Register .TV Domain Names for $10.99

I have always been a .COM guy, and I don’t own any .TV domain names yet. I have heard quite a bit about .TV domain names as an investment though, and I know that a number of my colleagues and friends own some high value .TV domain names.

Mike Berkens recently Β turned down $125k for D.TV, and my friend Thunayan seems to own something like half the alphabet in single letter .TV domain names (S.TV, O.TV, H.TV….etc). It’s safe to say that there has been some significant investment in the secondary .TV market.

As you can see to the right of this post, is currently offering .TV registrations for $10.99 a year. I did some looking around at popular domain registrars, and it appears that this is the best deal around. Godaddy charges $39.99 a year, Moniker charges $12.99 a year, and Enom seems to charge $49.99 in my Enom Central account.

I don’t know if there are still good quality .TV domain names available to register, but the price of .TV domain names at seems to be the best around right now.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Dynadot has $10.99 for bulk accounts and $12.99 for any others.
    Its good to use the multiple year registration if you feel you like this domain a lot since this is a .tv special pricing that verisign runs for quite some time now, normal reg and renewal price for .tv’s is bit more than $10.99.

    You can still buy some good .tv’s in the aftermarket just visit Namepros tv subforum or AllThings.TV forum which attracts many .tv holders.

  2. I acquired Together.TV about one week ago and after posting that acquisition on this blog I have received one mid-$x,xxx offer and two inquiries. I’m not even trying to sell it!

    Long live .TV!

    – TBC

  3. Several years ago I didn’t like .TV as I never saw .TV sales at DNJ and renewals were much higher than .COM or .Net. As well, many domains had renewals of hundreds of dollars annually which I just couldn’t comprehend from the vantage point of holding a portfolio of such domains for resale. So I started 2008 without even one .TV domain in my portfolio. Given significantly increased interest in the extension after Verisign loosened the .TV pricing structure, you won’t easily find solid keyword domains for reg fee. However, if you check the forums, Brian’s newsletter or scan drops, you will find some nice keyword domains at far more reasonable prices than you could ever imagine in .COM. Of course the resale market for .TV is not nearly as robust as it is for .COM. However, I did sell two .TV domains in November and have noticed an uptick in .TV price inquiries in recent months.

  4. I have done very well with .tv over the last 4 years earning almost 6 figures in just this extension.

    Now that premium pricing is gone and more and more companies are using .tv as their video site 2011 is poised to be a real breakout year for the extension.

  5. $10.99 is the cheapest Ive seen for .tv domains, Ive got a few at dynadot($12.99) like – I have a strong feeling they are and will remain worthless and undeveloped for the forseeable future. I like .coms, im not playing at the .tv table.
    @ Elliot – Your friend sitting on, it wouldnt suprise me if a very smooth lawyer with a megawatt smile and golden checkbook from oprah&co. shows up and makes them an offer they cannot refuse πŸ™‚
    “What you say Ohhhn dot teevee?”
    “OWN ?? whats that”
    “Oprah;s new channel –”
    “oh just – I can remember that”

  6. Hi Elliot,

    Is it the price of .TV or its ccTLD status that has dissuaded you from investing in the past? Do you anticipate investing in .TV in the future?

    Your blog, along with a few others, continues to get attention among our members at, which features .TV related news, information, and discussion. The site also has a .TV marketplace and people are frequently mentioning good deals they spot on the drop services and aftermarkets like SEDO.

    Most people have been attracted to the extension recently because last year Verisign blew up the premium pricing model that plaguged the extension in the past AND continues to run this discounted registration promotion. In addition, Verisign is hosting a ‘Funniest Videos of 2010 Contest’ from their .TV exclusive Facebook page here:

    I just stumbled upon this the other day. Interestingly, the .TV domain extension Facebook page has 25,344 likes, which is higher than I expected it to be!

    In your opinion, what steps by Verisign are missing to successfully relaunch the .TV extension and have it gain maximum traction? (obviously, that assumes you believe it can actually experience success in the market!) Sorry for the loaded question.

    I look forward to meeting you one day!


    • @ Kevin

      I am just focused on .com because every marketer knows .com. I might invest in ccTLD domain names in the future, including .TV but who knows. I may see some gTLDs that are interesting. As long as good .com names are sellable for good profits, I will stay focused on them.

