Changes Coming to Fabulous


At the end of October, I reported that Directnic acquired Fabulous. Mike Robertson, who previously worked at Fabulous for a number of years, will be working with both companies going forward. When the news was announced, Mike let me know that Fabulous was going to undergo a website and infrastructure update, adding functionality and giving customers a better user experience.

This afternoon, Fabulous sent out an email to customers announcing some of the changes that will be forthcoming:

  • 24 Hour Support
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat
  • New Site Design
  • Improved 2 Factor Authentication
  • Payment with Digital Currency
  • 41 Day Renewal Period – with no extra fee!

These changes are expected to be implemented in Q1 2018 – so sometime in the next three months.

I am an occasional Fabulous user (mainly when I acquire a name via NameJet that is registered at Fabulous). It is pretty easy to find things and use the website, but I agree that the update is necessary to make it easier to use. Once the changes have been made, I will have a look and see how it works.

Mike is already back at work helping Fabulous customers. In fact, he helped me with a name I won at NameJet earlier this morning. I am looking forward to seeing the new website.

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