Flipping.co: .CO Worth “4% of .COM”

I went to check on a submission I made at Flipping.CO, and I noticed that the domain names had appraised values next to them. Curious about how these were appraised with barely any sales results, I sent an email to Flipping.CO’s Francois Carrillo to ask how the values were ascertained.

According to Carrillo, the .CO appraisal is “4% of .com.” ย  It’s an interesting (and somewhat arbitrary) number that was based on Carrillo’s “experience and first sales.”

I don’t know if he’s right or wrong, and only after the auctions are done and secondary market sales are reported will we see how things shake out in terms of valuation. I haven’t sold any .CO names yet, and although I’ve received a couple of offers in the mid $xxx range for a three letter .CO, I have passed, preferring to wait until a solid aftermarket forms.

If you had to guess, what do you think .CO domain names are worth compared to .COM?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I can’t wait to see the person that is giving the 4% appraisals bid $220,000 on slots.co when it comes to auction Sept. 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ Just imagine all of the great .com domains you could get for $220,000. Then imagine spending time developing a .co only to see the traffic all go to the .com.

    Someone posted on a forum about what would happen with a .co being used on a Billboard. Any guess where people would go? I thought that was a great point.

    The only people that even know what the .co extension is, are the domainers buying them and selling them to each other. The general public has no clue and never will know what .co is. This has to be the worst extension ever. It is a typo and TM infringers dream, but other than that it is worse than .me because it will just confuse. I would even take the dreaded .tel over .co ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. seems to be just more hype for Franco, his appraisal tools and his other websites.

    which only serves to promote expansion of his monopoly

    and that’s a good thing for him ๐Ÿ™‚

    but here a question…

    if .co is valued at 4% of .com, then why aren’t/isn’t the starting bid price for .co domains at namejet, priced 4% lower than the $69.00 starting bid price of .com?

    just asking….

  3. “if .co is valued at 4% of .com, then why arenโ€™t/isnโ€™t the starting bid price for .co domains at namejet, priced 4% lower than the $69.00 starting bid price of .com?”

    @ biggie

    Because people will still pay the $69, and I think 4% is a fairly arbitrary number.

  4. “The general public has no clue and never will know what .co is.”

    @ Timmy

    That may be true now, but I don’t think you are a soothsayer and can be certain about that in 10 years from now. This is why people speculate.

  5. We’ll have to wait and see how big companies market .CO’s offline before we know how the general public will react. I have faith in people being able to remember .CO on billboards if it is properly marketed.

    When I went out purchasing .CO’s I assumed they would be worth 10% of .COM’s, but that was assuming that they would be treated as TLD’s and rank high in search engines. Then again, I’m an optimist.

  6. The 4% is an interesting formula, based on speculation.

    .co could become branded to mean “company” in the general public’s mind.

    Short of being a prophet, there’s really no way to accurately predict where this is going to go. It’s going to depend on how end users and advertisers relate to the .co extension.

    I thought that twitter was a ridiculous fad a few years ago. I didn’t see the value in registering domains while I was exploring aol chat rooms back in 1995. And I thought I would have a girl during each of my pregnancies, and we have 3 sons. I can’t imagine that .co is going to surpass .mobi in popularity, but at least I’ve learned not to rely on my intuition:)

  7. For those of you that are unaware, the .CO stands for the country of Columbia. The .CO hype will fade out like many of the other country extensions. The industry is struggling to find other ways to genrate revenue, so don’t buy into the marketing craze. You may remember the “.BIZ” or even the most recent “.WS” which marketers tried to promote as an extension of “website” which in my opinion has slowly crumbled and is worthless.

    If you can’t buy the .COM then get the .ORG or .NET. Otherwise come up with a new URL name.

  8. Google treats a .co like a .com/.net/.org such that geo targeting can be set. If Google would give keyword.co’s an ‘exact match’ ranking boost, then they would become worth a whole lot more than 4% of .com’s.

  9. It’s easy to say that .CO looks like a typo, but not everyone is relying on typo traffic. I specifically sought out COs where the .COM is taken, but isn’t developed, as well as a few premium Spanish and German words. Right now, .CO is still second to .COM.CO in Colombia, but there’s a chance it could catch on. I speculated and am holding onto the Spanish names for this reason.

    I’ve had two offers, both on German words. Do I think they’re worth 4%? Not quite. But I’ve found it interesting that most of the German .COs I’ve come across during keyword research are already developed. They’re not parking – they’re literally developing, and fast. I’ve seen a few that redirect to .de sites, but I’ve been really impressed by the German .COs I’ve seen so far.

  10. More like 0.4%

    The 4% is only the hype phase when those who got names via sweetheart deals during reg dump these names on unsuspecting followers. :p

    I’m extremely surprised with the 400k+ regs too, but I’m sure once people wake up to the fact that it’s primary usage is still as a Colombian ccTLD, prices will get more realistic.

  11. If you loved .cm, I’m guessing you’ll love .co. All the marketing and pumping bullshit aside, it’s the ccTLD for Colombia, not short for company or commercial or anything else.

    In most gold rushes, those that sell the picks and shovels make all the money.

  12. To me .CO is better than .COM because it looks the same but shorter. And we all know when it comes to the net, shorter is always better so buy as many .CO s as you can. It is going to be worth a lot more.

  13. When does typo.co go to auction? ๐Ÿ™‚

    If a .co domain is registered and nobody knows what it is, was it really registered? Hmm, .co is like a tree falling in the woods with nobody there to hear it! Did it make a sound?

  14. This debate will linger for quite some time, I believe the 4% is just bs numbers…I do think there is a value in developing out the .co but the google and bing gods will ulitmately play a large role in the sucess of this extension, that being said I do have a .co site up and am hopeful that it can generate some revenue..

  15. Why do people not mention the obvious and just say .CO is unlike any TLDs. The price difference between a 2 letter domain and 3 letter domain is 10x or an order of magnitude difference. You can make a case that .CO is worth even more than .COM because it is a shorter version of .COM That is the way I look at it. I have ABK.co and CFV.co and deploy.co I love it because it is so short; a few key strokes and wham I am there.

    I have the list of the remaining 4142 three letter .co domain names out of 17800 three letter .co names. If you want the list let me know.