  7. THERE … Out like wolves again, every time a exception .tv makes some (1 letters, etc)
    some teenie ground, the fools stuck with the worthless gTLDS are desperate in hopes that there BS will make it popular.

    Dont forget this is a lowball TRICK as if it ever
    (not likely) takes off IT’S $40 and higher renewals …

    jUST Like .Co there is no promised land … just HYPE

  8. @ Elliot

    I might invest in ccTLD domain names in the future, including .TV but who knows.

    Then you would get ripped of MULTIPLE times πŸ™‚

    Junk like this is NOT investing it is High Risk Speculation …

    and poor judgment imo

  9. Quote
    “I acquired Together.TV about one week ago and after posting that acquisition on this blog I have received one mid-$x,xxx offer and two inquiries. I’m not even trying to sell it!”


    Give me a break. You have mentioned it a number of
    times on different blogs. You are licking your lips
    hoping a bigger fool shows up.

  10. Elliott,

    Welcome to the dark side (lol) Once you go .tv you never go back:-) Knowing you, I bet your going to buy a great one and flip it for $100K + within 2 years!!! Happy New Year!

  11. I will give credit to Louise…

    She admitted in detail ON A BLOG that in 2010 she saw
    “NO profit in her .TV holdings”
    and hoped that 2011 would be better …

    That does seem to be more on par “IN GENERAL” with the present
    aftermarket. (Excluding a few exceptions to date)

  12. If a fool like me can buy a .TV name for a couple of hundred in March and sell it in December for $20,000 then I agree that there is some growth in this extension.
    My little sale of pilot tv was nothing to the amounts being offered for the higher end names. If Michael Berkens is happy enough to turn down $125,000 for a .TV name then I don’t need to think; ‘is there growth here’ – I’m actually seeing it before my eyes.

  13. I have about 15 TV domains and I am pretty happy with them. Not only are they a good buy @ name but i think that this extension will get even more popular this year.
    I already flipped a few in the $XXX’s after paying much less – but I am holding out on the other short 1 worded tv domains – I think I am also going to develop a few of them too and see where they do this year.

  14. @Elliot,

    We’ve held Yovel.TV for a while now and have decided to part with it.

    Since you own, I thought I’d offer Yovel.TV to you if you have an interesting trade to offer. Our group likes beach and real estate related domains the best. We’d rather do a trade than sell the domain. Let me know if you have any interest.

    Plus, I’d love to be the first guy to put you into a .TV πŸ™‚

    – TBC

  15. @James you are 100% right on, except your not a fool. Your a very very smart guy who get’s it. The europeans such as yourself are more in tuned with .tv The problem in the United States is they don’t get it, there loss is our gain, and as you know the United States is my own country.

    There are going to be many of us who spent 100K-200K on .tv in the last couple of years who will flip then for $1Mill-2Mill within the next 2 years. Your part of that group. Again, it’s all about Quality names. Congrats on I got some big offers on as well. Maybe I will sell and make a 20x my money in 1 year. I don’t see .com’s doing that and I own some of the best in .com as well.

  16. Quote
    “There are going to be many of us who spent 100K-200K on .tv in the last couple of years who will flip then for $1Mill-2Mill within the next 2 years”


    Anyone who has been around in the domain category
    for many years has heard the same wishful thinking
    about .info, .biz, .eu, .asia, .mobi. etc, etc.
    I hope the .tv ltd is successful but don’t start counting
    your money yet.

  17. @James, first things first. You’re as far away from being a fool as possible πŸ™‚ You’ve done very well with some of your most recent sales and I know you’re sitting on quite a few AWESOME .TV’s.

    @Jim, I’m happy for you because you’re far ahead of your fellow countrymen. You’ve obviously recognizing the possibilities of .TV and how the extension is used to connect media distribution platforms and online television.

    I can also admit to the fact that we didn’t make a profit with our .TV domains last year. That’s not because we don’t have great domains but because we’re buying to develop them πŸ™‚

  18. @Meyer,

    I don’t want to sound arrogant but many people told me I have the #1 .tv portfolio in the world. I been buying them since 2000 as well. If I took all my top offers for my .tv names in the last 2 years, I would of made about $300,000+ profit already. I don’t need or want to sell because I feel the value will increase, especially since they are now standard renewal at $25 a year. I picked up another 48 top category .tv names in the last 6 months that are under privacy and I will be going public when they do a write up on me in about 3-4 weeks about my portfolio.

