Two Letter Subject of UDRP (Updated)


A UDRP was filed at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) against the two letter domain name, The  filing can be seen at, and it is case #1749586. was originally registered in June of 1999, making the domain name 18 years old. The registrant of appears to be an individual in Germany. Using DomainTools’ Whois History tool, I was able to see that the same registrant has had since at least 2003. There aren’t any historical records prior to 2003, so it is quite possible that this same registrant has owned for even longer than that.

When I visited, I saw a message in German that translates to “This is the default index page of your web.” I do not see any type of monetization of the domain name, nor do I see a contact form. records show the same message on the landing page for quite some time.

It is not very often that you see a UDRP filed against a two letter domain name, especially in one of the top extensions. The last two letter UDRP I can recall was the UDRP, which was terminated and the domain name was retained by the registrant.

Because the UDRP was filed at NAF, it is not known what company or organization filed the UDRP. NAF does not share information about the complainant until after the decision is published. Because of the nature of a two letter domain name like this, there are many possibilities about who could be behind the UDRP filing. I did some Google searching and here are just a handful of the entities that could have conceivably filed the UDRP:

  • Korea Fund
  • Blue1 Airlines which has the KF IATA code (A year ago, a UDRP was filed against by an airline)
  • KF Cargo
  • KF Valves
  • Kooperativa Förbundet
  • kf Production
  • KF Resources Inc.
  • KF Bricks
  • Keshe Foundation
  • Kosciuszko Foundation Inc.
  • The K Foundation

I have no indication that any of these entities filed the UDRP, but this a small list of some of the many possibilities.

Based on what I can see here, I don’t see how the complainant will be able to prove its case. Among other aspects of the dispute, the complainant will need to prove that the registrant registered and is using the domain name in bad faith. I don’t see any indication of that at all.

Update: Complaint was denied, although a finding of RDNH was not made. The complainant in this UDRP was “John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Knight Foundation a/k/a KF”


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