Use a Domain Lawyer, Not a Forum Legal “Expert”


When it comes to learning about investing in domain names, there are many things you can learn on public domain forums such as DNForum and Namepros and others. They have a plethora of information available from experts with all kinds of experience. However, when it comes to legal issues, you should get advice from a domain name lawyer.

Let’s say you are arrested for something (hopefully, very minor if you are arrested), would you search Google for information about your crime? Probably, that’s what most people would do unless they have a lawyer on call. Would you visit a public forum and post information about your crime hoping one of the members gives you good legal advice? I sure hope not.

Over the years, I’ve seen many people post about various legal problems related to domain names on public forums. On occasion, those people will even post information that makes it even easier to identify the person and the exact problem. This, in my opinion, isn’t a wise thing to, and it’s very possible that it will come back to haunt the person who posted it, especially if the opposing side is able to see the thread.

There are plenty of smart people who dispense good (and bad) advice on a daily basis on public forums. There aren’t many exceptional lawyers who spend excessive time giving away answers and legal advice. John Berryhill has been known to give excellent advice on domain forums, and I think he would agree that the particulars of a person’s legal case shouldn’t be discussed online in public view.

Getting a threat letter, cease and desist notice, UDRP, lawsuit paperwork, or some other type of legal threat can be scary. The first instinct a person has might be to ask others for help. However, I don’t think it’s wise to air out your legal issues in public view. Hiring a lawyer may be expensive, but there are many domain name lawyers who are more than fair when it comes to their billing, especially when it involves overzealous attorneys and companies who use bullying tactics.


  1. “Hiring a lawyer may be expensive, but there are many domain name lawyers who are more than fair when it comes to their billing”

    How much? That’s the one thing that is usually left out whenever this topic comes up and the first and main thing people would want to know about.

    You get a UDRP, what is the range for just contacting a domain lawyer for some information, the range for actually using a domain lawyer to defend yourself.

  2. Another option may be to prepare yourself for defending yourself in UDRP, by reading and analyzing UDRP cases. Of course, a domain lawyer is worth it if the domain name is, say, worth 6 figures.

    • I would hire a lawyer no matter what, although I’d most likely use my brother. Having one UDRP loss can be used by future panels, and if a company sees that you defended yourself for one UDRP, they might be more inclined to file a future UDRP assuming you’d defend it, too.

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