Cooking Channels Owns .TV Domain But Doesn’t Use It for Branding

CookingChannelTV.comI recently noticed that my cable tv provider added a new channel to the already huge lineup. The Cooking Channel features a number of cooking shows featuring famous as well as up and coming chefs. I guess it’s probably because the Food Network focuses on more than just cooking.

While watching Kelsey’s Essentials, I heard her mention the url of the Cooking Channel’s website, and I was a bit surprised by what they chose:  The Cooking Channel does own CookingChannel.TV (a name the company acquired sometime between May and July 2010), but they understand that most people know .com, so they are branding instead.

They do smartly forward the .TV domain name to their website, but it was somewhat surprising that they didn’t use .TV and do the reverse since that almost seems more intuitive.

Unfortunately for Scripps (the owner of the Cooking Channel), is owned by Reflex Publishing, a company that is known to not sell its great generic domain names.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Makes perfect sense. No one outside of the domaining world knows what .TV means. Watchers would laugh at you if you said go to blahblah.TV.

  2. Plenty of users know what .tv means. TV is probably universal no matter what the language.

    Along with that Elliot mentioned, is huge in the UK, Russia Today spent $62,000 for Major League Baseball uses to brand its streaming subscription site. Etc…

  3. Elliot, there you go again, trying to manipulate a story to give dot tv a negative spin.

    “No one outside the domain community knows what .TV is…?” Are you serious? You can’t be serious. What rock are you living under?

    Newspapers, tv-stations, video-production and media companies all know – and use dot tv. It is picking up steam, on a global scale, every single quarter…

    And hundreds of stations that use their call letters with dot tv. – a new EW Scripps play…

    And sooooo many more – major public companies. It is the most undervalued TLD on the planet…and with time will become “the” new media brand of choice, mark my word…

  4. @ Rolling my eyes

    “Elliot, there you go again, trying to manipulate a story to give dot tv a negative spin.”

    Maybe your eyeballs are stuck in the back of your head because I was not the person who said ““No one outside the domain community knows what .TV is…?” That was said by someone else who commented.

    I said, “they understand that most people know .com, ” and that is 100% accurate.

    Perhaps you should unroll your eyes and you will see more clearly what is right in front of them.

    Oh… PS… when was the last time I said something negative about .TV? I don’t think I am deserving of a “there you go again.” Although, I obviously do think .com is where the money is at – at least it’s where the money is and has been at for me.


    .TV is for Transvestite …

    Cause that’s what IT is


    HALF TV …


    NEXT …

  6. @Prosper and Landon,

    Congrats, I been in this business since 1997 and your guys statements just made the top 5 of most ignorant statements I have ever heard. What cave are you guys living in:)

    Jim Holleran & Louise = Louise


    Makes perfect sense. No one outside of the domaining world knows what .TV means. Watchers would laugh at you if you said go to blahblah.TV.


    Every time ON ANY internet BLOG some one tells the truth about what a Bomb >.TV is “Louise” gets a “REAL ESTATE FRIEND” to post some bogus propaganda to try to put a SPIN on her .TV WORTHLESS CRAP …

    Louise, the reason you have YOUR GREAT .TV’s
    is because NO ONE WANTS THEM. lol

    It is not my fault houses are not selling, stick to
    your day job, Newbies.

    Goodnight Louise.

  8. @Jim, it looks like they’ve been in a cave far too long 🙂

    I think it’s time for Proser and Ladon to crawl out from their little cave, give their 90’s mentality a good makeover and do a little more research before they start to throw comments out there.

    Wait a minute, the best thing would probably be if you both stayed in that cave. We don’t need that type of ignorant, old fashioned mentality in 2010.

    I’m pretty sure you both live in the good old US of A and you both probably think .com rules the world. I feel sorry for you already.

    • “I’m pretty sure you both live in the good old US of A and you both probably think .com rules the world. I feel sorry for you already.”

      @ Next Please

      I live in the US and .com DOES rule the world. Sure, individual ccTLDs are very popular in many countries throughout the world, but .com still rules. I’ve built my business around that and haven’t looked back nor sold a ccTLD.

  9. When I lived in the States, I didn’t give much weight to .TV. However, I now live in Central America and .TV is used quite extensively. Every television channel and even tv show has it’s own .TV URL. I noticed that it is also very popular in Germany, particularly for domains. Every city has a popular .TV website which is advertised pretty heavily on cars and billboards.

    I think Elliot was exactly correct, it is surprising that they wouldn’t have used the 2 URL’s opposite to how they have (i.e. – Redirect the dotcom to the dottv.)

  10. No one outside of domaining does know what .TV is. I just started a new business and debated acquiring a .TV with the partners, neither of which are domainers, and they both said they had never heard of .TV and didn’t want to invest in something they’d never heard of.

  11. Apologies to @ Jim Holleran that your name got balled up with mine by @ Landon White!

    @ Landon White, I challenge you to comment on Oprah’s purchase of

  12. i’ll take that one. oprah is fat and passe and what better way to say it to america than buying oprah winfrey this will be harder to promote than dancing boy for president.

  13. LOL @ Todaro, that made me laugh!

    But Oprah’s not a loser, right? If Oprah’s a loser, there isn’t much hope for the rest of us! 🙂


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