    Nothing is easy, it takes lot’s of risk and guts in this business. Nothing is for sure. I just decided that my gut told me as far back as 2000 when I bought .tv that someday the extension is going to explode. As I mentioned before, this is my 14 year in domaining and I am more excited than ever about this business. There are tremendous opportunities and whatever direction you look in whether .co, .de.etc, good luck. For me my main focus is .tv and I will keep the .coms that are making me money such as, but not buying any more .com’s Again, this is just my approach and strategy. Whatever works for people, I want to see everybody succeed.

    Thanks, Jim

  19. “Your friend sitting on, it wouldnt suprise me if a very smooth lawyer with a megawatt smile and golden checkbook from oprah&co. shows up and makes them an offer they cannot refuse ”

    @ LindaM

    My friend never sells any of his domain names… plus he has a very large exotic car collection, so I don’t think Oprah or her lawyers can make an offer they can’t refuse πŸ™‚

  20. So since I didnt get the chance to play much passing through vegas last week I figured Id buy a .tv now instead hehe.
    I figure its up there with the best of the rest of whats still left to hand reg, after spending a few hours looking through name generators and bulk checkers, if other .tv’s are worth something then I dont see why this one shouldnt be. Its got clear end-user utility (tho not in an area that interests me), its short and sweet, the .com looks like its being sat on longterm by a domain investor and doesnt resolve, and if the .tv bubble inflates to a nice degree then it will be worth something simply because its a sayable LLLL. So whaddaya say .tv investors – ? HOT OR NOT? Is it even worth $10.99? Who knows.

    @ Elliot – respect to your friend there, nice one. πŸ™‚

  21. @Linda,

    Not. Keep looking – there are several good .tv’s out there that I’ve passed on. Keep digging.

    I don’t buy domains with the intention of selling, so perhaps I’m not the best person to listen to.

    Jim Holleran would probably be the guy I’d pay heed to with regards to buying .TV’s with the intention of selling them later…he sounds like he knows his stuff when it comes to .TV domains.

    – TBC

  22. Wow, I subscribed to comments and received a healthy blast of emails today, which I actually enjoyed.

    Don’t forget to check out the aftermarkets. Some really great deals are to be had and I have managed to beat Jim to the punch sometimes, but he is much better in other areas. When I saw, I thought it read, so obviously it made me chuckle when I reread your comment. πŸ˜‰

    Those LLL.TV domains can be addictive! One of my favorite pickups is While it might not break anybody’s top ten, it makes me think of kids having fun, ‘WEE!’

    Are we having fun yet? πŸ˜‰

    How long can you hold out? It seems like your followers want you in this thing with them. Let us know when you breakdown for the right .TV!



  23. @TBC As you say you ‘passed’ on them, I dont feel silly in asking what they are?

    Ones I noticed but passed on are: (lmao) – another of the clear TMs I noticed, plus:

    shopp – all crap.

    Theres 3 others Im still debating on whether to buy, or to keep my $33 and spend on something else.

    Elliot (from what I observe anyway) isnt a gambler, he;s an investor – hence he’s quite rationally sitting out of the .tv thing until the fog clears a bit I suspect. I largely am too, but I see no harm in diversifying a little bit – plus I *like* to gamble a bit, with spare cash only mind. wasnt bought with resale in mind, it was bought with vegas in mind πŸ™‚

  24. Elliot quote –
    “My friend never sells any of his domain names… plus he has a very large exotic car collection, so I don’t think Oprah or her lawyers can make an offer they can’t refuse”

    Elliot is correct. “E” also has deep pockets and
    he is represented by top corporate lawyers.

    He also owns i,net
    I like that one.

    Here is an old write-up about him.

  25. I noticed that a lot of the US broadcaster old callsign abbrevs are available on .tv – like / – sooner or later those people are going to want them…

  26. @Linda, Kevin has some great advice. Also, you can still get some great names in the spanish market. Lot’s of deals out there still.

    @Kevin, I having so much fun. I remember in 2000 when I registered my first .tv and even my dog thought I was crazy:) Now, I feel like like everybody is crazy for not seeing what we see:)

    Thanks, Jim

  27. @Meyer,

    I read that article on “E” – he sounds like a very interesting guy…I like “idea” people.

