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Magnetar Media in Joint Venture Launching



I saw the tweet above, and it stood out for two reasons. First, is an excellent domain name, and when I see an exact match domain name like this, it grabs my attention. Second, the photo of the person in the tweet is domain investor, Brian Null.

After seeing the tweet, I sent Brian an email to ask about, and he quickly responded. According to Brian, was launched in February by Magnetar Media, a company owned and operated by Brian and Mike Sullivan (publisher of The domain name is still owned by domain investor Nat Cohen's StateVentures, LLC, but Magnetar Media has a license deal to operate a website on the domain name. Details about the transaction are (more…) → Read More

Brian Null and Mike Sullivan Launch


DomainNameAdvice.comYou may have noticed a new website feed on last week. (DNA) provides domain name advice to Startups, SMB's, and Corporations from people who are experienced with domain names. The website was founded by two people with domain investing experience - Brian Null and Mike Sullivan.

The Founders interact with entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs on a daily basis through their other business-related publications such as (formerly, a domain name that sold earlier this year for (more…) → Read More

Johns Wu, Founder of Bankaholic, Interviewed on


Johns Wu is most famous for building a website on and eventually selling it to BankRate for a reported $15,000,000. Wu is a well-known Internet entrepreneur, and he is knowledgeable about generic domain names. This afternoon, I read an interview with Johns Wu on, with considerable focus on domain names. In fact, there was one very interesting answer about an upcoming project:

"I've been working on getting a GRAND SLAM in the works. My idea of a grand slam is: category killer domain + SEO [Search Engine Optimization] traffic + monetization. In the next couple years, I'm hoping to build a web property in the same league as and I've been in talks with domainers who own valuable portfolios, so hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later ;)"

The interview offers a great looking into the entrepreneurial mind of Wu, and I recommend that you head over to to read it. is a website that interviews entrepreneurs from across all industries around the world. The website focuses → Read More