  16. The fact is, .co looks better than .com in the url bar. Where the latter is used largely outside of its context, the former can be and be applied in a way that is far more precise than even the related .biz. While org is nice, it isn’t as functionally crisp as the .co is for its intended purpose. When pitted against .net, .co goes beyond the inter- and right through .info like a hot knife through butter for where one is merely subjective, the other literally transforms opinion into fact. The .C0 extension is most certainly appreciable far beyond the 4% figure and more comparably accurate on a scale to equal or beyond .com as a appropriate extension for COmmerce, COmpany, COrporation and or any relation thereof.

  17. Just go to godaddy.com and pull down the available extensions. You will see .co right below .com
    This is not concidence folks. .CO is the second best domain. It’s better than 3 or 4 letter extensions and it simply is a shortened version of .COM.
    Back in 1998 I remember thinking to myself I should pull out the dictionary and register all the one word available domains. But I didn’t because I was lazy and did not want to work grabbing the dictionary downstairs. Not anymore, grab as many .CO s as you can. 10 years from today people will kick themselves for not buying .CO s. 452,749 registrations in just the first month. This is the fastest start by far of any extensions to date.

  18. .Co is by far the best extension behind the .com. True…it will never be as good as a .com domain, BUT it will defenitely be better as a .net, .org or .info domain. Its short, brandable and GUYS WAKE UP….its NOT Colombia its INTERNATIONAL. That means that this domain is excellent for SEO and there defenitely will be some great sales in the future.

  19. Here is the proof folks. Facts speak for themselves. And look at that 3 letter domain – hgh.co – $5,100. Grab them while you can. 4000 still left out of 17800. I have the list if you want.

    The .CO registry just reported another 15 sales from the land rush auctions, including one of the top hacks, Mexi.co which went for a surprisingly low amount of just $3K.

    unity.co 12500
    bankers.co 10000
    diapers.co 5200
    hgh.co 5100
    Spark.co 5050
    platinum.co 4511
    good.co 3110
    Yellowstone.co 3100
    mexi.co 3000
    chairs.co 2025
    vitamin.co 1510
    niagara.co 1400
    elevator.co 1251
    appraisals.co 1125
    alarm.co 935

  20. I bought a few .co myself out of curiosity and of the aftermarket does pan out, maybe I’ll buy some more, but the .co fanboys here are crazy. Sure, over 450K regs is nice, but let’s see that number in a year from now. If half (or more) don’t renew after the first year, what will that tell you?

  21. You are better off buying a the domain like VisitMexicoNow.com for $10 and spending the other $3K on SEO.

    Don’t waste your money or your time on these worthless domains. Of course the .CO registry is promoting sales, they are probably the ones buying them back for more just to increase the hype.

  22. VisitMexicoNow.com is Taken. Crap. Now what Kyle, help me out. I would have paid $10 for that. Can you think of any other domains I can register? Oh yah, you can still get sdlfkdjvdhsfk.com and spend probably $300,000 on SEO with that sucky name.
    This is everyone’s point. Now that the .com bucket is full the .co is here to take control. I see the .co as a shortened version of .com You will see .co overtake all other extensions in the coming months.

  23. .co has three things going for it,

    1) Good marketing to domainers and speculators
    2) .com typo
    3) .co.ccTLD replacement / typo

    .co has three thing against it,
    1). Best names are gone or held back.
    2) .com typo
    3) public awarness, ( maybe better in non US coutries. )

    Godaddy list .co behind .com because it cost more then .net, .org, etc. and make them more money.

    Over all it a good alternative and will make .com owners very happy.

  24. Robert Cline, just like you were able to get creative with a domain and launch ePier.com, you can also find valuable domains that are good for SEO and still have a brand image behind them. For example: MexicoHotSpots.com or MexicoVacay.com are available right now for $10.

    Save money in the long run by spending your investment where it counts. THE DOT COM!

  25. The .co will take time to establish value. It’s too early to determine the true value of the .co. I think it should be worth 4% for now. As soon as some big sales hit the DNJournal, then the .co will increase in value.

    You don’t have to post this message. Check out a situation that I’m currently experiencing with a prior sale in NYC. I need your advice. Read my article below. You can omit the link if you don’t want others to learn from my situation. Thanks.


  26. F***. This article nails my friggin argument and my case that .CO is the premier domain ext. .CO is more valuable than .CA and we all know what .CA s have been going for. Sky High prices.

    455,350 .CO premium registrations is equivalent to 1.5 million regular registrations. .CO has done a third of what .CA has done in 10 years!! Yikes.

    Also .CO is hosting the next ICANN meeting if you can believe that. This is a rich domain ext. , a premium extention.

    Anyways here is the article:

  27. I dare say, one day .CO may be worth more than .COM
    It is all based on the fact that domains with fewer characters being worth more.
    Once many .CO s are developed out and are used more pervasively, it will seem like a more direct form of .COM

  28. I bought flipping.com for around $4,500 last year on a SnapNames Auction. Francois was a part of the auction and decided not to bid on it for whatever reason. I thought it was a cheap price. He tried to purchase it for basically the same price a few months ago…I thought that was interesting since I don’t flip or sell domain names…just buy. So the 4% formula would make the .co valued around $180. A fair price.

  29. The funny thing is that flipping.co has 25x times more traffic than your flipping.com that you paid a pretty sum of money for. Another funny thing is that I have been going to flipping.co just about everyday and have never thought to try your site flipping.com

  30. With that formula, I do wish the best for Francois in advertising and promoting his site to receive 100,000,000,000 uniques or more per month. Domaining.com is quite successful and I am sure he will make flipping.co a success also.

  31. The better a .co does, the better the .com will do, but the better a .com does has almost zero effect on the .co. I will take the .com version with no traffic over the .Co with traffic any day. I would love to see .co versions of .com names I own get developed. Outside of domainers the general public will almost always go to the .com and just assume the m was left off. I’m still looking for the .co button on my iPad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Francois doesn’t know what he’s talking about: .co has gotta be worth at least 90% of a .com, hell, maybe even 125-150% easy.

  33. Great comments…I agree with “the .co is not worth much” crowd.

    It’s easy to tell who has invested heavily in .co’s. Same arguments and fervor as when people were rationalizing .mobi, .info, .biz, .asia, .yawn.

    The *only people who know about .co are domainers. Sorry, but you guys don’t count!