    I created a word not too long ago…and registered “, .net, & .org”. I’ve since had two universities inquire about the domains after “putting the word out” on a few select Ivy League message boards. Almost sold the domains to a Top-10 university, but they didn’t have the funding…”maybe in 2011″ they said.

    I’m actually looking to develop, but I suppose I could talk my partners into selling for the right price πŸ™‚

    – TBC

  28. When I look at a dot TV, I check the keywords on Youtube to see how many results, and if there are ads. It’s interesting, but for some longtail keyword searches, there are way more ads on Google videos than regular Google.

    Some Unregistered dot TVs:

    – CaliforniaNationalParks
    – MichiganStateParks
    StormChaser for $100 at brian [at] domainstore dot tv, if it isn’t already taken!

    I have quot dot tv – if anyone wants to make an offer, I’ll listen!

  29. Some interesting comments here.

    I went from a cheerleader in .tv to an roi investor basically. I love .tv. I love my .com names.

    The market place has exploded in .tv since March. The big .com guys are buying. When you have a flow of cash into .tv every day that is causing a more liquid market place and supply and demand. Plain and simple.

    I sold 26 .tv domains in the month of December and I’m happy. Were they home run sales. Nope. Were they profitable? Yes. I thought January would be slow and I had emailed an end user with a big network of sites. Have 5 .tv sold on a bulk deal. Did I make 2k ? Nope. Was it a successful profitable order. Yes. Can I reinvest that capital into another .com drop play or buy a .tv? probably. Who knows I may take 100 out from the profit and enjoy a nice dinner.

    In .tv or .com market its about roi. If you can flip a name for 10 x or 30 times your money that’s awesome. Rinse and repeat. Or try too. You will have your bumps along the way, some names that won’t move. Some names that you may overpay on in the aftermarket. As long as you have more gains then losses that’s ok. Not every sale will be profitable.

    Everyone has different measures of success in domaining. Most of my close friends may reject a 10k offer in the .com or .tv. I’m in shock at times and that 10k they want 30k to make it worth there time. Congratulations! Then you have small domainers and 500 dollar or 300 dollars is important. its all noise. Keep focused and if domaining was so easy every house hold would be doing it. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to learn things. I learn everyday. Failing can also lead to success. One persons success is measured in many ways. Different stages. You need to start somewhere.

    Also there is value in the .com market. You think these big ppc players are going maintain all there names and over leveraged ? Some will make it. Some won’t. Opportunity in .com matket as well. That’s what being a domainer is about.

    Wish everyone success in 2011.

    Go .tv and .com for 2011

  30. @ROI,

    Great points. It’s all about ROI, everything is just noise. Sounds like you buy low and sell higher and don’t develop. That is my approach. In fact, I hate developing and won’t do it because it seems like work, and I am semi-retired now and why would I want to work (lol)

  31. Bing has given the #1 slot when searching for cheeseburger tv. We haven’t even developed the site yet πŸ™‚ I imagine google will take a bit longer, but we’ll eventually get the #1 listing there too.

    This is what I mean when I say .tv will stand on its own. Owning was never necessary, which is why we passed.

    – TBC

  32. @ The Big Cheese

    …and you’ll monetize it how? Who the hell searches for “cheeseburger tv”

    If I register, I would imagine I will rank #1 for a search of dumb domain name purchases tv, and we’d probably both get the same # of searches.

    There are endless domain names that have 0 search volume where a #1 ranking is meaningless.

    Why would you spend your most valuable time building a site to get a high ranking when nobody would ever even search that. Are there even advertisers who want to pay for the “cheeseburger tv” traffic?

  33. @Elliot,

    Cheeseburger TV will be a comedy-oriented, video streaming site. Once the site is up and running, we will spend marketing dollars promoting “Cheeseburger TV” to those seeking to create and consume the type of content that will be a match for our site, which is why we’re excited that we’re already getting the #1 spot on Bing for “Cheeseburger TV” – it means our marketing dollars will more than likely pay off.

    I’d try to explain the concept of branding to you, but I don’t think you’d be receptive to the lecture, so I’ll skip it. Regardless, this is a good day for my team πŸ™‚

    – TBC

  34. @Elliot,

    I didn’t answer your question. We have a monetization plan, but to divulge that to you at this juncture would entail sharing too much of our business plan – let’s just say its something that isn’t currently being done, but that will be very appealing to the “American Idol”-type watchers of the world.

    Our capital outlay for this project will be very small as compared to the potential profits we foresee.

