Johns Wu, Founder of Bankaholic, Interviewed on


Johns Wu is most famous for building a website on and eventually selling it to BankRate for a reported $15,000,000. Wu is a well-known Internet entrepreneur, and he is knowledgeable about generic domain names. This afternoon, I read an interview with Johns Wu on, with considerable focus on domain names. In fact, there was one very interesting answer about an upcoming project:

“I’ve been working on getting a GRAND SLAM in the works. My idea of a grand slam is: category killer domain + SEO [Search Engine Optimization] traffic + monetization. In the next couple years, I’m hoping to build a web property in the same league as and I’ve been in talks with domainers who own valuable portfolios, so hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later ;)”

The interview offers a great looking into the entrepreneurial mind of Wu, and I recommend that you head over to to read it. is a website that interviews entrepreneurs from across all industries around the world. The website focuses on the habits and methods of entrepreneurs, learning what makes them tick. is becoming a great resource for entrepreneurs to learn from each other, share what works and what doesn’t, and connect with other entrepreneurs in a mutually beneficial way.

Brian Null, the founder of is familiar with the entrepreneurial mind because he is a successful Internet entrepreneur and domain investor. Brian has owned, operated, monetized, helped broker, or sold domain names like,,,,, and


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