UDRP Resources from the ICA


On occasion, I receive emails from domain registrants who have either received a UDRP notice from WIPO or NAF or have been threatened with a UDRP filing. I know a fair amount of information about the UDRP, but I do not have the legal expertise necessary to offer actionable advice about responding to a UDRP or a legal threat.

When I am asked for advice, I typically suggest that the person reach out to a domain name attorney who can offer professional advice on the threat or legal filing. There are a handful of attorneys who I have sought out advice from over the years, including John Berryhill, Jason Schaeffer, Zak Muscovitch, Stevan Lieberman, and Brett Lewis (apologies to anyone I have forgotten), depending on the circumstances.

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) also offers some good information and resources about the UDRP. Some of the articles I think are helpful include the following:

With the number of UDRP filings against descriptive and defensible domain names, it can be important to hire the right attorney to help defend a registrant’s right to retain a domain name. In addition to providing general information about the UDRP, the ICA also offers some advice about hiring an attorney to respond to the UDRP and even negotiate with a counterparty if necessary.

Receiving a notification about a UDRP filing can be frustrating and possibly anxiety-provoking. This is especially the case when it involves a high value domain name asset. The ICA’s UDRP information is a good resource that can be helpful to a domain registrant who has not had to respond to a UDRP before.


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