    Have a good one.

    – TBC

  35. @ TBC

    I have a marketing degree and worked at a very large ad agency (as well as the marketing department for one of the world’s largest insurance companies), so you can skip the lecture on branding πŸ™‚

    The only reasons you probably rank well in Bing is because you keep linking to it from my blog (you’re welcome) and nobody else is competing for that term!

    I won’t hold my breath until you start making money on your overall investment πŸ™‚

    It’s your call on how you spend your time and effort.

  36. @Elliot,

    The entire point of my first post this morning was that .TV domains WILL rank well, and if you put marketing dollars behind a .TV domain, you’ll rank as well as any .com, .net, or .org.

    Once the unwashed masses realize that a .TV WILL RANK, given the right marketing investment, they will RUN to .TV given the obvious video-branding potential…its a no brainer.

    And you’re right, noone is competing for “Cheeseburger TV” and noone will, because we own Cheeseburger.TV. Point being, .TV is POWERFUL if you’re planning to market a key-word with “TV” right after the keyword – you own that particular space stone-cold at that point. If you don’t get what I’m talking about here, you’re either ignoring the truth or are surprisingly obtuse.

    Good day.

    – TBC

  37. @ TBC

    The same can be said about any domain name. However, if your business venture fails, you can still re-sell descriptive/generic .com domain names to recoup some of your investment. A “brandable” name will not yield the same burndown value.

  38. Bottom line, I f’cking own “Cheeseburger TV”, and as stupid as that term may sound to some people, I challenge ANYONE IN THE WORLD to try and compete with us for the eyeballs of anyone who types “Cheeseburger TV” into their search engine once we start spending ad-bucks.

    Whimsical, novel concepts are what make the world go-’round in the consumer space.

    – TBC

  39. @ TBC

    LOL… I don’t think anyone will try and compete πŸ™‚

    YES – whimsical, novel concepts make the world go around, but keep in mind (as I am sure you will) the name isn’t everything – it’s what you are offering that people come back for. The name is just a way for people to recall your business.

    If you have a unique offering (product, service, information) that people will like and need, they will comeback to or πŸ˜€

  40. The search volumes for ‘cheeseburger tv’ are indeed low, too low to register. *imo* the huge amount of money one would need to spend to convince people ‘cheeseburger tv’ was a) comedy and b) worth seeing – why not spend that money on buying a name that would naturally fit, preloaded with typein and keyword goodness. Monetizing traffic is hard, monetizing no traffic is harder still. Another relevent metric is usually ad competition, cpc – they too are so low on these keywords as to give the name little to no apparent initial inherent value. Just like once you might say…

    Its true that .tv will rank, the big G got over tld discrimination a while back it would appear. However if I wanted to build an online comedy streaming site on a .tv I would want, or something like that. That way at least I would know that Ive got an asset for my money, rather than a whole lot of marketing spend in yesterday’s media.
    I dont claim to be a .tv expert, or much of a domainer – but I do build real websites that make good money (so far on .coms and a what Ive learned is that you need good metrics, content, marketing spend AND luck (failing that, hard work) to succeed. Starting off with one of those missing just seems a little more of a gamble that even I would entertain. Good luck with it πŸ™‚

  41. HOT off the presses!

    Cheeseburger.TV is also holds the #1 position on Yahoo search for the term: Cheeseburger TV. πŸ™‚


    People aren’t yet searching for Cheeseburger TV simply because we haven’t spent a penny on advertising. Again, the point of my original post was that .TV’s WILL RANK and once the average domain buyer realizes that coupled with the new smart-tv’s coming out (highlighted at CES this week), the remaining decent .TV domains will be gobbled up at a faster rate that any other extension. I and my partners are buying LLL.TV’s hand-over-fist right now. Most of them I do not publicize.

    – TBC

  42. “HOT off the presses!

    Cheeseburger.TV is also holds the #1 position on Yahoo search for the term: Cheeseburger TV. :)”

    @ TBC

    Haven’t you heard that Bing is now powering Yahoo results, so of course the SERP positioning is the same? That’s very old news.

  43. Every LLL.TV that I’ve run across has an initial reg-fee of $130-$250, or more…then normal renewal fees after the first years.

