Thankful for… Other Industry News Outlets


With Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday, I am giving thanks this week to people and companies in the domain name business that I appreciate. Today, I want to give thanks to my fellow domain industry news publishers and writers who work hard to share news and information about domain names and topics relevant to domain name investors.

I read as much as I can about domain names when I have the chance. The domain industry websites and writers I find particularly helpful include the following (with apologies to anyone I may forget):

  • Andrew Allemann (Domain Name Wire)
  • Ray Hackney ( and
  • Mike Berkens (
  • Jamie Zoch (DotWeekly)
  • KonstantinosĀ Zournas (
  • Shane, Aaron, Josh, and Travis (
  • Kevin Murphy (Domain Incite)
  • Theo Develegas ( and DomainGang)
  • Ron Jackson (DNJournal)
  • Michael Sumner (NameBio)
  • Doron Vermaat (
  • James Iles (NamePros Blog)
  • Morgan Linton (
  • Michael Gilmour (

Writing about news in the domain name space is not an easy task. Much of what is reported takes in-depth knowledge about the domain industry and ICANN that is accumulated after years of operating within the industry. Writers need to have industry connections to confirm news stories and they need to know how to fact-check. This can take a considerable amount of time, and it is often a low paying proposition with the potential to burn bridges and become a target. There are quite a few writers who do great job reporting on the news, and I am grateful for their efforts.

The writers and publishers above all have unique takes on the business of domain investing, and they have been consistently offering valuable insight and reports for many years. I am thankful to be able to visit all of their websites and know they have put in the effort to deliver news and insight that will help me operate my business.

Thank you for all you do!


  1. Thanks for the shout, Elliot. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving obviously, but I do read and enjoy this blog on an almost daily basis. I hope you and your family enjoy your long weekend :).

  2. You and all these guys are rockstars. They do the work (,often for very little compensation, to bring us important industry news. I appreciate the hard work all our industry bloggers put in day after day. Thank you guys!

  3. Thanks for the mention Elliot & for your continued work on this blog.

    If I remember correctly, was the first domain-related blog I ever read šŸ™‚

  4. As someone just getting started, thanks to all of you!

    I also thank Alvin Brown at who has helped me out for little in return.

    God bless you all in your endeavors and happy Thanksgiving.

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