  34. It is interesting to watch a .co auction going on now. As to the debate on what percent is correct. I have a question. What would the Domain name of Handyman.com be worth?
    Right now it is being auctioned off at http://www.coauctions.co and the price is 1,350.00. The spread between these two values will be interesting. I am too new to the domaining business to really know the .com value but will be curious to see what the final price is of this name.

  35. I got to thinking, what would the arguments be had .co started before .com….?
    Argument’s in no particular order;

    1. Nobody will type .com, .co is shorter
    2. .com will make people associate the name with communications companies
    3. All the good .co names are taken, why would someone choose .com, .co will get your .com traffic.
    4. It’s hard to remember .com, everyone understands co is for company & corporation.
    5. Whenโ€™s the last time you saw a bill board “Ford Motor Com”, com looks kind of stupid, doesn’t it.

    Speaking of Ford, Henry Ford once said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” Henry Ford, 1909.
    Folks, in internet terms this is the equivalent of 1909 and .com is black. Get your heads out of the sand and get outside the box. How many colors of cars are there now?

    โ€ฆand lastly, How long will it be before typing takes a back seat to some other form of input by the user?

    Could typing go the way of typewriters and carbon paper one day.


  36. UGH…such hype from all the .co owners who are just realizing they’re victims of yet another hype.

    .CO will NEVER be on par with a .COM (someone even said ‘worth more than’…HAH!).

    A year from today, or sooner, it will have faded into the hinterland…along with its brothers” .cc, .la, .ws and ALL the rest.

    Save your pennies for a decent .COM or take home your marbles. It’s way too late to redefine, or re-name, this game. It’s called BRANDING.

    • @ John and All

      Just to be perfectly clear, aside from Bahamas.CO, I only own 6 other .CO domain names, including Elliot.CO, and all of those were hand registered (or purchased on NameJet without other bidders). I am not in the business of hyping extensions or names.

  37. @ .CO investors
    .CO will not be a passive investment like the early days of .com acquiring. You can no longer hand register and sit back for a $X,XXX check. If you think your $30 investment is worth four figures, follow Elliot’s lead and spend a few hundred buck’s to develop your site. We are developing sites based on COmmunities in COlorado to help forge the path, consciously choosing urls where the .com is parked. (yes I know it will help them at first). It is a .com world for sure, but there is room for distant seconds’ and the only thing stopping .co success is dominers sitting on their tails. 100 million Twitter users will see .co each day, that is a pretty good beach-head but it won’t win the war.

    Got to get back to work creating content for .co site.

  38. I Like .co and I think if Domainers and .co investors all work together and get their .co domains developed the public will soon pick up on the tld.

    The best thing we can do is develop the .co domains we have this way the market will pick up and the value will go way beyond 4%.

    I ordered a procuct portal from EPIK for householdappliances.co
    Valuate appraisal: $15
    Epik appraisal: $1000

    So at least one of mine will be developed. If it pays off more will follow!

  39. I ran a little experiment before the extension was released to see what kind of reaction a regular end user (my client are mostly small business owners) had on .CO, and I replaced the .COM with the .CO extension while emailing them about their business.

    The results – most noticed and pointed out the “misspell” and when inquired about if they would consider changing their extension to use a shorter one like .CO, – everyone of them said NO. “Why would I spend money on a misspell?” – was the most common comment.

    I ran this experiment through 10 clients and none of them would replace the .COM with the .CO. – it was obvious for me that I would not spend one dime on an extension that i could not sell.

    I know this does not represent the whole market in any way, but this test sample clearly showed me where my speculation dollars should go. –> .COM!!

  40. I purchased a tourist destination in San Francisco, a popular park in NYC, my hometown city and a 3 digit .co. I stopped after that, instead choosing to buy hand registered .com. Because of my decision, I managed to move more than a dozen .com.

    I think it’s more prefernce. I wouldn’t buy any domains are use the .co as a finisher. I prefer the keyword value. In the DNJournal, all extensions are reported as selling, even a .mobi.

    It really depends on who is looking for the domain, and if they have a plan for it.

  41. @ze: Agree. Imagine having to repeatedly explain to your customers that the domains is acme.co, not acme.com.

    Then imagine the number of current and potential customers that will mistakenly send business email to a stranger’s acme.com domain instead of your acme.co. It’s actually very hard *not* to put the ‘m’ at the end while type the TLD.

    It just seems like a lot of risk to take with little benefit. As a business owner, considering a .co for these reasons would send a shiver down my spine.

  42. Some amateur domainers here do not give much credence to people’s intelligence. People are not so stupid as you might think. As I mentioned earlier, when I visit flipping.co, I never once thought to try flipping.com In fact, safari seems autofill the .co when I begin typing the first few letters.

    Once a site is developed, it is all on the merits of the site, whether or not visitors will return, not whether they have a propensity to type an extra letter ‘m’.

    Plus, pretty soon virtually everyone will realize that there is more variety than just .com once the gTLDs come in the hundreds.

    .CO is the strongest extension I have seen in 25 years.

  43. The .co is a cool extension. I can’ really afford to invest $25-30 per domain. If I had more money, I would probably buy a few more one word .co domains.

    I would rather invest into .com because there is less of a risk. If you’re into domaining, you want to make a quick sale. The longer you hold onto domains, the more you’ll lose.

    I think that there are a few domains that are worth keeping for long-term. It really depends on what you’re long-term goals are, such as possibly developing the domain or waiting for the right time to make a sale.

  44. Lot of enthusaiasm here.The people who bought .co domains vs the people who didnt buy them lol

    I dont think comparing .co to .mobi,.us, info,ws is a fair comparision. If there ever was going to be a strong competitor to .com,net, or .org , this is it.

  45. Even since I wrote a piece about removing privacy, all of a sudden I’m receiving a boatload of spam. Kind of a odd situation. It’s as if someone is trying to make a point that having privacy up will prevent spam, and is beneficial to me.

  46. I have to agree with one comment above.
    The only different TLD is .tel
    This is the easiest, fastest and the cheapest way to have an internet presence. It’s best suited for a directories of various businesses.
    I own a few .co domains but all are related to cities in Colombia.
    I wouldn’t register English words .co
    I don’t think it will work

  47. Let’s say I wanted nudephotography.com but it is taken.

    I check nudephotography.co it is available. These are the situations when .CO s are just superb.