    CWV.TV is available on Dynadot right now for $12.99. Must be a glitch. First person to grab it, wins πŸ™‚

    Go ahead, Elliot…”Cheap World Vacations”?…

    – TBC

  44. I grabbed it. I’ll let you know about the win, should it occur. Any other’s youve seen? For some reason my name generator doesnt work under 4 characters. annoying.
    I figure short .tv’s are worth something because of the level of speculative activity going on, whether there is end user value or not.

    What do you think of the KLLL/ broadcast callsign .tv’s – Im not advocating cybersquatting just pondering that random 4 letter combos with K and W have an end user already. Also – is a callsign copyrighted, outside of the immediate VHF/UHF broadcast spaces??

  45. @TBC Thats a bit odd really, you’re right in that most remaining domains seem to be designated ‘premium .tv’ domains – ie held back by the registry and sold for more than a standard .tv reg. Odder still is that some registrars dont seem to be offering those registrations at all is for sale at dynadot for $143.75 but shows at unavailable at other registrars.

    yeah – for someone who says theyre not playing at the .tv table im certainly not doing a very good job of that heh, part of my strategy is to be flexible tho.

    SO .tv investors – how about , just regged by me. hot or not? The other extensions like .info etc are on auction for silly money.

  46. @LindaM,

    Most “domainers” were probably unaware that they couldn’t pick up LLL.TV’s from Godaddy. I only posted that info here after we’d picked over the inventory at & Dynadot.

    We are very happy with the LLL.TV’s currently in our possession, even if it is several years before we can develop them.

    One of my partners hand-reg’d ichc.TV today. He’s a nut, but he has an interesting plan for the domain.

    – TBC

  47. Its official! Im no longer a .tv gambler, I just registered a slew of .tv’s that I think will be fairly easily monetized. Or maybe even resold. A flash of inspiration drew me to purchase:

    They are for sale as a set for US$200k+Elliot’s 10%.
    There are some others available but I just snapped up the last of the main screen sizes that are in mainstream current production/have good search volume. Im particularly thrilled with 40, 60(soon to be standard for bigassed living rooms everywhere, 60 is the new 42) and 73 (biggest retail 3d set). Why didnt the person who bought the buy these as well? I guess they had no room left in their living room πŸ™‚
    I noticed its a vein someone else has mined but they missed some good ones I think. Things like are available but like, I cant see that being a retail product anytime soon. What do you think .tv experts??

  48. @LindaM

    I am embarassed that I never thought of that. πŸ˜‰

    Now, you need to sell em!

    I’d need to study the variety of ways they can be fully leveraged, but I think you can make a domainer profit from them if advertised in the right places.

    As I do that, I think about the LONG TAIL of advertising and I immediately think that this could kick off a trend of people registering .TV domains like the following:

    Not sure I’d buy them on the reseller market but if it were my idea, I might accept that risk.

    Good Luck With The Sale.

  49. @DtvFan
    Thanks for your feedback – I checked a lot of those longer tails already actually, bizarrely a lot of them are gone while the short tails were there for the taking. I managed to snap up

    Theres some of those long-tailers left with exact search volumes over 1000 if anyone is interested – Ive got this area quite covered now. Hopefully before the end of 2011 anyone googling for a new tv in the above formats will have a good chance of going thru me first hehe. Buying more in this vein starts to feel like over-exposure.

    AS for resale – I dont think these are for sale really, hence the ridiculous price tag of $200k. Everything has a price of course, but I cant see anyone offering me the kind of money I think is possible to make on these over the longer term. I believe that the retail products related to these names will continue to grow in affordability and popularity, the larger sizes ensures this tranche of names has a good future I feel.
    My idea to monetize these domains was to SEO them to their root kw, and put a nice looking site with reviews comparisons and affiliate links to amazon or whoever offers the best affiliate deals on this higher end tech stuff. I wonder if Ive just burned $120 on worthless rubbish, or made a great comprehensive investment. When someone offers me ANYTHING AT ALL for them, I’ll sure feel better!

  50. Oh jeez I just spent enough for dinner for 2 and a show on the most expensive ‘premium’ .tv domain Im ever likely to own. It has search metrics, shortness, innate well known meaning plus I can see tons of global co. possible end users who may want this name so its investment, not a gamble in my view. Im on microwave meals and no going out in the evenings austerity measures to cover this now!


    I got and a few others to back that up so its possible to make a new brand out of what I own I think.
    So .tv investors, good one – you convinced a cynic to part with some hard cash on .tv’s πŸ™‚

    ‘241 TV – tune in for the best deals around!’

