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Changes Coming to Fabulous


At the end of October, I reported that Directnic acquired Fabulous. Mike Robertson, who previously worked at Fabulous for a number of years, will be working with both companies going forward. When the news was announced, Mike let me know that Fabulous was going to undergo a website and infrastructure update, adding functionality and giving customers a better user experience.

This afternoon, Fabulous sent out an email to customers announcing some of the changes that will be forthcoming:

  • 24 Hour Support

  • Phone Support

  • Live Chat

  • New Site Design

  • Improved 2 Factor Authentication

  • Payment with Digital Currency

  • 41 Day Renewal Period - with no extra fee!

These changes are expected to be implemented in Q1 2018 - so sometime in the next three months.

I am an occasional (more…) → Read More

Directnic Acquires Fabulous


A little over a month ago, Konstantinos reported that Mike Robertson had returned to Fabulous. Mike worked at Fabulous for nearly nine years, and he departed the company in 2011, later taking on his current role as Business Development Director at Directnic in 2014. From what I understand, the Fabulous / Mike Robertson news was prematurely sent out, and now we know why.

According to a press release I received, Directnic has acquired Fabulous from Dark Blue Sea. I understand the deal includes the Fabulous domain name registrar, parking service, a large domain portfolio, and other intellectual property. Terms of the acquisition were not shared.

Fabulous is a well-liked domain registrar based in Australia, and it has been a favorite for domain investors over the years. From my vantagepoint, the popularity of Fabulous waned over the last few years, and there have been some key departures during that time, including Mike as well as Evergreen's Jen Sale, among others. I think Fabulous has retained its reputation as a customer-focused → Read More

Taylor Swift Domain News is Much Ado About Nothing


During the last few days, a tremendous variety of publications wrote about Taylor Swift (or most likely her representatives) registering .Porn and .Adult domain names. There were articles from publications such as USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Fortune, Entertainment Weekly, CBS News, and many other news outlets from around the world.

In my opinion, this "news" topic is not news at all, and I don't really understand what all the fuss is about. In fact, I think this tweet from Directnic says it best:

When it comes to domain name registrations, companies need to be diligent and proactive. Companies need to protect their trademarks, especially when it comes to urls that could be used in an embarrassing manner or in a way that could confuse a customer or prospect.

For Taylor Swift and her brand, I would (more…) → Read More