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Domain Name Price Guide for Startups (Infographic)


Having dealt with a variety of people and companies that have tried to buy my domain names over the years, I believe that price expectations for domain names vary wildly. Some people have absolutely no idea how much domain names are worth, and others seem to have a general idea about value but don't know much about specifics. This could be a negotiation ploy, or simply, they know they need a good domain name but don't know how much good domain names are worth.

Bill Sweetman of Name Ninja produced this handy illustrated domain name price guide for startups (shared below). Bill and his company have experience consulting with startups and other companies who need to acquire domain names, and I think the infographic is a fairly accurate assessment of current domain name market conditions. It is in an easy to understand format, making it a great tool to help people understand what domain names are worth.

Along with the infographic, Bill wrote a blog post with details about the infographic and some color commentary about the domain → Read More

Dock Name: Crowdsourced Domain Name Finder for Startups


I was sent the link to an interesting website that might be of interest to domain investors looking to sell their domain names. Dock Name is a website that lets startup founders post their domain name requests and visitors may submit their own domain names that might match the needs of the startup.

More precisely, according to the website, "Dock Name is a crowdsourced service that helps startups find a domain name, by describing their business/product and get proposals from people that have suitable domains for their needs." Dock Name allows people to promote their domain name requests, which is how the company makes money.

Here are three partial examples of the current domain name needs posted by users: (more…) → Read More

Bill Sweetman is Making it Happen



Bill Sweetman is pretty well known in domain investment circles. For a number of years, he worked as Vice President, Domain Portfolio at Tucows and General Manager of YummyNames. Last year, he left the company and started his own domain consulting firm, Name Ninja.

Many people who offer domain consulting services  rely on word of mouth referrals for their new business. Domain industry companies most likely know the names and specialties of some of the better known domain consultants, and consultants get a fair amount of work from companies within the space.

I saw Name Ninja's tweet above, and I want to highlight it because I think (more…) → Read More

Bill Sweetman Announces New Consulting Venture, Name Ninja


Name Ninja logoLast month, Bill Sweetman  announced his departure from YummyNames and Tucows, and he informed us that he would be starting a new domain consulting business. At the time of his announcement, Sweetman  didn't offer many details about his venture, but in a press release that was distributed to me this morning, we now know it's called Name Ninja, and it has a unique tagline, "lethal domain name consulting."

It appears that Name Ninja's focus will primarily be on gTLD domain names, but the firm will also provide a variety of other domain industry consulting services.  "With the massive expansion of the Internet namespace due to the upcoming rollout of hundreds of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs), the global demand for expert domain name advice and strategy is going to explode," predicted Sweetman.

The company will offer services like domain acquisition, brand protection, domain name sales, and it looks like just about all other services related to domain names. Sweetman's expertise was gained from his experience at Tucows, → Read More