Uniregistry Brokerage Persistence Paid Off

For those who don’t follow my Twitter account, I want to share how the persistence of Uniregistry brokers paid off and concluded with a domain name sale. The sale was small ($1,500), but it was an unexpected sale that I entirely attribute to the diligence of Uniregistry, particularly Chris Aguilar. The domain name I sold (which will not be shared) was one I consider inventory and nothing special to me.

In 2014, I hand registered a domain name. It was a descriptive domain name and probably did not earn any revenue. In 2016, I received an inquiry for the domain name via Uniregistry broker who asked me for the price of the domain name on behalf of a client. The prospective buyer did not make an offer at that time. I am not sure how the prospect landed on my domain name. I believe I had been using the Uniregistry inquiry lander at that time, so they either called Uniregistry or they were already a client of Uniregistry looking for domain names similar to mine.

Three years later, I received a message from a different Uniregistry broker to let me know the same prospect made an offer to purchase this domain name. The $1,500 offer wasn’t super notable in and of itself, but it was notable that the offer came more than three years after the original inquiry was submitted to me.

Based on my own experience with buying names and inquiring about names via Uniregistry, I would imagine Uniregistry brokers continued to send periodic (and likely automated) emails to the buyer to see if there was still interest in the domain name. Uniregistry brokers are persistent, and I think that is the way their contact management platform was created. This allows them to keep in touch with the prospect and keep the domain name on their mind

I ended up accepting the $1,500 offer for the domain name. I would say the sale process was not super smooth, but I do not think that is because of the broker. After agreeing to the sale, the buyer went silent for a few weeks. The buyer then agreed to escrow and went silent for a short period of time after that. The buyer paid Escrow.com but then went silent before the KYC process. Finally, the buyer completed KYC and the domain transfer went smoothly.

I field my own leads, so I don’t use Uniregistry (or other) brokers often. Because of this sale, I am more likely to send them hot leads to see if they can close deals and/or induce better offers than I can. I am also planning to reach out to see if I would be able to send them dormant leads to see if they get a better response than I received. If I do this, I will need to do a good job of keeping my inventory updated so they do not sell a domain name I already sold.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. “I am also planning to reach out to see if I would be able to send them dormant leads to see if they get a better response than I received.” Please do! Forward any of your email domain name inquires to sell@uniregistry.com and just include the domain name in the subject title. It’s helpful to give the Uniregistry Broker your expected price range upfront as well to help speed up the sale process.

  2. Yes, the Uniregistry brokerage is diligent and persistent. I have been truly impressed by their success rate, so along with other reasons, I converted all my 2,000 plus domains on the Uni Market from solely “Buy Now” status to “Buy Now” PLUS “Submit Enquiry” status.

    This task took me at least 30 hours over about three weeks in June. So now all my domain enquiries are automatically assigned to a broker.

    The results look good so far with a significant increase in sales velocity but it is too early to say anything is proven. But in the last month, thanks to Uni brokers, I have sold three domains that included the extra “Submit Enquiry” option for a total of $7,300.

    (I additionally sold one domain solely with a “BIN” listing.)

    There is a good description of their strategy on the Uni blog:

    “On average, a Uniregistry broker makes 50 phone calls every day. Anytime they can make a connection by phone, the likelihood of a sale just doubled. They also send out thousands of text messages every week looking to make a connection at any level…

    “A broker at Uniregistry sends over 100 personal emails a day. This is in addition to the emails auto-generated by the CRM. Remember, the ‘system’ never forgets a prospect.”

    Alan Crowe


    • Dave, for the next time:
      Uniregistry Account, Market, Select all, Edit, Change Listing from BIN to BIN plus Offers.
      Takes around 5 minutes for 2000 domains. Good luck with your listings.

      • Hi Richard, thanks for the tip and good luck with your activities too! I’m still learning new things about this powerful platform.

        I did actually need to visit each listing manually because I set a new custom “minimum offer” price for every domain which of course gives Uni brokers some flexibility in their negotiations.


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