Tucows Joins Afternic DLS


I read a press release this afternoon, and it should come as good news for Tucows domain registrants who are looking to sell their domain names.

The company has been added to Afternic’s Domain Listing Service (DLS) Premium Promotion network, meaning that it is easier to list domain names for sale across the full DLS reseller network. With DLS, customers can  seamlessly  list, sell, and transfer domain names with far fewer hassles and delays that accompany many domain transactions. Customers can select names they want to sell, price them accordingly, and potential buyers will see the names at various POS opportunities at DLS partners.

There are over 11 million domain names registered with Tucows and its affiliates, so this should also be a boost to Afternic as well.

Press Release below:

Toronto-based Tucows, a top ICANN- accredited registrar with over 11 million domains under management, and Afternic, the world’s leading reseller network for premium domain names, announced today that Tucows will join Afternic’s Domain Listing Service (DLS) Premium Promotion network.

This exclusive agreement will allow registrants to sell their domains across the entire Afternic DLS reseller network—the largest domain reseller network in the world with the highest sales velocity in the industry.

“We strongly believe selling premium names increases customer loyalty by allowing buyers to find the perfect domain and begin using it immediately,” said Adam Eisner, Director, OpenSRS Product Management. “Our inclusion in Afternic’s Premium Promotion network allows us to connect more sellers and potential buyers through the industry’s largest network.”

Afternic is the world’s only true global domain sales network offering premium domains for sale to millions of buyers worldwide via a network of more than 50 partners including most of the world’s largest registrars. The Afternic platform features Instant Transfer technology, which automates the premium domain purchasing process, eliminating the lengthy administrative process required by legacy marketplaces.

“Adding Tucows to the DLS Premium Promotion level is very exciting for us. Now, with the majority of the world’s top registrars enrolled in our Premium Promotion level, we are realizing our vision of a unified domain aftermarket,” said Jason Miner, senior vice president of sales and General Manager of Afternic. “DLS has become the center of aftermarket domain transactions, connecting the most buyers and sellers of premium domains.”


  1. Are you kidding? On Afternic’s horrendous online domain management and listing system? There are more bugs on that site than there are at a picnic with sugar thrown all over the place.

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