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Bob & Renee Parsons Discuss Commitment to Philanthropy


GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons and his wife Renee Parsons are known to be philanthropic, and I want to share the CBS 5 video below. In the video, Renee Parsons discusses the family's commitment to philanthropy by helping a variety of non-profit organizations.  The focus of the video is local organizations in Arizona, and the accompanying article also discusses the Parsons' commitment to philanthropy in general.

Mr. Parsons was recently named to the 2014 Forbes 400 list with a net worth estimated by Forbes at $1.9 billion. The first two members of the Forbes 400 list are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, two noted philanthropists who started The Giving Pledge to encourage others to greatly participate in philanthropic causes by the tune of 50% of their net worth. In December of 2013, it was announced that Bob and Renee Parsons joined  The Giving Pledge.

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Bob Parsons #343 on 2014 Forbes 400 List


The 2014 Forbes 400 list was revealed a week ago, and GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons is once again listed amongst the wealthiest individuals in the United States. In this year's list, Mr. Parsons ranks #343, with an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion. Most of his wealth was earned as a result of the success of GoDaddy, which recently filed paperwork to become a publicly traded company.

This is not Mr. Parson's first time being on the Forbes 400 list. In 2013, Mr. Parsons also made an appearance on the Forbes 400 list, ranking #296. His estimated net worth was also $1.9 billion last year, so despite his estimated net worth  not changing year over year, his ranking went down 47 spots.

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Don’t Let Emotion Get in The Way of a Business Decision


Godaddy LogoI had quite a few comments in response to my article about Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons' vacation to Zimbabwe where he shot and killed a "problem" elephant. I wrote much of the post below last week, but I opted to post it at a later date since feelings were still very raw, and I wanted to make a point while keeping the elephant situation on the sideline.

On mainstream websites as well as on domain-related websites and blogs, many people have posted comments in reply to Bob Parsons' video of him shooting a "problem" elephant in Zimbabwe. The vast majority of comments were highly critical of his actions, which I of course don't condone and don't wish to comment on in this blog post.

A number of people, both domain industry professionals as well as regular domain name owners, have said they plan to transfer their domain names from Go Daddy as a result of the actions of the company CEO. In fact, a poll on my blog indicated more than 50 people said they moved or will move domain names from Go Daddy because of the video.  In my opinion, → Read More

Bob Parsons Video: “Alligator Nipping at Your Ass?…” (No Alligator Hunting!)


I know many people were disturbed by  Bob Parsons' appearance in a video in which he killed an elephant in Zimbabwe, but here's a new video with some good business tips from the Go Daddy CEO. The video is entitled, "Alligators nipping at your ass? How to hang in there & enjoy the ride."

Parsons has become known for his videos which often provide business advice and are found on his blog, Regardless of what you think of Parsons' hunting, he has a proven track record for building successful businesses, and his videos should be watched if you have your own business or are thinking about starting one. → Read More

Video of Bob Parsons Hunting Problem Elephant in Zimbabwe (Warning: Graphic)


Someone sent me a link to a video of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons hunting "problem" elephant in Zimbabwe. The video was posted on the website (which appears to be owned/endorsed by Go Daddy) and documented the hunt, which targeted three elephants that were causing problems for a sorghum  farmer. Update: the video link is no longer working, but here's a link to a video of the news story.

After the successful hunt in which one elephant is killed, local villagers are shown cutting up the elephant for food. Although it appears to be a bit on the brutal side, I am glad the elephant meat fed people who were hungry.

Incidentally, some of the people shown cutting the elephant in the video are wearing bright orange Go Daddy hats, and from my viewing of the video, it does appear to be Parsons in the video.

I would imagine this video is going to cause some PR flack for the company, but as any good marketer knows, if people are talking about your company, it's better than them not talking about it.

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Go Daddy Donates Nearly $3 Million So Far in 2011


Godaddy LogoIt's been well documented that Bob Parsons is a generous person and that his company, Go Daddy, is equally philanthropic. I just received a press release from the company announcing some of its recent donations through its charitable arm, Go Daddy Cares. Recently, Parsons was honored with the Muhammad Ali Entrepreneur Award.

Just a few of the organizations that have benefitted (or will benefit) from Go Daddy's generosity this year include Make A Wish Foundation, Starlight Children's Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Child Crisis Center of Arizona, and many others.

It's great to see a company like Go Daddy giving back to the community and non-profit organizations like this. When a company shows how much it supports organizations like these, it makes other think about making their own contributions.

Press release below:

Business is booming for the world's largest Web hosting provider and domain name registrar and the Ariz.-based Internet company is generously "sharing the wealth." Already this year, Go → Read More