TrafficZ Apologizes for Privacy Violation, However…

TrafficZ apologized for accidentally disclosing over 1,500 email addresses when they forgot to BCC all recipients. In an email from TrafficZ, Ammar Kubba said:

We at TrafficZ would like to extend our sincerest apologies to you and each of the other disclosed recipients of yesterday’s mass accounting email…

However, this has not stopped the domain spam emails that I have been receiving. Just now, I received an email from Laura Fluehr, offering me her junk domain names, including one that would seem to infringe on Toys ‘R’ Us and Babys ‘R’ Us trademarks,
Making this even more annoying is that I haven’t used TrafficZ in over two years (maybe longer) and had no reason to receive any communications from thom. I know this was an unfortunate error, but the ramifications suck. I already closed whatever account they had on record for me and asked for my email address to be removed from their database.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Listing the URL is just helping her promote the sale.
    Many UDRP’s were lost when people registered R US

    I don’t think anyone would want the name if she was giving it away for free.

  2. FYI everyone; it’s not just a UDRP loss you’d be looking at by including “RUS” ; a few years back, the Toys R US folks slapped down another big US company called Lamps R US in court, forcing them to change their name to how we know them today: Lamps Plus.

    Any “R US” domains will always be a loser.


    Agreed, and in any event, the names this person sent me are junk, and she is a spamming loser.

  3. TrafficZ was wrong, and Laura was clearly wrong for spamming everyone. Resorting to name-calling (loser) in this situation though is unfortunate, and perhaps because of your great blog I wrongly held you to a higher standard.


    I am not the name calling type of person, but my mailbox has been extra-busy with people trying to sell me poor names, and she is just like the viagra peddlers, except she has a more targeted list. I didn’t call her a loser though – I called her domain name junk – because it’s a terrible name and it seems to infringe on the Toys R Us trademark. Cybersquatting and spamming – two things that make domain investors look bad.

  4. lol, is she selling those? r-us. Seriously, what are people thinking, she even got’s wow i am sure there is a gold mine in those r-us.nets and boy is she mining them, those hidden gems. 🙂

  5. The ramifications do suck. Some of us work anonymously and now that has been spoiled.
    I have never been to a domain show and know others who have not also.
    I even have Demand Media spamming me as well now, which I expected more from them having received an email list unintentionally.
    TrafficZ blew it for us. I realize they did not mean this and are probably upset it happened, but…… still.

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