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Back in 2003 I started my own domain name lending site at (I no longer own that domain, but you can see this screenshot of how my site looked). Now there are a bunch of sites like that, such at,, and, but at the time I was one of the first. I figured since I was buying domain names anyhow, it couldn't hurt to try to make loans on domains that I would consider "buyable" and then if the borrower defaulted, I would get the domain, if not, I would get a good return on my money. More importantly though, I was trying to create a new online business out of it which hopefully would have some value.

I did not do any advertising for the site, but due to people finding me in the search engines (it was a lot easier to get noticed for free back then), I got some offers from potential borrowers. They were all domains I considered totally worthless though. Not once did anybody offer me a good domain to make a loan on. So, after a year, I gave up and shut down the site.

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Francois Carrillo Launches Private Email Service


I admire founder  Francois Carrillo for his determination when it comes to launching new websites with a variety of different business models. According to an email I received this morning, Francois launched a website on, which is now a private emailing service.

The way it works is that a person visits and clicks on the "send a message" button on the bottom of the home page. They are then taken to a page where they can fill out a form to send a message to someone, without the recipient knowing who sent the message. The sender can also choose an option to be notified when the message is opened by the recipient.

On the About us page, there is quite a bit of information about the privacy functionality of The website reports that they don't save any data except for encrypted messages for 48 hours.  I believe there are (more…) → Read More Adds Domain Directory


DomainingFrancois Carrillo has added a domain industry business directory to the left sidebar and top right tab of, a smart move considering all of the targeted traffic the site receives. The directory has categories for domain brokers, registrars, parking, tools, escrow companies, and a number of other categories related to domain investing.

I had previously noticed the directory when it first started and was fairly empty, but in the past few weeks, it has become heavily populated. The cost for a directory listing is $700 a year for the top section of each category and $300 a year for the lower section of each category. It appears that all categories have at least two listings, and some several far more than the minimum.

I think it's a smart move by Francois as it will certainly generate additional revenue for his company, and it will also keep people on the website for longer, adding value to the other advertisers. Of course, it's also beneficial to visitors looking to find a domain related company. → Read More .CO Worth “4% of .COM”


I went to check on a submission I made at Flipping.CO, and I noticed that the domain names had appraised values next to them. Curious about how these were appraised with barely any sales results, I sent an email to Flipping.CO's Francois Carrillo to ask how the values were ascertained.

According to Carrillo, the .CO appraisal is "4% of .com."   It's an interesting (and somewhat arbitrary) number that was based on Carrillo's "experience and first sales."

I don't know if he's right or wrong, and only after the auctions are done and secondary market sales are reported will we see how things shake out in terms of valuation. I haven't sold any .CO names yet, and although I've received a couple of offers in the mid $xxx range for a three letter .CO, I have passed, preferring to wait until a solid aftermarket forms.

If you had to guess, what do you think .CO domain names are worth compared to .COM? → Read More – New Service to Follow Domain Auctions


Francois Carrillo, founder of, recently launched, a website that allows visitors to track domain auctions from several top aftermarket websites, as the auctions are set to close. Visitors to and to the website can currently follow along with auctions from Sedo, GoDaddy,, Afternic,, and

Once Francois is able to integrate Namejet and Snapnames auctions into his platform, I think the service will be even more beneficial to domain investors. According to Francois, he is in the process of working with both companies to onboard them, although it seems like Snapnames will happen more quickly. With thousands of daily pageviews to, it's a good opportunity for these companies to get added exposure to their closing auctions.

Aside from its top placement on where domain investors can have a glance at upcoming ending auctions, another advantage of is that it offers information → Read More