Tip for Getting Domain Blog Coverage


If you are a company that is active in the domain name space, or if your company caters to domain investors and domain name owners, I want to share a tip to help you get coverage for your product, service, or company. This tip is applicable for my blog, and it may also work for other domain industry news outlets as well.

I spend quite a bit of time on Twitter and Facebook reading domain industry news and updates. I also have active Google News alerts for many domain investing related terms and companies. This means that I read many news articles and press releases that might impact my business or be of interest to me, and that is what I use as a gauge for writing articles.

Despite the amount of information and news I read, there are many things that I miss. For instance, yesterday afternoon I was out of the office when George Kirikos tweeted about the Power.com sale, and that would have been a topic I would likely have written about. There are many interesting news stories that I miss, but it’s generally not for lack of interest on my part.

If your company has interesting news, a product or service launch, an interesting job opening, or any other information that would be of interest to people in the domain investing space, the best way to get coverage is to email the publishers directly. Tell us why the news is interesting and why it may be notable. Sometimes I miss the significance of a press release, and if the company can give a bit of additional insight, it could mean the difference between publishing an article about it or not.

There is absolutely no need to advertise to get coverage. I do not promise any advertiser any coverage when they advertise. That being said, I may write about some advertisers more than others because I am in regular touch with those marketing managers who disseminate news and updates on a more regular basis. There are also advertisers I have never written about because they haven’t shared news or updates. On the other hand, a company like GoDaddy is great at sharing news, and they have never advertised on my blog.

I write about things that interest me or may impact my business (or the domain ecosystem as a whole). Companies that contact me with their updates are more likely to have articles written about them. Additionally, readers are encouraged to email me if they read or hear about something that could be of interest. I enjoy the discussion many articles bring, and I appreciate it when people submit news stories that impact all of our businesses.

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