Things I’ve Learned on My Vacation

I’ve been on vacation since the beginning of July, and I just returned home. One of the best things about being a domain investor is that I can work just about anywhere with an Internet connection, so this has been a working vacation. I guess one of the bad things about being a domain investor is that there are always things to do, so it’s nearly impossible for me to take a “real” vacation. All in all, I really don’t mind, but I won’t tell you what my wife thinks 🙂

If you’ve emailed or called me during the last 3+ weeks, it will take me a few days to get back to everyone, so my apologies in advance for anything.  Here are some things I learned while on my vacation:

– South Florida seems to be a relaxing place for me to work. I love living in New York City, but I haven’t felt more relaxed in a long time. I suppose being on the ocean, sitting by the pool, and playing tennis helped to keep me relaxed.

– John Ferber and Chad Folkening have quite the setup in Domain Holdings. The company seems to have some smart people working for them (including Brian “Teen Domainer” Diener for the summer). I had lunch and dinner with John, and I am planning to work with them when I get some things in order.

– If you live in South Florida and have a dog, you should check out the Delray Dogtacular event John’s girlfriend Jenna  has been organizing in Delray Beach on July 31.

– The South Florida domain investors group puts on some fun events with quite a large number of regular attendees. I wasn’t able to attend the cruise because friends of ours came to town for a few days, but I heard it was a fun event. If you are visiting Florida (or live there) you should see if there’s an event planned.

– Mike and Judi Berkens have a beautiful home in North Carolina, and their mountain views are pretty much unmatchable in the area. I spent a few days in the North Carolina mountains and got to spend some time with Mike and Judi while there.

– Take my Craigslist tip with a grain of salt. It’s possible that what I recommended may lead to a website TOS violation if you post too frequently.

– In thinking about .CO drops and sales, I do think there will be a whole lot of drops, but I also think there will be plenty of people buying these drops hoping to strike gold. IMO, many people (even I) think their domain names are worth more than they probably are, and when we see a name that we think is worth something, it’s likely we’ll try to grab it and buy it even though someone else dropped it. I guess it’s a part of the domain lifecycle.

– Apparently a baby’s heart starts beating 18 days after conception. At least that’s what the dozens of anti-abortion billboards in Florida would have you think. There are also a ton of places to buy fireworks, see strippers, and visit a spa. On this trip, I didn’t do any of the above. It’s such a different lifestyle in the south.

– If you pass a Waffle House on your travels, I highly recommend stopping for some breakfast. I think that and Tudor’s Biscuit World (in West Virginia) are two of my favorite

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Waffle House is great, just watch out for drunk dudes sometimes looking to fight if you go late at night …. LOL.

    Anything can happen at a Waffle House. 🙂

  2. I like my domains covered, smothered, sliced, diced and served over a warm plate of hasbrowns at Waffle House. A+

  3. Hi Elliot
    I was on Domain Sherpa and saw your interview with Mike.
    I enjoyed it and it was very informative as well.

    Iam a novice domainer who is looking for a few reputable companies to choose from who can create 1 page WordPress websites (not the typical dull boiler plate templates that some mini site companies provide) at a reasonable price, for my small portfolio, limited to about 5 sites at a time.

    The comparison would be like a Frank Schilling website, but instead of just 50 links, this would be compelling to stay on and would have original content in the middle; google adsense and some affiliate ads, as well as some vertical photos, and a kickin Header photo.

    And, these websites would have to have some basic initial one time only (because of budget) SEO to the Title; Metatags; and Content with Hyperlinked keywords/ Ads, to kick-start the sites.

    This, I feel, due to limited finances, should be a good start in gaining momentum in climbing the search engine pages.

    Any suggestions as to what Iam looking for would be much appreciated!

    Also, would it make any difference if the site had, say 5 pages, instead of just 1, as far as Google bots are concerned in climbing the pages faster?

    Also, the Waffle house is great, especially when you arrive 2am in Ocala Florida, nothing else is open, and the eggs with shredded home fries and cheese, double up –look out!

    Thank you



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