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NECO.com Up for Auction – Has $17,500 Stalking Horse Bid


Hilco Streambank is managing the auction for the sale of the NECO.com domain name. The company has obtained a $17,500 stalking horse bid for the domain name (from Media Options). The minimum overbid to participate in the auction is $19,500. The online auction is open for bidding and will end on February 6, 2018 at 2pm EST.

Prior to Hilco Streambank's involvement, NECO.com was owned by a company called National Event Company. The domain name came available as a result of the company's bankruptcy filing. NECO had been in the ticket sales business prior. Obviously, a domain name like NECO.com can be used in a way that is totally unrelated to the former business.

People who are interested in participating in the (more…) → Read More

Vanity.com and Vanity.net to Sell for $340,000


Hilco Streambank was marketing Vanity.com and Vanity.net after the company that owned these domain names filed for bankruptcy. Two weeks ago, Hilco Streambank announced it had a stalking horse bid of $100,000 for these two domain name assets, and the company was seeking other bidders to participate in an auction, which occurred this past week.

According to a court order shared with me by Hilco's EVP David Peress (and found online in .pdf format), Vanity.com, Vanity.net, and associated trademarks will be sold for $340,000. According to the court filing, the buyer is listed as Westerdal Corp., Inc., a company associated with domain industry veteran Jay Westerdal.

I reached out to Jay to see if he had any comment about the purchase, and he shared some of his plans for the domain name: (more…) → Read More

Hilco Streambank Announces Stalking Horse Bidder for Vanity.com


In June, Hilco Streambank announced that it was selling Vanity.com and other assets related to the Vanity Shop's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Bids were due in July, but it doesn't look like all of the business assets were sold.

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from Hilco Streambank announcing the company has a $100,000 stalking horse bid for several of Vanity Shop's assets, including Vanity.com, Vanity.net, and the Vanity.com trademark. The minimum overbid on this is $115,000. Should a higher bid fail to materialize, the stalking horse bidder will be able to purchase the domain name. If there are competing bids, an auction will be held on October 25. Details about the auction (if necessary) will be provided to any bidders who place bids higher than the stalking horse bid.

The company is also seeking a minimum bid of $75,000 for other assets related to the Vanity Shop business. This separate lot also includes the eVanity.com and VanityShops.com domain names.

According to the email I received, (more…) → Read More

Hilco Streambank Marketing Vanity.com


According to an article in the Milwaukee Business Journal, Vanity Shop filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this past March. Following this filing, Hilco Streambank has been retained to sell the Vanity Shop assets, which includes the valuable Vanity.com domain name.

Hilco Streambank Executive VP Jack Hazan told me "the assets include the Vanity trademark for apparel, retail and accessories and the premium one-word domain name – Vanity.com." Hilco set up a marketing page on its website that has more details about what is included in the sale as well as some detailed information about the company and its background.

When I received the email from Jack, the first thing that stuck out to me was the Vanity.com domain name. As you may recall, Vanity.com was involved in a 2012 UDRP dispute. When the decision was published and the panel ruled in favor of → Read More

Want to Name a Football Stadium?


Hilco Streambank is working on an interesting marketing opportunity. After successfully finding a buyer for the intellectual property of bankrupt retailer Sports Authority, Hilco Streambank is now working on selling the naming rights for Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the home of the Denver Broncos NFL team.

According to an email I received this afternoon, here's what is being offered for sale:

  • Unique opportunity to own the naming rights to the stadium of the Super Bowl Champions

  • 5 Seasons remaining on the contract (Through 2020/21 season)

  • Contract terms from 2001 at below current market rates

  • Prominent signage on both interior and exterior of the stadium.

Proposals for the naming rights (more…) → Read More

HauteCouture.com Goes Up for Sale


As you can see from the new rotating banner, Hilco Streambank is now brokering the HauteCouture.com domain name in a bankruptcy listing. Haute couture is a French term that refers to the making of high end fashions. Some of the top fashion stores and dressmakers have haute couture departments or specialize in haute couture.

According to  Jack Hazan, Executive Vice President at Hilco Streambank,"[t]his domain is being sold by a bankrupt estate. We expect to auction it through our online platform www.Hilcodomains.com.We are entertaining early offers for the domain and will consider a stalking horse."

Commenting about the domain name, Jack told me, "Haute Couture is a phrase that is universally synonymous with high-end and high-quality fashion and design. Virtually every high end fashion house uses the 'Haute Couture' phrase in their marketing and advertising.   This domain is clearly a high traffic-driver and we expect interest to be strong."

Jack (more…) → Read More

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