    All the naysayers will be registering .COs like crazy next year to pick up the crumbs when we’ve had our fill. Don’t be the last to get the good names. When everyone knows it; it’s too late.

  48. The only reason I have registered .co’s is to protect my better .com investments.

    Every time a .TLD is released its the same argument and usually by the new .TLD visionaries in an attempt to justify their purchase. We all live in hope.

    All names have value and only time will tell where .co will be placed.

  49. I just think nudephotography.co is the 2nd best right now and maybe the best in the future, even better than nudephotography.com for its shortness, less to type is always considered better. I think it is better than.


    What do you think?

  50. I wrote an article on privacy. Since then I took down the article because now my account was attacked and now its sending mass e-mails out to everyone in my address book. People suck. Any ideas? I wouldn’t share what domains you have on any blogs unless you have privacy on them.

  51. Saw the video again. Well, one things true, .CO has got the best marketing of them all out there, bar none. Period.

    And with all that money pouring into their coffers now, you can bet that .CO is going to be pretty dominant out there. They are already sponsoring some major domain events. That will give even more credibility and reputation. And oh the next ICANN meeting later this year is in, you guessed it, CO.

  52. .COM and .CO.UK will give a lot of traffic to .CO domains because the shorter is the the better when typing, so .CO will do far better than .COM

  53. Halallua. Finally, someone other than myself says the King has no clothes.

    It is sad to admit it, especially to all the people who has paid enormous amounts of money for a single domain name. Last night one guy said he paid $4,500 for flipping.com and my point is I go to flipping.co and never even crossed my mind to try flipping.com or for that matter flipping.org or flipping.net

    With $4,500 you can buy 150 single key word .CO s right now which can be worth $millions in a few year. It is all about value and you are getting more bang for your buck than .coms at this moment in time.

    All the naysayers are the ones that have invested large sums of money for usually 1 or 2 measly .com s and are tapped out. I read this week for $1Million dollars you can buy like 4 semi okay domain.coms WHAT! that is it?

  54. 10 years in the future, people are going to kick themselves “I could have bought the shorter version of .COM the .CO and made a million dollars on all these good domains.” when they go for more than the .coms

  55. @Robert,

    Are you a paid advocate for .co? That’s bad advice. I would rather own flipping.com than to have 150 single word .co. Why wait and take a gamble when you can score the big bucks now?

    You still have to register those single overpriced .co fees next year for $4500, whereas flipping.com will only cost $7.75. Every year that registration fees are due, you’ll be spending $4500, while flipping.com will only cost between $8-10 per year.

    Meanwhile, you will lose many of those domains to high registration fees. The $4500 invested for flipping.com is a one time only. The owner of that site can make some serious money with that one site, as opposed to the 150 .co (ton of work and money maybe at little to no profit). Too high of a risk to take.

    The owner of flipping.com can continue to buy domains to resale with little overhead and risk. What if the .co ends up a disaster? Then, you’re stuck with a bad investment.

    The reason flipping.co is doing well if because it has heavy traffic, is an auction, and has good backing. Anyone else may not be as successful with it. I bought 4 .co. That’s all I want to own. I would rather invest in .com – it’s an easy sale.

  56. Whether .co becomes a success or a failure, that’d be on the strategy of the individuals who registered the domains.

    I invested in roughly 50 geos with the intention to develop, and a handful of others. These days one should not be over-enthusiastic and invest with moderation instead.

    Personally I don’t see how a flat number of 4% can be used to evaluate the worth of .co or any other ccTLD for that matter. So I believe the 4% formula is just a convenience and realistically an inaccurate way to determine the worth of a .co domain.

  57. Don’t be fooled. I wouldn’t put down the house on the extension. If you buy 150-200 extensions today, then you will have to determine whether you can afford them next year. That means you have to sell off some of your inventory to pay for the registration.

    The cost of the extension is what is least appealing. I could register 8 .com right now, and sell them in two months. I can keep doing that, mostly generating a profit. Buy, sell, buy, sell, and so forth.

    With that type of system, I would be in a better position than owning a .co that owners may refuse to buy because they’re only know the .com.

    If the .co was so good, then why is a famous tourist attracting refusing to even return my calls to buy the .co, when they paid $320 to acquire the .info several months ago. Why? Because they don’t need the .co to continue generating traffic. They have the .info, .org, and the .com.

    Maybe the domain will be worth money. I would actually want to develop the domain, but it’s a project that I’m not that interested in. I don’t plan to develop a site in a area because another company already owns the city name, the tourist attraction site, and every other website in the famous city.

    The on;y reason I bought my hometown name is because the city owns the .com. I own the .co, .org, and .biz. I’m content with only owning 4 .co. I like the .com better. The .co is like trying a new restaurant you never been to before, while the .com is your favorite location – you know what to expect.

  58. .co will never overtake the .com. You can count on that. In order to do that, they would have to reduce the cost to $7. If they don’t, they’ll never be able to compete with the .com. I would rather buy 30 .info than to buy 1 .co. I could register 30 .info that can easily sell at an average of $50 per piece.

    The .info easily generate nice appraisals, especially in a few fields that people tend to ignore. As long as the .info are $1, you can actually make a nice profit with them.

  59. While many are finding ways to build value into the .co, i just received an offer for a .us. I invested in the .us, and this will be the second way I will push in a week. I would invest in all extensions. There are some great names still available.

    Don’t try to unload your inventory for too cheap. Be patient and respect your domains. When the time is right, you’ll make a sale. Always use price and offer. People want to have an idea of where to start. The .co is good, but I find domaining is better with the .us, .info and the .com. I have yet to push a .net.

  60. .com is King. I’m starting to like the .us. I would actually rather invest into 7 .us than 1 .co. The owner who bought flipping.com was art. He could build mini sites such as domain.flipping.com, home.flipping.com, car.flipping.com, realestate.flipping.com and much more.

    There’s huge profit in that particular domain. It’s basically a business. He could point domains at the domain. Too much hype to get people on the .co train.

    I have no interest to wait ten years hoping for an extension to make me money when I can do it now with all extensions. Not wise to invest all your money into one extension. Spread your investment out.

  61. Here’s a poll question. Of all the second tier TLDs (.info, .ws, .co, .cc, .me, .mobi…), which had the most vocal zealots when it was released?

    My vote would have been .mobi, but the histrionics in this thread is making me reconsider.

