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cbs – How I Met Your Mother


The writers for CBS' How I Met Your Mother did it again. On tonight's episode, one of the characters mentioned a website that was created by another character about a fun night they had, which they dubbed "It was the best night ever." The domain name they used was, and as they did before, they set up a mini-site with a funny viral video (embedded below) about the "best night ever" :-)

Last season, was one of the funny urls a character mentioned, and according to a couple of analytics companies, the website received a considerable amount of traffic, and it still receives residual traffic. They've also done this several times in the past. Unlike television shows that have phone numbers mentioned that have to use 555-1234 or something similar, the show is using story lines from the show and expounding on them online.

IMO, these are great viral sites and help promote this award winning comedy show.

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60 Minutes is Educational for Domain Investors


60 MinutesI love watching television shows like 60 Minutes and 20/20 because I always seem to learn something. Frequently, what I learn has nothing to do with the Internet or domain names, but on occasion, it can help with my domain investment business.

Yesterday evening, after watching football and while waiting for a food delivery, I tuned in to 60 Minutes. After the lead in for the story about Marc Dreier and his Ponzi scheme, there was another lead in for a story about coal ash and how coal ash pollution has caused major problems for a town in Tennessee. Additionally, there are other areas that may face problems related to coal ash.

One thing that Leslie Stahl mentioned in the preview was that "there are no federal regulations for coal ash disposal which is dumped in hundreds of sites all over the country." Later on, she said that coal ash is regulated by individual states, but the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is set to rule on whether federal regulations for coal ash are needed by December. Some people think → Read More