    @ Elliot. I know your not into .tv’s but I imagine you’re following the market, what kind of reserve would you put on that? Id welcome anyone else’s feedback too, clearly Im a newb in this area πŸ™‚

  51. This is for those who are new to .tv names. If the names are available to reg at this point you may want to ask yourself why. There are serious players that have been in the .tv arena for many years and if these types of names are available to register maybe there is a reason for it. That is not to say if you find a name and you are excited about and have plans to develop it then by all means go for it. But there are two places that I suggest you look at and read up on before reging every .tv name you see that you think has potential. The first is where you will find dedicated and experienced .tv’ers who are the nicest bunch of people and are willing to answer your questions and the other is .tv section at namepros where you can find here: do your home work is all I’m suggesting.

  52. lol @ – its a growth industry for sure, I’ll be the first to tune in .

    as for dlp I would actually buy that if I had 3k sloshing around in my petty cash tin, unfortunately its just got a ball of gum and a few paper clips in now. I would buy it because it has good search, and the letters match TV very well (although they wont always, dlp is a tech who’s days are possibly numbered imo). For the same reasons, I would NOT consider buying the others at all. My ‘inch’ .tv name set has wider relevence and is not limited by screen type, and on 60 which will be the most popular size for the medium term (imo) Ive got the longer tails as you see.

    I like .tv’s – I also think (a lot of) people are holding MASSES of long, unsearched, rather meaningless junk .tv’s . 95% of my .tvs RELATE TO ACTUAL TELEVISIONS, and they have search volume. It will be possible to sell this big ticket retail item on them.
    And obviously, 241.TV speaks for itself πŸ˜€
    I still think there is a huge number of imo overvalued .tv’s that if they were .com *might* be worth something, but aren’t and probably never will be.

  53. Grabbed FFN.TV – “the Family Fun Network”, which was our next-to-last .TV purchase for the year. We’re negotiating for a one-word.TV and as of right now the asking price has come down to $12,000. We’re trying to pay no more than $5,000, but the seller is smart, so we’ll probably meet somewhere in the middle. We will not disclose this domain purchase until it launches.

    Good luck, all.

    – TBC

  54. @LindaM,

    You asked the other day for .TV’s we’ve passed on — here are three (all are regular reg-fee, $12): – –

    – TBC

  55. Chris Anderson (TED curator) wrote a very interesting commentary for this months issue of Wired-Magazine:

    Basically, what I took from the article was this, the next decade or more will be about one thing: Online Video.

    I love this quote from the article: “Video is the killer app. Don’t write me. Tell me. Show me.”

    For those of you who are not familiar with Chris Anderson: He is one of the most forward-thinking humans on this planet.

    – TBC

  56. @TBC and ALL

    Check this out too, same conclusion:

    “Video and multimedia content is becoming more accessible and acceptable on mobile devices, and will help to usher in a new era of viewing. Google TV and Apple TV are bringing the concept of web video directly to the third screen, and as they overcome the inevitable growing pains associated with any new technology they will gain in popularity as quickly as on-demand video did for the cable companies.”

    “The online vide industry is booming, and rapid growth is predicted by every company analyzing the category. It represents a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to rethink the standard television commercial, and with no time constraints (unlike television) provides an opportunity for brand storytelling that could revitalize the stale concept of a commercial.

    Interactivity adds an element that no ad can match, and the success of campaigns like the oft-cited Old Spice endeavor is a testament to the fact that, properly used, the tool of online video can result in brand buzz that marketers only dreamed of a few years ago.

    Our prediction here? Online video will break all the rules and the winners will be consumers and advertisers alike.”

    -Kevin at

  57. great comments guys, I am learning every day about this
    because really I am a Novice with domains, and enjoy the different perspectives

    currently building a free new site for Inventors and Innovators, the plan is income from adverts,

    so no cost to the users which appeals to all,

    Also got, CO , MOBI, NET, ORG ,CO,UK ,INFO and .BIZ

    also to also protect the hyphen issue

    here is a interesting question, I find having domains pointed to my say main site, drive’s traffic in the open frame position, creating the impression on many sites but the are only hosted once,

    for me its like casting a large net to catch more,

    also from Experience I have a .TV website and it came up
    fast for Europe searches.

    I like .DE and .TV and will most likely add them to my Net

    all comments appreciated, thanks


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