Video: Emoji Domain Name Discussion


Domain name broker Darryl Lopes shared a video interview on LinkedIn that he conducted with domain industry veteran Page Howe. The topic of the long conversation is emoji domain names. I don’t know a ton about emoji domain names, but I do know there are people who believe in the viability and commercial value of them.

I embedded a video of the conversational interview Darryl shared. If you have any questions about emoji domain names for Page or Darryl, you are welcome to post them in the comment section. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. certainly, glad to help, big week with the new group suddenly on everyone’s IOS.

    Jon Roigs’s Godaddy project I??.ws still the best place to play around. – especially if your a dinosaur like me on windows in a office setting, – use handy emoji keyboard bot to point and click search for your favorite 2-3 characters.

    Big Picture thought, Qwerty keyboards cover 20% of the devices in the world, emoji keyboards are on about 100% of the worlds you have mobile, social, global, not available in .com or new G’s, and some wonderful innovation taking place at .ws

    #1 use right now is personal branding, just a hey that’s cool domain name, or a forward for marketing initiatives.

    No shorter domain in text than 1-3 character emoji and a short .ws imho

    Buyer Beware, These will be quirky til windows 10 adds keyboard and more software, including yours btw I think, goes to Unicode; plus some phishing risk, copyright issues, and atypical IDN partial functionality may keep ICANN on sidelines, and watch out for duplicate genders and skin tones masquerading as pure singles.

    but just like Cable and Online TV could innovate where Networks coudn’t, I think the .ws team has successful handled possibly up to tens of thousands of registations.

    Thanks again for the vine.

    Page Howe

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