Opportunity with SmartTVs.com

I’ve been reading about CES in Las Vegas on mainstream news channels, technology blogs, and Morgan Linton’s blog, and the thing that I’ve come away with is that “smart televisions” are going to be big in the foreseeable future.

I see companies like Intel and Samsung have “smart tv” products, as do a number of other leading television companies. I think “smart tv” is going to be a big buzzword, and consumers will look to purchase these smart tvs, probably in greater number than those looking for 3d tvs (just my own opinion).

The domain investor in me did some research, and I saw that a longtime friend of mine (Page Howe) owns SmartTVs.com and has it listed for sale at Sedo as a “make offer” listing. Β I spoke with Page, and he let me know that he currently has a purchase price of $75,000 for the domain name.

I can only assume the price will increase if consumers and distributors adopt the term in similar fashion to smart phones (Samsung owns SmartPhones.com). Perhaps now is a time for Sedo brokers to jump on the phone and get this name sold. Some may look at it as a gamble, but for many of these companies, it could be a very good investment.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Page has always been a step ahead of many
    domainers including me.

    He also knows that he will not maximize the
    value of the domain letting it sit on ppc
    (smartnames – cute) πŸ™‚

    I’m sure he has plans for it.

    I wish him a lot of success with it.

  2. I Inquired about smarttv.com yesterday. The owner said $1.8M!

    I think he had some trademarks on the name too, though – which would go with the name.

  3. Elliot,

    Page is indeed smart, not just because he owns SmartTVs.com …. a nice domain indeed. I think 75k is on the low side for this domain.

    SmartTV is the keyword heavily used by various companies now a days.

    That’s why we have acquired the following TV related futuristic names:

    We may sell those but also open to let others develop them on a revenue sharing basis also.

    Note: No intention to self promote our names here so you can delete the domains if you want.


  4. Hi Elliot,

    I like the name, and trend from CES. I was following Linton’s coverage, he hasn’t been as effusive as he usually is. I will arrive in LV tonight.

    On a separate note, Elliot, can you take a look at my latest project: I’m developing my http://STARBULKS.COM and advise. Thanks

  5. It’s an interesting topic of discussion and one which I have been following closely. Right now the market seems fragmented, there is:

    Smart TV
    Internet TV
    Interactive TV (iTV)
    Connected TV
    Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)

    etc, etc, etc,..

    Everyday there seems to be some new technological breakthrough or brand that comes along.

    While all seem to claim different features and modes of access or operation, when you get down to it on a basic level it’s just a merger of Television and the Internet.

    As far as a catchphrase or term that will unify the industry, I have my own theory about that. In my opinion “Smart TV” as a name, brand or catchphrase for the industry has a limited shelf life. How many people refer to phones these days as “Smart Phones”? The features integrated into smart phones like the Android and iPhone (internet connectivity) are everyday becoming just more the norm and commonplace and it’s just the “phone” of today, rather than the “smart phone” of yesterday. It’s inevitable that same features or catchphrases, such as “Smart TV” will eventually just be tomorrows “TV”.

    Just my humble opinion.

  6. @Dean,

    I agree, everything before the “TV” WILL be dropped for brevity’s sake.

    Regarding 3D-Printing technologies; 3Dprinting.com was sold at Sedo this week for $25,000 Euro. Now, there will eventually be 3D Clothes Printers, 3D Shoe Printers (there are already 3d Jewelry Printers on the market, primarily in asia). Anyway, we believe the “3D” will eventually be dropped, which is why our company settled on:

    JewelryPrinter.com, ClothesPrinter.com, ShoePrinter.com, and a few more I can’t think of right now. Bottom line is, we could have grabbed those domains with the “3D” attached, but we passed.

    Society naturally trends towards brevity without even realizing it. We also picked up d8.tv for an online dating site – this is what kids and young adults text for “date” now – d8 – crazy…:)

    – TBC

  7. I too agree with the limited shelf life comment – I mean how many people refer to their TV as a ‘color TV’ or even a ‘flatscreen tv’. I also agree with Elliot’s implication that there are things bigger than 3D. Smart TV’s might be the next big thing in tv, but people will still have just a tv .
    (however regardless of the underlying tech or extra bells and whistles, screens will always be sold on size, everyone knows thats what matters most πŸ™‚ 60inch.tv was a scoop imo.
    Ive been researching what happens with search engines if a keyword happens to be an extension too. Pretty encouraging results actually. Try it yourself – find a keyword who’s .com and .somethingelse are both well developed, but by different entities obviously.
    Search the keyword and probably the .com is top or close. Search the keyword plus the somethingelse extension, eg tv – who is top now? Im not certain, but I would currently be inclined to take the position that keyword.tv is better, all things being equal, than keyword.com for a search of ‘keyword tv’ .
    Hopefully this means that it should be realistically possible to make something like 73inch.tv top for ’73 inch tv’, something that in the purely .com world would be quite a challenge. Short, TECH RELEVENT .tv’s are undervalued. A lot of the rest are massively overvalued imo
    @TBC I like d8.tv – imo thats the best name youve posted here, but then I probably missed some.
    Kinda like 241.tv how much easier to remember do u want!

