The Lowell Project: Finding a Billing & Payment Solution


Today I discussed the process of finding a billing and payment solution for my website that is being developed off line. While Paypal would have been the easiest solution, it wouldn’t accommodate the needs of many businesses who would want to advertise on but don’t use Paypal.
I had a number of needs that had to be met, and I discussed why I chose as my payment vehicle. Check out the Blog to read more about the process of finding a payment and billing solution.


  1. Was looking over and a few sites you link to including and Sounds like you plan to sell direct advertising at which time Google ads would be discontinued?

    It seems to me you are going in a good direction thinking ahead to growing your city site with an emphasis on easy payment for the local businesses that will want to establish ad presence on This whole arena of geo domain development is something I am interested in. It requires time and focus, but there are some excellent working models out there now for geo domain owners to reference.

    Good luck with! I agree the Paypal solution would not be comprehensive enough.

    The site will be completely different from what’s up now, and we won’t have any adsense once the site is up. It will all be direct to business advertising sales.

  2. Thanks for your continuing reporting on your build out, Elliot. Great info and insight for those looking to do the same.
    Along the geodomain line, if I may make a quick mention for those not already aware, our is available in the Snapnames DomainFest Extended Auction; with a reduced reserve/ minimum bid from the initial Extended Catalog pricing.
    Glendora is a nice, mid-sized city in Los Angeles County.
    Thanks Elliot.

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