  62. Can anyone explain the grape.co domain value checked at estibot.com (see below)

    EstiBot Value: $ 4,400 USD?

    What causes the .co domain value being increased rapidly?

  63. This is a classic thread and in a year or two there will be some pretty embarrassed people who will wish they hadn’t written what they have ๐Ÿ˜‰

  64. “The reason flipping.co is doing well if because it has heavy traffic, is an auction, and has good backing. Anyone else may not be as successful with it.”


    Of the 400 plus listings there is only one name with a bid ($50), in what way is it doing well? Have they even had a sale?

  65. Maybe there’s only one bid right now, but they have made sales in the past. The site does receive traffic. Who cares whether the extension does well? .com will always be better. .us is just as easy to punch in than .co.

  66. Flipping.co has made sales. In the past month, I’ve seen a number of sales. Some .co have even gone for more than $300. It doesn’t make sense to judge their success on one pending sale. The site has made sales. If you suscribed to domaining, you would know.

    The extension is too extension. The best names were taken during the preorder stage. I’m sure there are still good investments out there, but I would rather invest in thr .com and .us. The .info is an easy sale.

  67. Jacob “Can anyone explain the grape.co domain value checked at estibot.com (see below)

    EstiBot Value: $ 4,400 USD?

    What causes the .co domain value being increased rapidly?”

    Looks like when they input the sales data, grape.co was easier to type than grape.com.

    Darn those typo’s, ๐Ÿ˜‰

  68. Have .CO valuations gone up? My three letter domain ABK.co has gone up from $1,900 to now $5,100 on flipping.co. This is the minimum bid folks. The appraisal is $25,560. You can buy .CO right now full time and make a decent living. Ka-ching.

  69. Something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Appraisals attempt to do this based on previous sales and based on measurable metrics. Domains are too unique to be accurately appraised.

    ABK.co, and any other domain on that site, is only worth reg fee until there’s liquidity (via market maker or auction bids). The owner of flipping.co is certainly not acting as a market maker and there’s a whole lot of zeroes in the bid column.

    The other way to value is based on development and generation positive cash flow.

    That’s it, all the rest is pure fantasy land.

  70. SL,

    Couldn’t the expense of Google Adwords CPC keywords which are in a domain name be used to set valuation of the domain name.

    Let’s say you had a domain name with 3 keywords. Average CPC for the 3 words ranged from 3.00 – 20.00 with the estimated click based on those key words = 250 clicks per day.

    A business person has a choice, either pay Google the going bid price average 11.00 or buy a domain name with those keywords and further SEO the site to be on page 1.

    My point being, either you pay Google or you buy a keyword rich domain name. I seems to me that the CPC is real world and tangible thus that could be used as a instant measure of a domains worth.

    Using the above math if you got 250 clicks which would otherwise cost you 2750.00 per day, instead you bought a domain name.

    Could that be applied and used to measure a .co’s value?

    If the answer is yes, how would you apply the value?

    The other question is, how many times would you multiply those days to get the value of the domain, 1months CPC, 12 months?

    Removing the .com vs. .us, vs .co TLD argument and simply looking at the name itself, it seems that CPC would be a tangible method of valuation that most all could understand and apply.


  71. @Robert,

    I’m sure that you can make a decent living with the .co. Maybe right next to the barrel under a bridge. If you base your valuations on an appraisal system, you will go broke quick.

    At $30 per domain, you’re taking a huge risk. The good .co domains were ordered before the land rush. You’re trying really hard to entice the public about the .co. I don’t buy it at all.

    However, there will probably be some big .co sales in the future, but that will be for commercial domains such as loan.co, flowers.co, studentloans.co, and so forth.

    You think that someone will pay you $25K for a new .co domain. In order to increase the amount, you need generate some heavy traffic. I have 3 .com domains that appraise higher than $20k. I would gladly take $1k each for those domains.

    I have a few $500 domains that I won’t sell for $1K. The appraisal system is a tool, not the standard.

  72. Hell yah, I am excited. I am excited to get single word domains for $30. If the extension was longer like .mobi, .asia, co.uk yah I would not be so exited but this is .com with the extra ‘m’ off the end. This means less to type, and less in domaining means value. Faster means better. And .co takes 1/3rd the time to type a .com

  73. Congrats on your one-word pickups. I dont have anything against the .co. I just think that domaining doesn’t work for me with the .co.

    I’m into the quick flip. I can do that with the .com, but don’t want to wait until later with the .co. I own 4. That’s enough for me.

    It’s too expensive to invest into the .co, especially with a $30 price tag. If you like the .co, as it appears you do, then go after some commercial areas that have high CPC. The .us is also a good investment, and it’s a lot cheaper. ย 

    I flipped a dozen .com this past week. I don’t think I couldve done that with the .co. While it may be quicker to type for you, the public still is more comfortable with the .com.ย 

    I’m both into domain investing and domaining. I know exactly what to find and who to sell the domains to. I don’t get stuck on my domains. There are a few that I’ll wait until later to sell, considering their values are still premature in terms of their potential.

    As for the .co, it seems to be a domainer’s dream. You’ll still have to spend money to advertise them. Shorter domains are worth more if they’re .com, .net, .de and so forth.

    I refuse to invest all my chips into one extension that is far too expensive. Because of the $30 price tag, I’m not going to buy anymore .co. If they lower the price to $10, then I’ll buy-in.

    Good luck on your .co finds. Don’t venture too far away from the .com. It’s still the most profitable extension that is the pioneer of the Internet. Nothing ever overtakes the innovator.ย 

    ย ย 

  74. First of all, every domain registration that I do I want to develop out myself. If there is not a good idea or business that I want to build out with that name, I do not buy. Having said that I think there are tremendous addresses out there only in the .CO space, such as nudephotography.co, etc.

    .CO has garnered 500,000 in about 1 month. In my eyes this is validation of what I have been saying. 500,000 .CO registration is equivalent to the current .CA registration after 10 years of 1.5 million because it is 3x the registration cost. The $30 registration is a benefit because you know people registering are serious about developing their site.

    There are no sellers here. No one is going to buy to squatters at $30 and just sit on it to sell. So you know that a lot of sites .CO sites will be coming online rather quickly.

  75. That is why it is even more surprising that even at $30/registration that people from all around the world have taken to registering the .CO at a record number of 500,000 in just 1 month.