  8. What name is better in your guys opinion:


    You guys know I would take Smart.tv anyday over Smarttv.com:-)

    Page is a good guy. He is a big .tv as well. He was vision on what is hot in trends and extensions.

  9. @LindaM,

    You are right on the money.


    Brevity, my man – so of course, Smart.TV is the better choice πŸ™‚ I just shake my head and smile when I think of all the money being poured into .CO’s right now – amazing amount of shortsightedness with most of these “domainers”.

    – TBC

  10. I don’t get .co. I have some of the best .co in the spanish language (Colombia is a spanish speaking country) such as
    Vacacion.co (Vacation) and Peliculas.co (Movies). I can’t even get a low-ball $60 sedo offer and the traffic sucks, 1-2 visitors a day. What am I missing or is it all hype and relying on people mistypes and not hitting the “m” after the .co.

    Whereas, many of my .tv get 100 unique type-ins a day that are parked and offers coming daily and some very very good, mid-XX,XXX range.

    Thanks, Jim

    • @ Jim

      .TV has been around for many years, and .CO has not. You are using a couple examples of .CO but probably hundreds of .TV names. You are also heavily invested in .TV. I don’t think people can look at what you are saying as unbiased…. I also don’t think you can compare these two extensions because they are clearly very different.

      I don’t get why people continue to post comments about .TV and .CO in as many articles and posts as they can. It’s like politics. Some people care and many people don’t. The people that don’t care get very annoyed by seeing commentary that continues to get off track because others seem to turn everything into a referendum on .CO and .TV. It’s exactly the same thing as what I saw with .MOBI and .EU.

      Just as a commentator and not an investor, the more people hype a specific extension, the more it turns me off from investing.

      I learned a good lesson when I talked about what I was doing to make $$$ at Snapnames a couple years ago and blogged about it… next thing I knew, I had a lot of competition and that rev. stream dried up. Point being, if I was making money fist over fist (what you are implying with your frequent mid $xx,xxx range offers), I would keep my mouth shut and buy as many of these as I can for re-sale.

      Incidentally, I only see one .TV sale in the top 100 from 2010 (http://dnjournal.com/ytd-sales-charts.htm) and one would assume people like yourself would publicize any big sales. Business.TV sold for just $100,999.

  11. @Elliott,

    Just state what I am seeing on my end with my own names. Also, the securing of the top .tv category names already took place months ago and those who moved quick and fast tied up most of the best inventory including myself. It’s not through the resale but through the drop and it’s not an auction model as premiums drops. For example Sports.tv picked up that way. The window of opportunity already shut on that, so it does not matter anymore on that if the whole world knows about it.

  12. @Elliott,

    I was on the fence for domainfest this year unless I was invited to your after-party to Ron Jeremy:-) Looks like I won’t go for the first time in 5 years. Skiing sounds more fun and we will catch up again, maybe in the Bahamas!

  13. so whats the timeline on .co investments what would be a good timeline to know if they are worth it or not before dumping and running for the hills.

    you cant compare .co to .tv surely they are different in their own right from what i see .co is doing ok for itself some nice sales and some nice developed websites popping up isnt this the combination that will make it a success excuse a newbie but thats how i see it

  14. @Lance

    You just beat me to both the smart tv domains you bought. I scored a few I’m happy with like: smarttvratings.com; smarttelevisionreviews.com; smarttvparts.com; smarttvtips.com; smarttvstands.com; smarttvwallmounts.com.

    Lets hope Elliott and Morgan are right!

  15. congrats to the registerer of smartertvs.com nicely done.

    would it be too self serving if i said i think elliot is one of the most astute forecasters of trends in the market today….

    ill try to keep y’all updated with any “life of the domain” updates for my efforts with SmartTVs.com Funny story is an industry buyer (marketing Department) had it locked up for $4500 2 years ago but the CFO would only go $2500 so i and they passed.

    page howe


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