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NY Times Article: “Is the dot-tv boom next?”


This week, news of Amazon's acquisition of Twitch was widely reported. If you are like me and hadn't heard of Twitch before this news, you may have simply navigated to Twitch.com to learn more. If you did that, you would have landed on the wrong website since the Twitch that Amazon plans to acquire is not found on a .com domain name but rather a .TV domain name: Twitch.TV.

The New York Times has been covering the acquisition, and yesterday the newspaper published an article by Noam Cohen that discussed the .TV extension. In the first line of the article, the question was posed, "Is the dot-tv boom next?" The article had quite a bit of history about the .TV domain name extension, and although I was familiar with some of it, there were quite a few interesting aspects I didn't know before reading the article.

Some of the things I found particularly interesting: (more…) → Read More

Snapnames .TV Auction Ends Soon


.TV auctionThe Snapnames / Moniker .TV auction that is being run in conjunction with Mashable (which started during the SXSW conference), is coming to a conclusion today. I listed my favorite domain names in this auction in a previous post.

It's impressive to me that so many of the names in auction (around 75%) have received bids. I am pretty surprised that the bids aren't higher since we're talking about many 2 and 3 letter  domain names. I don't really follow the .TV market much since I don't own any .TV domain names (to my knowledge), but the prices seem very low to me at this juncture.

With just about two hours remaining in the auction, here are the auctions with current bids (see the site for updated bids):

Domain Name Current Bid
gg.tv $4,800
mr.tv $3,600
hi.tv $3,300
stocks.tv $2,500
streaming.tv $2,500
er.tv $1,550
big.tv $1,550
british.tv $1,500
air.tv $1,500
ar.tv $1,400
il.tv $1,350
mb.tv $1,161
fm.tv $1,161
heather.tv $1,150
ko.tv $1,111
no.tv $1,100
oh.tv $1,100
iq.tv → Read More

Register .TV Domain Names for $10.99


I have always been a .COM guy, and I don't own any .TV domain names yet. I have heard quite a bit about .TV domain names as an investment though, and I know that a number of my colleagues and friends own some high value .TV domain names.

Mike Berkens recently  turned down $125k for D.TV, and my friend Thunayan seems to own something like half the alphabet in single letter .TV domain names (S.TV, O.TV, H.TV....etc). It's safe to say that there has been some significant investment in the secondary .TV market.

As you can see to the right of this post, Name.com is currently offering .TV registrations for $10.99 a year. I did some looking around at popular domain registrars, and it appears that this is the best deal around. Godaddy charges $39.99 a year, Moniker charges $12.99 a year, and Enom seems to charge $49.99 in my Enom Central account.

I don't know if there are still good quality .TV domain names available to register, but the price of .TV domain names at Name.com seems to be the best around right now. → Read More

Cooking Channels Owns .TV Domain But Doesn’t Use It for Branding


CookingChannelTV.comI recently noticed that my cable tv provider added a new channel to the already huge lineup. The Cooking Channel features a number of cooking shows featuring famous as well as up and coming chefs. I guess it's probably because the Food Network focuses on more than just cooking.

While watching Kelsey's Essentials, I heard her mention the url of the Cooking Channel's website, and I was a bit surprised by what they chose: CookingChannelTV.com.  The Cooking Channel does own CookingChannel.TV (a name the company acquired sometime between May and July 2010), but they understand that most people know .com, so they are branding CookingChannelTV.com instead.

They do smartly forward the .TV domain name to their website, but it was somewhat surprising that they didn't use .TV and do the reverse since that almost seems more intuitive.

Unfortunately for Scripps (the owner of the Cooking Channel), CookingChannel.com is owned by Reflex Publishing, a company that is known to not sell its great generic domain names. → Read More

Difference Between .CO and .CM


I've seen people compare the soon to be released Colombian .CO domain names to the Cameroonian .CM domain extension, with the main comparison being the assumption that the purpose is for typosquatting. I can understand why people would say that for .CM, but I believe there is a big reason .CO is very different, and it primarily revolves around the marketing of the extension.

Just like .TV isn't billed as the Tuvalu extension nor is .ME is billed as the Montenegro extension, .CO won't really be billed by registrars as the Colombia extension to most companies and domain buyers. You can see in many of the marketing materials that .CO is being billed as the extension for Companies, where Company is most frequently abbreviated as Co. A company known as "The Sports Car Company" would likely be interested in owning SportsCar.co, not to capitalize on .com traffic, but because that's an extension of their brand.

I am sure there will be plenty of people who acquire .CO domain names primarily for the typo traffic that may occur as a → Read More