LJA.com Sells via Uniregistry


The LJA.com domain name has sold, according to my morning DomainTools email update. Prior to the sale, the domain name was owned by Future Media Architects (FMA). The domain name is now registered to a Texas company called LJA Engineering & Surveying, Inc.

After seeing the Whois change, I reached out to Jeff Gabriel from Uniregistry, as I know the company has represented FMA on the sale of some of its domain names (such as Kiwi.com). Jeff confirmed that Uniregistry brokered the deal, but he could not share the purchase price for the domain name. “We can confirm a sale occurred, however our client wished it remain confidential,” Jeff told me via email.

My guess is that this was a high 5 figure or possibly a 6 figure deal based on other publicly reported FMA sales and price quotes I have seen. I couldn’t say for certain though.

LJA has been using LJAEngineering.com for its website, so this is a nice upgrade for the company. As of the time of publication, the company is not yet using LJA.com. It remains to be seen whether LJA will migrate its website to LJA.com, use this domain name as a forwarder, or will do something else with it.


  1. What is interesting IMO is did the owner understand / know the value of the domain channel or did the broker advise the seller that the value was closer to xxxxx I so often think the broker/s do not do the homework and that there is a duty of care.

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