    You have said you would be registering more. Well, imagine what this number would truly be if it was $10/reg. It would be 1,500,000 registrations then.

    When you register a .CO domain name, it is unlike any other domain name. It feels like you are joining an exclusive high upscale fraternity of brothers. What and how do you feel?

  76. More power to you. There’s nothing wrong with the extension. However, 500,000 sold because there was a strong marketing ploy to push the extension. There’s nothing you can say to convince me that it’s a good investment as opposedyo the .com. I own 4 strong .co, and that’s all I want.

    The only one that I really wanted was NYC.co. I want to get a hold of popular destinations across the world Thailand.co and Bangkok.co, and Italy.co. Another nice .co would be loans.co, free.co, creditcard.co, creditreport.co, insurance.co, and so forth. All these names were already reserved ahead of time.

    I think your 150 .co idea is too extreme. I hope it all works our for you. Since I have a cognitive perception, I don’t but into the hysteria. Domain investing is about making a profit. If you have to put in years to receive a small return, it’s not worth the effort. I have a major plan with a certain field.

    I already have all the names. The CPC on all of them are between $5-$17. I’m an expert in that field. And that plan involves only the .com. People won’t make a mistake on typing in the .co as opposed to the .com. They would mispell a word before they mess up on the extension.

    If you have a plan, then continue on course. I don’t think the $30 price is appealing. I wouldn’t compare the .co to the .ca because that’s not the premiere extension.

    Good luck on your venture. I’m sure you’ll make money. However, don’t be fooled by just any one word. It has to be a meaningful word with value such as Cab.co, tickets.co, photography.co, and etc… I’m sure you already know.

  77. Invested 30 .co’s domains mostly in German I have an offer for Kreditkarten.co = credit cards in german and Rechtsanwalt.co = lawyer in german both are refused. I acquired defloration.co getting a lot of traffic this is park at sedo…. defloration.com was sold $39k what about .co ? ๐Ÿ™‚ Hoping to make money on .CO goodluck to all…

    @ Robert Cline you wanna buy my teenmodel.co ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. I would register more at $10 a piece. I have a list, but I know that the price will never drop that low. I do like the .us. I was on the fence with the extension, but will have moved two in the past week. I keep lists of good finds.

    Sometimes I return back to the list to determine which ones were popular. Last night I found a nice .net to a .com Frank Schilling owns and is not selling. The domains stats are very good. I know I’m looking in the right area. I buy all extensions, but mostly invest in the .com. One industry leader persuaded me to focus my attention on the .com.

    I used that formula ever since, and it has helped me to do well. A $10 price would influence me to buy .co. By that time all the good ones will be gone.

  79. I parked my domains at Sedo for 3 months. Although two of my .com generated 1000 unique visitors a piece, I only got 3 clickS on one of them per month. The jewelry domain never received a click. I would rather own worpress.org because that domain produces 10k unique per month, and probably had a high cpc % rate.

    Every extention produces a big sale. Even paydayloans.info and coupons.info were big sales. I picked up many .info in many areas, as well as the .us. Invest in all extensions. Don’t sell yourself short.

  80. This is the truth about the .CO extension . The owners of almost all big and popular websites using .com extension have bought the .co extension also for their popular websites. There are only 2 things they will do with their .co extension, and these 2 things are the only reasons why they bought the .co extensions: they will make their .co extension to work together with their .com websites, or they will build sister websites for their .com websites using the .co extension. In less than 1 year the general public will get the message that typing .co or .com after the website name would get you to the same destination, or typing .co would take you to a destination where you would most likely be offered the products or services you are looking for in .com websites. When the general public realize that, then .co will start doing as well as or better than .com. Moreover, since .co is a very good typo, there will be a lot of people going to .co websites unintentionally, but because they will land either in the same website they are trying to land in (redirection) or in a one that is offering the same products or services as the one they are looking for is offering (sister website using .co extension) they, most likely, will not try to look for another website, they will feel comfortable staying where they are because they are offered the same products and services they are looking for. Then people will get used and be comfortable to that. Let alone the fact that .co is shorter than .com. This will definitely happen, and when it does, then .co extension becomes the mother of all extension. I knew anything extension that would threaten .com would have to be similar in spelling. .CO is the true .com competitor. .mobi, .tel, .net, .asia, .org, .cc, .whatever are far far far from becoming .com competitors because their spelling are very different to the spelling of .com. This is the only truth about .co. From this comment you can make a choice either to invest or not in .co domains.

  81. It will take years to program the public into typing in the .co. Everyone knows the .com like the world knows the US. Don’t forget the .co is from Colombia. Everyone is trying to convince the domain industry that the .co is a .com killer.

    While everyone is focused on spending their $30 on the .co, I will continue to find .com and .us gems. I picked up a a handful of .us that I located 5 months ago. People are still overlooking the good stuff. I even found a ton of .info that will sale. In addition, I located a few great misspellings that are going to fetch a nice amount in the future.

    It’s not about typing in less. It’s about the credibility of an extension. It would take years for the public to trust another extension beyond the .com. I just don’t see it happening. At $30, the extension is not appealing to me.

    I bought 4 popular names. That’s all I want. I would rather buy 7 .us, 4 .com, 29 .info, and 5 .net before I would buy another .co. IF the extension increases in value, then that’s good for the people that decided to invest into the extension. I’m trying to reduce my overhead, not triple my expenses.

    I won’t have any regrets for not purchasing more .co, especially when the most valuable names I wanted were mostly pre-ordered and or auctioned off. They’ll never sell the premium .co for the cost of registration. I can find a nice batch of .com without even trying, because I know what fields are popular, and already have a buyer in mind.

    I recently found a .com domain that has 500,000 average keyword results and 2,000 monthly popular searches. While it’s only worth $290, I know that I can probably sell it for triple that amount or more in the next year. Since I like the name and have interest with the industry, I will probably keep the domain.

    There will always be plenty of domains to go around. I invest a lot of time into searching for good domains, but it’s well worth the effort. It’s a cool challenge. Speculation will put people in debt. It will take more than a few years to convince the public to accept a new extension, especially when they have been familiar with the .com for 25 years.

    Take what you want from this post to spread your investment out. Don’t invest too heavily in the .co, when you can buy a handful of every extension, that will still make you a nice profit in the future.

