Tip to See How Your Site Ranks in Google


For those of you who develop websites, you know that the Google ranking can be a key to success. Being in the top three results for your target keywords is critical to the success (and monetization) of your website.  Although I generally use Aaron Wall’s (free) Rank Checker Tool for multiple keyword search rankings, there’s an even easier and quicker way to find a site’s ranking.

Obviously doing the search yourself will be much faster, especially when you’re only searching for a few key terms. The problem with this method is that Google tracks your searches and websites you visit (in Chrome), and it’s more likely they will rank your favorite websites higher than others. For instance, DogWalker.com may rank higher for me on some searches than for someone else simply because I visit the site so often.

This is almost too easy of a tip to share, but I use it and figure that I might as well share it with others. When you search Google using an incognito browser in Chrome or the Private Browsing window in Safari, your search won’t be impacted by previous searches or visits. You can get a very good idea where most people will see your site when they search.

Yes, this is a very simple tip, but it’s something that can be helpful to you when you quickly want to see where your website (or someone else’s website) ranks.


  1. Hi! I have used that in the past.It is amazing how you can check your page rank.It is little confusing how they figure out the page rank.

    Thanks Casey Mahoney

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