Launches iPhone Application, a privately held company founded and operated by Internet entrepreneur Ira Zoot, has made it simple to view information about concerts, sporting events, and shows using your iPhone. You can even place orders for your tickets easily from your iPhone.

Check out their new app at

Congrats to Ira and the team at!

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Elliot,

    I enjoy your blog, but it’s starting to seem like it’s just becoming an ad – either for selling/promoting your own domains, or ticketstub or ‘guest speakers’ hyping some of their own extentions or some affiliate tax book or whatever.

    It seems like your in a temporary finance crunch, but I’d hate to see the “Elliot” brand, revered for honesty/openess and everyday-domainer insight, get watered down and ultimately lose it’s strengths.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s what I’m seeing. Your brand name is very powerful and I’d like to see you expand it into your own line of Elliot-branded books, registrars, site templates, auction service, etc. and not waste it on shameless self-promotion. Don’t become Frager Factor…


    • @DCMike

      Ira is a friend, and that wasn’t an affiliate link. Also, none of my guest posters pay or compensate me for posting articles, referrals to their sites or interviews. I won’t post articles, affiliate links, or recommendations unless I use and/or like the product.

      I am also not in a financial crunch at all. **Edited proof that I am not in a financial crunch because it was a bit tacky upon further review**

  2. I also want to add a couple more things about this and another comment I received in a different post yesterday.

    1) I’ve always listed my domain sales here – nothing new. I’ve done quite a bit of business as a result.
    2) I always referred people to great posts written by friends or people I know and trust (like Richard)
    3) The Tax Guide post was based on my experience. I used it, sent it to my accountant who used it, and I might as well make a few dollars on an endorsement – why wouldn’t I?
    4) When David Castello is willing to write a guest post, I would be stupid not to post it
    5) I am proud of my friends’ accomplishments and I want to praise them publicly. Why not celebrate the successes of my friends?

    6) Someone mentioned (in jest) that I copied ideas for a couple posts recently (Twitter and Twitter was posted an hour before Adam’s, and the post came as a result of a message from Thunayan about the decision, so I don’t see how that could have been a copy.

    BTW, you are the first person to mention that my blog is becoming like an advertisement, and traffic is higher this month than it ever has been before. The blog actually went down at 10pm last night because of a traffic spike.

  3. I’ll definitely keep reading, I just roll my eyes sometimes as I think many others do.

    I work for a major media co. and understand just how critical it is to seperate church and state. Just by showing a part of the story – such as only telling the readers about ONE particular tax book – your blog comes off as providing biased information or self promotion. Goal in your posts should be to list several tax books, in that case, or to provide the pros AND cons for the .in tld. That’s the REAL value and stickiness for your readers.

    Celebrating your friends is great for your facebook page, but not if you’re trying to run a business (maybe your blog is ‘just for fun’).

    Just some comments.


    • @DCMike

      I think that’s the difference between a blog and a news outlet. Elliot’s Blog is a blog and not a news outlet. I will leave the news writing up to Ron, Andrew and Adam. I can write about whatever I want to write about and don’t need an editor to approve it.

      My blog takes up roughly 25% of my time every day (sometimes more), and it accounted for less than 1% of my income last year and is on pace for the same this year. If you count domain sales generated from blog postings, it’s probably close to 5%. I wouldn’t classify it as “just for fun” but it’s much more of a hobby than a genuine business. Aside from this, I figure if people want to pay me to advertise because I get a fair amount of traffic, I am happy to do that.

      What makes you think others do but aren’t willing to say so? I would ask others with the same issue to please address them with me.

  4. You’re joking, right dcmike?

    Elliot’s blog only gets better and better as time goes on. I visit at least twice a day to keep up with all the great info he and his guest writers (including those visitors who take the time to share their thoughts & experiences with all Elliot’s readers with their comments).

    …and to think that he; as many other domain bloggers do; provides all this for FREE.

    …and the links, offered domains (one of which I bought from Elliot last year), etc directed to others products, services, and blogs are a benefit, not a problem.

    No one’s forcing anyone to read, visit, or click on anything they don’t want to.

    When you say, “as I think many others do” you are speaking only for yourself; or perhaps for no more than a few.

    You most certainly are not speaking for me.


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