  82. How great would a .Inc or GBL for Global be :).. Anyway, my thoughts on .Co is that the most value from the name comes from purchasing strong 1 to 2 word domains and developing these sites. Purchasing .Cos with the intent of parking and waiting for some end user to buy for a “Million” dollars is the most ignorant way to approach this extension and a sure way to lose money and reduce the value of this extension depending on how many take this option. I typed in Sex in the google search engine and I figured maybe Sex.com or YouPorn would come up in the top 5 listings and how wrong was I when I saw at number 4 the most random name listed “FreeSexVideos2k DotCom”. Thanks to google, .Co has been opened up to the world and what that previous listing tells me is that Content is King and consistently updating your sites is critical to any success. How much better when your domain is short and memorable?

  83. Let me ask everyone this. What extension comes closest to .COM other than itself. 2 letter, 3 letter, 4 letter, or even yes, 5 letter extensions exist. Now what is preferred and what comes closest to rivaling .COM

    I would say .CO not only comes close but has the potential to exceed .COM because it is like an accesskey to .COM like a shorthand form of .COM

  84. That being said I already know there are going to be many Speculators dropping quality 1 and 2 word domain names a year from now. Developers would be wise to pick these names up to create quality sites out of them. The truth is irregardless of a visitor mistakenly typing .Com he/she can and will differentiate the content of the site.

  85. I just purchased Fatality.co and although it’s currently parked at Sedo my plan is to develop it into an Insurance information site with multiple dubdomains. CarInsurance.Fatality.co, Cancer.Fatality.Co, HealthInsurance.Fatality.Co. You just can’t get premium high searched domains like this .Com or even .Net. Don’t be lazy which is pretty much synonymous with Domaining. Develop your sites, get creative and make the web a better place to browse.

  86. .CO will never exceed .Com. I assure you that will never happen. .CO will not ever come close. It’s not about shortening the name, it’s about being familiar with the extension.

    People are more comfortable with the .com. They don’t have any clue about the .co. It will take time to influence the public, and it will not be easy to do that. Just 800 phone numbers, the .com has the power of influence because of its credibility.

    It doesn’t matter what a domainer thinks about the extension. The generate public has to catch on, and accept the change. Companies are working to attract interest. The people are who determine domain value because they demand products and services.

  87. @Robert,

    You did happen to produce a popular site, which you have linked to your posts. You have credibility. I wouldn’t discredit what you’re saying about the .co.

    I would rather invest in cheaper extensions to keep my overhead low. If the extension was $10, I would buy the .co beyond the 4 i already own now. $30 is too much of a gamble, especially when I tend to buy 50 .com a month. I couldn’t afford 50 .co a month. That’s the cost of rent.

  88. @Wayne,

    Congrats. That is an excellent idea. You have one of those value domains that I call the multiplier. It has the potential to hold within itself 30 – 50 domain values. Wow, I will need to take into consideration something like this in the future for myself.

    I totally agree with your idea and yes you do have a valuable domain. Fatality.co you got for $30 would be worth $300,000 who knows in the near future, like 5 years.

  89. You’ll know .co has arrived when…
    1. Your setting in your easy chair and a .co advertisement is televised during the Superbowl @ 1 million dollars per 5 seconds.
    2. You are using your iPhone and there’s a .co button short-cut next to the .com
    3. Within 6 months (from now) you see .co’s on Google search.
    In scenario 1,2, or 3 I predict milk, coke or beer blows back in your nose as you choke and realize what you just missed……
    โ€ฆ I just bought another 3 .co today to match my .com’sโ€ฆ..

  90. I missed out on wasting money, and instead I was smart to buy more .com, .us, and .info, which many see to overlook. And I won’t have to do a lot of work to develop the domains.

    If you were lucky enough to spend a fortune on the good names, then you set yourself up for success. Fatality is not that appealing. It seems more like a name for researchers to provide information on smoking, cancer, drunk driving and etc… I wouldn’t even make an attempt to buy the .com.

    There are a few names that I would buy, as for now I’m going to invest in all extensions. I have a big plan for 20 domains that are .com.

    I don’t see what names you will buy that make us regret our decision to avoid spending $30 on an overpriced extension. I may buy one more .co, but I’ll wait. You can still make a nice investment on hand registering all extensions such as .com, .info, and .us.

  91. There’s a bunch of LLL.co at Godaddy auctions right now of similar quality to abk.co. Most for less than the price of a dinner for two at Ruby Tuesdays. Including the buy-it-nows.

    Smart companies won’t build branding on it because of confusion with .com. That leaves developing with affiliate sales, etc. Definitely doable but otherwise .co=reg fee for 99% of them.

    Bahamas.co looks fantastic, btw.

  92. My interest in Fatality.co is based on the amount of searches it recieves. Although, I am very much new to domaining I believe that creativity is critical to success in this field. Fatality.co can serve as an information site for all kinds of Accidents while also providing information on Insurances. It’s just an idea. Although, I see this as a pretty good name, worst have been succesful. My initial point however, is that 1 to 2 word premium .CO domains have value and should be developed to realize any serious gains. I can’t say .Co will overcome .Com but I do believe it has the recognition and potential to overcome .Net. Also, as long as your site has great content and a global extension then it really doesn’t matter whether your .Co or .Com or .Net.

  93. I just did a search for Fatality on Google Insights and it shows the word Fatality being a mainly searched term by Gamers for a videogame called Mortal Kombat. So it could be a site based on that who knows. Creativity is key though.

  94. @Wayne,

    I would register an insurance-related .co that communicates the insurance field or brand. Even if you have to purchase a two word name, make sure it has a high CPC, which is common in insurance domains that use targeted keywords.

    Use that name as the central command to building a network of insurance products and services. People that read about insurance look to credibility of the site. Read more about developing profitable websites.

    Maybe consider paying another to write articles to put up on your site. Domaining is about making quick money, while domain investing is acquiring names for long-term value. Good luck.

  95. I wouldn’t want to buy a domain name such as “failure” to promote online education. Find a name that communicates insurance, and that has a high CPC. Use your creativity to search Google for some ideas to finding a good name that will make you money with in the insurance field.

  96. lol Really, if $30 or even 10 .co domains ($300 dollars) is considered too much overhead, you shouldnt be investing to begin with

  97. @Wayne,

    Read the weekly domain sales newsletter. Look at insurance domains that sell. In order to choose a creative insurance name, you will need a catchy name that will promote your brand. You will benefit from reading the weekly DNJournal sales. What names are people buying in the insurance field.

