2. A few recent sales, mainly end user:

    MultiCurrency.com – $2,000
    ImmobilienPortal.com – $3,800
    WomensTops.com – $9,000
    LCDFernseher.com – $2,500
    GastronomieJobs.com – $5,000
    QualityClicks.com – $1,000
    CashmereSocks.com – $1,900
    UsedFoundry.com – $1,500
    StudentLockers.com – $1,500
    BakeryEquipment.net – $1,400
    BakingEquipment.net – $900
    Bnu.com – $9,500
    IronBalusters.com – $700
    LiftEquipment.net – $600

  3. @ JS

    UniqueInk.com was a sale to a friend who is going to use it for a blog for his wife who is into tattoos.

    The others were private sales, with all but two small sales being sold by me directly. One was sold by a blog reader who had sold similar names and the second (GunCollection.com) was sold at DomainFest.

  4. Sold Recently from myself


    and a few I cant disclose due to nda.

    I have sold and bought several others through my brokerage for select clients.

    Currently looking to sell Ayr.net – Current offer of $750 USD… Looking for a Fast Sale anyone interested shoot me an email homes@wea.la

  5. Good luck getting to 70+ comments on this one 🙂 I don’t spend much time selling as I am mostly buying to hold/develop… but I did sell FreeDesktopWallpaper.org via Sedo for mid $xxx and OnlineBackupSoftware.info via Bido this month.

    Speaking of Bido, I was doing very good volume (for me) at the end of last year but for the extensions and keywords I deal in, Bido’s activity has really dried up. I had about 2-3 to 1 sell through rate prior to the “latest” Bido release in mid December. Since then I’m something like 0 for 15 or something crazy.

  6. Sold a hand-regg for $15,000 a few months back. HHOGenerator.com
    Another semi developed site GarraRufa.com for about $5,500 in 3 months after I grabbed it at Snapnames for $60.

  7. Since the New Year, Domain Sales have picked up dramatically (at least for me and my marketplace, http://www.MediaOptions.com). I won’t mention other members sales, but personally I have sold some of the following recently:

    Laptopa.com (yesterday)
    TaxiPanama.com (yesterday)
    GreenBuildingMaterials.net (BuildingMaterials.net still for sale)

    …plus quite a few other small sales (under $500)

    It has been a VERY productive 2 months!

  8. In the past few weeks I sold:
    SuperMortgages.com – $7500
    SuperFlorists.com – $3000
    SuperMoving.com – $7500
    SuperPrinting.com – $4000
    bbwpictures.com – $2000
    CruiseIndustry.com – $500

  9. @ Rafael

    That will be another post later today… someone else emailed me about that yesterday.

    Also, you can add Grandmom.com to the list of names I recently sold 🙂

  10. As many people know, I’ve mainly been a high-volume $xx domain flipper, but am gradually moving upmarket. Some recent sales in $xxx & $x,xxx ranges:

    Zuggie (aged brandable)
    several [State]Primary .com’s (I still own most of them)


  11. @ Randomo

    I guess I bought your KeepKosher.com, I love this domain name……I’m actually in talks with a Lubavitcher Rebbe to run a blog for me….great sale..

  12. A couple more names I just recently sold:


    Overwater.org (hand reg)


    LobsterRolls.com (buyer has a 6 month payment plan)






  13. @ steve – Glad to hear of your plans for KeepKosher.com. I really liked that name, was reluctant to let it go … but a guy’s gotta pay his renewal fees somehow! 🙂

  14. Where could one sell an entire portfolio of nearly 600 names – mostly dot-com domain names? Aside from BuyDomains.com… Are there brokerages that deal in that sort of bulk purchase?

  15. I’ve sold hundreds this year, but one that comes to mind is BankReconciliationSoftware(com), mainly because it was free, is a very long domain (imho) and it found the perfect end user for a price that made me very, very happy. It sold less than a week after acquisition!

  16. I need to sell a few domains, as a newbie what would be my best avenue…can someone help me out. I have small list for anyone to look at if needed.


    Edward Emery

  17. Hi Elliot,

    Maybe I should have directed my question to you. As a newbie what would be the best way to sell some domains. As I would like to raise a little $$$ to purchase some more domains.


    P.S. Thanks for helping me on the EndBeginning.com /.net there gone got the big refund.

  18. @ Edward

    I don’t mean to be rude or sarcastic with this reply, but I wouldn’t know how to sell domain names like that. I guess you should search for companies that do what you think should be done with the names and ask them.

  19. Elliot,

    Sorry for the misunderstanding I don’t own those names anymore there gone (endbeginning). But I would like to sell a few like.







    If the above domains are junk it’s ok to let me know.

    P.S. By day I am an Insurance salesman with a book of business of 2500 clients. So believe me if I can sell face to face or have people scream at me because of claims not covered or a screwed up bill etc. for the last 8 years. Nothing on a blog could really hurt my feelings. So it’s ok to tell like it is.

    Thanks just a newbie…


  20. I bought one of the domains listed in this thread (freedesktopwallpaper.org), not sure I’d want the price published though(I believe it’s against the terms in Sedo)…as it’s searchable on Google hmm

  21. Am new into domain name business,can someone tell me how lucrative it is,i have some am about to put for sale in sedo,007savings.com,imillionare.com,am stilll thinking of what price to put on them,can someone give me a price suggestion tools.

  22. Hi Elliot,am new into domain name business,can you tell me how lucrative it is,i have some am about to put for sale in sedo,007savings.com,imillionare.com,am stilll thinking of what price to put on them,can you give me a price suggestion tools.

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