Timing is Important for Seasonal Professionals


With the snow finally melted, there are now an abundance of “for sale” signs at homes in my area. With the spring home buying season underway, I am sure this is the same for people around the United States. Even if you don’t live in the US, I would imagine there are certain times of the year that homes are for sale in your area.

When I think of the housing market in Spring, it gets me more motivated to sell some of my real estate domain names. I currently own quite a few city/town RealEstate.com domain names that I think have value to agents. I eagerly began sending out emails to local real estate agents a couple of weeks ago, and  I received fewer replies than I would have expected. Even when I emailed a friend in that business, it took longer than usual for him to respond.

The booming real estate market means real estate agents are bustling. Realtors are holding open houses, representing home owners at their listings, and they are shuttling their clients to various homes for sale. Many successful real estate agents are working long hours, and everything that doesn’t include selling homes comes second.

Even though the real estate market maybe at it’s peak right now, it may not be a good time to sell real estate domain names. Most people need some time to think about a large purchase, especially if it is outside of their typical expenditures. Trying to get a busy real estate agent to focus on a domain name purchase may be a difficult task right now. The same thing goes for other professions that are seasonal as well.

If you need someone’s full attention to sell a valuable domain name, the best time to get it may be in the off season. Professionals are likely planning for their busy season during the annual downtime, and an email about a domain name may be better received when the prospective buyer has more time to consider it.

I am probably going to hold off on sending more emails to potential buyers until I am more sure that I have their attention. The best buyer for a particular domain name may receive an email, but if it is not read or carefully reviewed, it might be lost in the pile. The best time to email a seasonal professional may be in the off season.


  1. You want to get the attention of an agent. Set up a simple lead in page get with an agent and send those leads to that agent for Free for first month. You have some simple disclaimers stating your not an agent and only a lead based site at the bottom.

    One lead will turn into 10k in commissions or more. Once you hook that agent set them up on an advertising fee per month to advertise on your site say 1k a month. This is all based around of your site gets natural type ins.


    • Thanks… Real estate was the topic on the top of my head, but it would apply to other fields as well. For example, trying to sell a domain name to an accountant in late March or early April could prove to be a more difficult task than other times of the year.

  2. “With the snow finally melted, there are now an abundance of “for sale” signs at homes in my area. ”

    Are you scaring people Elliot?

    • Not my intention at all. I live in Massachusetts, and the early Spring is the busiest time of the year for real estate professionals. Maybe “abundance” isn’t the best term I could have used, but there are more “for sale” signs now than there are during the rest of the year. The real estate market in my area is generally a sellers’ market at this time of year.

      As a result of this, real estate agents tend to be very busy this time of year and may be difficult to reach when not discussing the sale or purchase of a home.

    • Elliot, did you take into consideration that the ‘for sale’ signs were there before the 8 feet of snow this winter???

      Just teasing.

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