Thankful for Domain Forums


With Thanksgiving in the US this week, I am giving thanks to various people, places, and businesses within the domain name community. Today, I want to give thanks to Domain Boardroom, NamePros, and even DNForum.

I spend quite a bit of time on Domain Boardroom (DBR) and NamePros. I am not a prolific participant on either of those forums, but I do visit regularly and appreciate both of those communities and their members.

DBR is a private domain name discussion forum operated by Donna Mahony. The community is relatively small, but it boasts a knowledgeable, professional membership that is willing to share personal insights about the domain name business. I have learned quite a bit from fellow members of DBR, and I am grateful for the community that Donna has helped cultivate for the last ten years. I find the topical discussions to be in-depth, and the environment is welcoming.

NamePros is probably the most active domain name specific forum, and its members come from all over the world and with many different experiences and backgrounds. I think this is what makes NamePros a special community. People on NamePros always seem willing to share their insights and advice about industry topics. Many NamePros members are passionate about the domain name space, and they spend countless hours helping others. In my opinion, many industry companies are more careful about the way they do business because they know that NamePros members look out for each other and work to ensure the business is as fair as possible for all industry participants.

Although I have not been active on DNForum in a very long time, I appreciate all that I learned on the forum years ago. I made quite a few business friendships and even some deals on DNF, and I appreciate that I had some good experiences there.

There are many active participants on domain name forums, and I am thankful they exist. These forums help to flatten what can be a fairly steep learning curve.


  1. Elliot, aside from all the great things “y’all” must have said about me over the last few years at DBR, you folks need to put your heads together over there and figure out why I haven’t been getting email notifications from the blogs for so long now and what you can do to fix that.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! As you already mentioned, what makes NamePros great is its members. Each and every one of them is the core of the community and driving force that propels it further each year.

    Thank you, for being so dedicated to the industry and providing excellent material/advice on your blog.

  3. I have to admit namepros has uncovered alot of good facts about multiple related bidders related to a single party at namejet, very insightful read if you don’t wish to be raped out of your money to watch out for these bidders, and their domain patterns.

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