Tucows Sells Their Domains via YummyNames


Subscribe to Elliot's BlogTucows, a publicly traded company, recently launched a new domain sales/leasing/consulting platform that allows companies to obtain domain names from within the Tucows portfolio. Some of the names that are in the YummyNames showcase include Aerodynamic.com, BikeRiders.com, Back.com, DietFood.com, FootballFan.com, PoliceOfficer.com, Punchlines.com, and many other premium domain names.
YummyNames is offering domain sales, domain leasing, and domain consulting for business and private clients. Some of YummyNames’ listed clients include Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Nestle, and RBC Royal Bank. While the site offers a search feature on their site, it might be more effective to have a list of domain names in various categories for people to look through. Also, it might behoove them to place a link on their pages letting businesses know the domain may be available for lease or sale. I know many non-domain investors type in the domain name to see if it’s available and wouldn’t find YummyNames.
I am a bit perplexed at the selection of YummyNames for their corporate branding though given the quality and quantity of the Tucows’ portfolio.

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  1. I thought WarehouseDomains.com or something like that would be more a more fitting domain. 🙂
    I agree about the search feature and just the site in general. Same old BS, just a different site. No Prices with a Contact Us link, visiting a domain listed directly a person wouldn’t even know it’s for sale, 48 hour notice of contact reply etc.
    The press release sure talks up Bill but I think the site is lacking features Big Time! One thing they did right, is they own YummyDomains.com as well.

  2. I refuse to buy any domains through Tucows, or whoever they get to sell their domains…..I don’t care how good or how cheap they are.
    I’m sticking with more ethical companies.
    Tucows is a scummy company….IMO.

  3. Bad experiences with Tucows here as well. I just don’t see them as a domainer-friendly company and never did, so they will screw you time and time over and over again if they could but lets be real… Not too many registrars are this days:)

  4. Sounds like they are going to try to dump all their warehoused domains, domains that they have 0 investment into before (hopefully) ICANN makes them give up these domains sometime down the road because they were illegally warehoused. I finally figured out what the word ‘tucows’ means – no ethics.

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