After DomainFest Glow


I returned from Hollywood late last night, and I have nothing but positive things to say about DomainFest. From catching up with friends to meeting people for the first time, it’s great to see so many people excited about the domain business. I don’t know of many other industries where the tradeshows and conferences are filled with the brightest industry leaders walking the floors, making connections, and talking about ways to advance the industry, and that alone was worth the price of admission.
I am still in shock, but I would like to thank my readers for voting my blog the Best Domainer Blog in the Domainers Choice Awards. There are so many great domain blogs now, and I still can’t believe my blog was chosen… WOW! As I said while accepting the award, I can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to wake up every morning, doing what I love – and being able to write about it. Speaking of the DCA, I have to mention that Donna and Sally were absolutely glowing, and their husbands, Mahony and Barry, looked very “Hollywood” in their tuxedos. It was a popular event, and I am sure it will remain popular, as it’s the only industry achievement awards where domainers can choose.
If you’ve never been to a domain conference, I highly recommend it to anyone in the industry or on the industry’s peripheral.   Whether its Domain Roundtable, TRAFFIC or DomainFest, you really can’t go wrong. When the audience was polled at one of the panels, close to half were attending their first domain conference. I would bet that almost all of them were happy they attended the conference. Whether the goal is socializing, networking, learning or dealmaking, DomainFest had it all. I hope to write more about the conference, but I have to run to an appointment.   More to come later…


  1. Agree completely, Elliot.
    The new business … all the nice, friendly “domain folks” … finally being able to meet in person those previously known only by e-mail and phone … the great sessions … outstanding venue … super sponsors … and of course, the superb food.
    All-in-all, a big thanks and “hat’s off” to the entire Oversee/ Snapnames team/s for a great conference and all their hard work.
    Let’s do it all again next year.

  2. First a Boston Red Sox Champonship, next week a New England Partiots Championship and now the Best Domainer Blog Award…
    What’s going on in New England…’s contagious

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved.
    It was nice to meet you Elliot (you too Michael & David). I agree, DomainFest was great. I know they spent way more than the cost of admission on each of us.

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