  98. I’m into investing money on the .com. I do the quick flip. My system works. I’m not going to pay $300 for 10 .co and wait a year, two, or 10 years to sell them, especially when I can buy 10 .com, sell them for $1500, buy another 10, push them for $700, and so forth. When I keep flipping the domains, I can purchase other extension too.

    What I’m basically suggesting is that it’s not worth the overhead cost of sitting around waiting to sell the .co domains. The only work I;m looking to do is to communicate with the buyer. I do have 20 .com and 3 .org, and 15. info domains in a certain field that I plan to build on. I will develop those domains because it is a field that I’m an expert in.

    When I’m registering names, I have a hard time with waiting to make money. I would rather help a company gain a competitive edge now than in 10 years. If I presented a .co to one of my buyers, they would reject the domain. Since they work and operate their business in the US, they won’t see the value of having a name that everyone is trying to push off as corporation or as a company – deception.

    I would say it’s too much overhead to waste $300 on 10 .co that are sitting around on speculation, when I can buy 40 .com that will make me 10 times the cost of registration or more. I know how to find the right names to push. I would rather invest in the .us. Many good .com never sell because sellers are too passive. I prefer to invest into the .com as opposed to the .co. I know which .co are good, and can invest money into them.

    I’m into domaining right now. I’m into moving inventory than to wait to the future and maybe risk losing out on a fortune. If you buy 100 .co that just sit around doing nothing, you have to pay $3000 per year to register them. You can’t develop every domain you buy. You find the domains that will help your buyer become successful in their business.

  99. “”I just purchased Fatality.co and although it’s currently parked at Sedo my plan is to develop it into an Insurance information site with multiple dubdomains. CarInsurance.Fatality.co, Cancer.Fatality.Co, HealthInsurance.Fatality.Co.”


    What is the point of doing that? They are even terms people are searching for?

    The name would be worth very little in .com in my view, in the hundreds I think.

  100. Even large corporation have overhead costs. They make millions, but will avoid investing into domains or various services because they believe it cuts into their revenue. I think $300 is too much to pay based on speculation, especially when you’re into domaining.

    If you don’t move those domains, then they collect dust. As your inventory expands, you waste time and effort on names that may not produce a future sale. Domain investors that have millions to spend may buy a few thousand .co to make a profit.

    They can afford to take a risk because they sell off some of their good names. I prefer moving domains quick so that I can pick up other names to push. At that rate, expanded my inventory and built a strong portfolio. I will let other names drop; ones that were a bad investment to make room for better ones.

  101. Domaining – flipping at little overhead cost
    Domain investing – speculation – long term value and investment

    I choose domain flipping. However, I’m keeping 50 domains that I plan to keep for the future. These domains are definitely marketable now, but will be worth a lot more in the next three years. The rest of my inventory will be moved.

  102. I think the .co is good if you plan to develop the names, or you managed to get a hold of a few good ones before the land rush and in various auctions.

    It wouldn’t make any sense to buy 100 .co, especially if I don’t plan to develop them. I would rather register the other extensions to move. On the opposing side, I don’t have much luck with .net. No matter how good the name, I can’t seem to push the .net. I prefer .com, .info and .us because they actually produce a sale.

    You should be interested in the field that you choose. I have no interest to write articles about hunting, archery, and hiking. I do have the ability to write content on many highly commercial fields.

    If I had millions, I would probably buy many of certain fields that I respect. I can help a lot of people become successful.

  103. I wouldn’t purchase a name that isn’t searched often enough. After further research I see that is a term primarily searched for in the Entertainment industry rather than health so that will determine what I will do with the domain. Also independant appraisals is worthless to me. If I purchase a domain it’s based on search and how i can monetize the site for PPC. I recently Purchase another site Filigree.co that recieves a good amount of search

  104. The fatality name is not commercial property. Names that don’t produce as many searches are more valuable to the end-user than single words that don’t target a specific product or service.

    As for the filigree.co, that seems to be much better. You can probably build that site to push that type of jewelry.

    Those two keywords you suggest have low CPC value. I own some in the medical field that have $27.50 CPC, as well as school loans ones that produce $17.50 PPC. I have another insurance domains that produces $26.50 CPC.

    Just because the appraisal system suggests the CPC is high, it doesn’t mean you’ll make a lot of money monetizing them. The “high” reference determine the CPC in that specific field.

    I own some one word domains that produce heavy searches, but are worthless to me in monetizing them. I would rather own a specific generic name – even if it’s 2-3 words – that targets a high demand field or one that produces a nice CPC in terms of its $ value and now its low-high competition among competitors.

    There are some worthless clicks. If you choose the right insurance or loan keywords, and monetize them, you’ll make a small fortune. You have to put up quality content that will generate traffic.

    Your filigree.co has some potential. God luck.

  105. I just did a search for VDK.CO on godaddy to see who owned it. Someone from Denmark registered this domain today. First, .CO is not a country domain. It is truly a global TLD. I have already seen registrants from Malaysia, Denmark, China, Australia, UK, it goes on and on. This is huge. This means .CO is on the same trajectory as .COM Then I noticed a very interesting thing, godaddy gave a bunch of alternative suggestions.




    $29.99/yr NEW!


    $29.99/yr NEW!


    $29.99/yr NEW!


    $29.99/yr NEW!


    $29.99/yr NEW!


    $29.99/yr NEW!


    $29.99/yr NEW!


    $29.99/yr NEW!


    I think this is huge. .CO is huge.

  106. You have to be working as an affiliant for .co. All this talk about the.co is playing out the extension like an old pair of plaid bell bottoms.

    The extension is Colombian. It’s being marketed as company and corporation. I hope newbies do research instead of trusting bad advice and speculation.

  107. My German Domains what do you think guys ?
    krediitkarten.co = creditcards bid $270 declined
    Karte.co = ticket
    Kreuzfahrt.co = cruise bid $260 declined
    Konkurs.co = bankruptcy
    Blume.co = Flower
    Schule.co = School
    Spielzeug.co = Toy
    Volk.co = People
    Schokolade.co = Chocolate
    Silber.co = silver
    Rechtsanwalt.co = lawyer
    Bibliothek.co = library
    Muschi.co = puxxy in german ๐Ÿ™‚

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