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Full Episode: Page Howe on Vice News


I previously showed the preview of Page Howe's appearance on Vice News on HBO discussing Emoji domain names. The entire episode has been uploaded online by Vice News, and I embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to @Emoji_Domains for sharing this on Twitter.
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Page Howe Talks Emoji Domains on Vice News


A few weeks ago, I shared a video of Page How and Darryl Lopes talking about emoji domain names. I always thought it would be neat to video a couple of people from the domain industry having an interesting conversation about domain names, and this is the kind of discussion I envisioned. Someone shared another video about emoji domain names featuring Page Howe, and this one had a much wider audience.

On November 30, Vice News had a report about emoji domain names featuring Page. I missed the show and do not see a link to it online, but here is the preview that was shared by Vice News: (more…) → Read More

Video: Emoji Domain Name Discussion


Domain name broker Darryl Lopes shared a video interview on LinkedIn that he conducted with domain industry veteran Page Howe. The topic of the long conversation is emoji domain names. I don't know a ton about emoji domain names, but I do know there are people who believe in the viability and commercial value of them.

I embedded a video of the conversational interview Darryl shared. If you have any questions about emoji domain names for Page or Darryl, you are welcome to post them in the comment section. Enjoy your weekend!

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Opportunity with


I've been reading about CES in Las Vegas on mainstream news channels, technology blogs, and Morgan Linton's blog, and the thing that I've come away with is that "smart televisions" are going to be big in the foreseeable future.

I see companies like Intel and Samsung have "smart tv" products, as do a number of other leading television companies. I think "smart tv" is going to be a big buzzword, and consumers will look to purchase these smart tvs, probably in greater number than those looking for 3d tvs (just my own opinion).

The domain investor in me did some research, and I saw that a longtime friend of mine (Page Howe) owns and has it listed for sale at Sedo as a "make offer" listing.  I spoke with Page, and he let me know that he currently has a purchase price of $75,000 for the domain name.

I can only assume the price will increase if consumers and distributors adopt the term in similar fashion to smart phones (Samsung owns Perhaps now is a time for Sedo brokers to jump on the phone and → Read More