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Vanity.com and Vanity.net to Sell for $340,000


Hilco Streambank was marketing Vanity.com and Vanity.net after the company that owned these domain names filed for bankruptcy. Two weeks ago, Hilco Streambank announced it had a stalking horse bid of $100,000 for these two domain name assets, and the company was seeking other bidders to participate in an auction, which occurred this past week.

According to a court order shared with me by Hilco's EVP David Peress (and found online in .pdf format), Vanity.com, Vanity.net, and associated trademarks will be sold for $340,000. According to the court filing, the buyer is listed as Westerdal Corp., Inc., a company associated with domain industry veteran Jay Westerdal.

I reached out to Jay to see if he had any comment about the purchase, and he shared some of his plans for the domain name: (more…) → Read More

New gTLD Discussion on Mike Mann’s Facebook Page


Mike Mann has had a successful career in the domain space, and I  consider him to be one of the more knowledgeable people in the business of domain names. As a result, when he says something interesting or controversial, people will engage, discuss, and sometimes debate him.

According to DomainIQ,  Mike's company (Domain Asset Holdings, LLC) owns hundreds of thousands of domain names, and the vast majority are .com. He has sold a ton of .com domain names (including the BuyDomains business), and he seems to be of the opinion that nothing compares to .com or competes with it.

In the last few days, Mike posted a couple of provocative tweets about new gTLD domain names. The links within the tweets link to his original comments on Facebook, and this has stirred up some debate on his Facebook page in different threads: (more…) → Read More

NamesCon 2016 Sponsor Spotlight on .Feedback Registry


Just a few days to go until attendees will begin arriving in Las Vegas for NamesCon! We are expecting somewhere around 1,200 conference attendees. There will be attendees from all facets of the domain name business.

This morning's NamesCon 2016 sponsor spotlight interview is with the team from the .feedback Registry and Jay Westerdal, founder of .feedback. The team answered questions about .feedback domain names  and he shared some thoughts about the new gTLD domain names and NamesCon.

If you have any questions for Jay about .feedback, please leave them in the comment section. See you soon!

Introduce your company.

We're the ".feedback" top level domain and we're aiming to be something a little different. A few years ago while talking with local businesses we discovered that there's a major communication gap between businesses and their customers. That created an opening for them to be bullied by newcomers like Yelp or Zagat. So we decided to champion the little guy by creating a way for them to easily and quickly close → Read More