Thank You Veterans


It’s Veterans Day here in the United States (11/11/11), and I know there are a number of domain investors who have served (and currently serve) in different branches of the military. These men and women, along with their families), make sacrifices on behalf of their country.

I want to take a moment to say “thank you” to them and let them know that I and others appreciate their selfless service.


  1. Most of the US veterans I know (in person) are slung on the trash heap after their service, given no meaningful support to adjust to civilian life and it seems considered quite normal for them to barely have enough to feed themselves.
    I hope that on the going down of the sun and after all the honoring and remembering is done, someone bothers to go see if they’re ok.

  2. No words can even closely express the thanks and appreciation earned and due our vets, current military, and their families for the sacrifices they all make for our freedom.

    America wouldn’t be America without them.

    Thank you each and everyone of you.

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