Tony Kirsch to Host .brands Webinar


Tony Kirsch is the Head of Professional Services at Neustar and is also the company’s .brand Evangelist. According to a tweet from Neustar and a LinkedIn post Tony  shared, Tony and Neustar will be hosting a free webinar seriesdesigned specifically for .brand owners to provide an update on the space and share examples, analysis and best practice.”

The first webinar will be held on Thursday, June 1 at 4:00pm Eastern time. Registration is required, so people interested in attending should sign up prior to the start of the webinar. Because of the nature of the webinar, I presume it will be archived and available to review at a later date for people who are unable to attend the live webinar.

According to the webinar page, here are the topics that will be covered during the first webinar next Thursday:

Insights and outcomes from the GDD Summit in Spain
Updates on the significant increase in .brand activations around the world
How to best engage your marketing team in your .brand project
Why talking about ‘domain names’ might actually be hurting the success of your .brand project

In addition to this webinar series to help brands with their .brand extensions and domain names, Neustar also operates an informational website on to assist brands. MakeWay.World offers a variety of resources and stats aimed at assisting brands with their .brand extensions. There is also a blog that is updated regularly with new information about companies using their .brand domain names and advice for best practices with .brand domain names.


  1. Perhaps rather than dive into the relatively new .brand arena, Neustar might consider educating the masses and highlighting the benefits of their 15 year old extension, better known as .US.

    Between Nexus requirements and near non-existent marketing, Neustar has essentially neutered the extension…

  2. All these gTLD’s pale in comparison to the dotcoms. Any sophisticated domain investor or speculator would do themselves well to stay as far away as possible from these gTLD’s. Let the newbies and amateurs have a go at it.

    It makes absolutely no sense.

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