Video of Bob Parsons Hunting Problem Elephant in Zimbabwe (Warning: Graphic)

Someone sent me a link to a video of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons hunting “problem” elephant in Zimbabwe. The video was posted on the website (which appears to be owned/endorsed by Go Daddy) and documented the hunt, which targeted three elephants that were causing problems for a sorghum  farmer. Update: the video link is no longer working, but here’s a link to a video of the news story.

After the successful hunt in which one elephant is killed, local villagers are shown cutting up the elephant for food. Although it appears to be a bit on the brutal side, I am glad the elephant meat fed people who were hungry.

Incidentally, some of the people shown cutting the elephant in the video are wearing bright orange Go Daddy hats, and from my viewing of the video, it does appear to be Parsons in the video.

I would imagine this video is going to cause some PR flack for the company, but as any good marketer knows, if people are talking about your company, it’s better than them not talking about it.

Based on some news reports I’ve read, it appears that PETA has gotten involved and contacted Parsons.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I am pretty sure people appreciate his help but wonder if there are other ways to solve this problem.

    Anyway – thanks for sharing, Elliot.

  2. I wonder how many people would be complaining if an elephant ate and trampled their crops. I’d sell tickets and eat the sucker.

  3. mrx

    “I wonder how many people would be complaining if an elephant ate and trampled their crops. I’d sell tickets and eat the sucker”

    exactly … people who complain live in the surburbs and have take out menus.

    Its a different world all these 3rd world countries. Some would call it hell and you do what you can to survive.

    Humanity is different depending on where you live.

    Take the housewife out of the suburbs, make her plant vegatables then send an elephant her way to destroy her hard work.

    She would be calling up Bob himself and asking him to Fedex her a rifle.

  4. MRX & Alan:

    Yes, Parsons is an effin hero!

    Must have been a hassle to leave a 10,000 square foot house, hop a Gulfsteam, hire a few assistants, a driver, and a gun specialist to load the rifle and then pull a trigger.

    I am sure the tusk(s) on his den wall are a testament to his altruism!

  5. MRX & Alan:

    Yes, Parsons is a global hero!

    Must have been a hassle to leave a 10,000 square foot house, hop a Gulfsteam, hire a few assistants, a driver, and a gun specialist to load the rifle and then pull a trigger.

    I am sure the tusk(s) on his den wall are a testament to his altruism!

  6. All because someone puts some text over a video, doesn’t make it real.. the original video link is just some random godaddy page..

    there is a news article from 2007 where he talks about elephant hunting, but i’m not convinced this is him, nor this was shot in 2001

  7. I have a real problem with this.
    Since when is Parsons the best qualified to kill a problem elephant? He can jusitfy it any way he wants by showing the locals living happily ever after, but the bottom line is that he was simply satisfying his own bloodlust.

  8. @David

    Completely and totally agree!

    This was not a selfless act. This was pure ego!

    Thankfully we have Moniker, NetSol, etc….

  9. Agree with David. I’m certainly no PETA person but I’m not sure this really qualifies as a humanitarian effort by Bob Parsons.

    What’s his reason for getting it on video and standing over a dead animal.

    Congrats Bob, you have a gun and killed a living animal.

    Who was there first, the elephants or the crops?

    If the elephants were there first and the villagers moved in and planted crops, maybe the elephants would have hired Bob to kill the “problem” villagers? :-0

  10. Elliot:

    Parsons distributed a video with an AC/DC soundtrack heralding himself as a hero as he stands over an animal in its natural habitat that he killed with a high powerful rifle.

    As far as I am concerned this completely negates him and his company has altruistic.

    “Go Daddy Cares” Give me a break. He hops a Gulfstream, hires animal-killers-for-hire and becomes one himself.

    The footage of the destruction of crops looked to me about a half and acre.

    This is pure PR B-S.

    Parsons should be ashamed!

  11. Mark,

    Isn’t all PR Bullshit?

    I love how people start using words like “natural habitat” and “high powerful rifle” and then complain about PR. Its the same sensationalism approach.

    Of course he used a high powerful rifle – pretty sure a salt gun wouldnt have accomplished it.

    Natural habitat – except for a zoo, isn’t everyone in their natural habitat? Except for the hillbillies in New York City of course.

    For the record, I think all guns should be outlawed and the NRA are a bunch of morons but hunting is hunting. We kill fish to eat but its wrong to kill an elephant destroying the livelihood of real people.

    Elephants are cute but they are also some of the most destructive creatures alive.

    Bob probably did get a thrill from the hunt but so what – even fisherman get a thrill.

    Videos like this get those who want to have a podium a chance to speak but you’re still going to go buy some food that was killed by a human tonight for dinner.

    Odds are nobody from Zimbabwe is commenting here since they know the destruction first hand.

    We all can judge a 3 minute video but its kinda pointless unless you live there. Just like Howard Stern – if you dont like then dont watch it.

  12. Alan:

    No. Not all PR is BS. PR is one of many mass communications. It works well and should not be referred to as total BS. In this case, it is total BS. This video was distributed to support an out-of-control ego.

    I used the term “natural habitat” because the brutally killed animal was in its natural habitat. It was born there, bred there, slept there and would have continued its “natural” life there if it wasn’t needlessly blown apart.

    I used the term “high powered rifle” to accentuate the fact that Parsons used his index finger to end a life. He didn’t use his hands or a knife. He pulled a trigger. This is not a sweat effort. Certainly not a heroic act. The photo shows him standing over this helpless animal like he slayed a dragon.

    By the way, you criticize my diction. Just curious, you use the term “real people.” Aren’t all people “real people?”

  13. What the point!!!! this is a temporary fix.

    You can kill all the elephants and still have the problem.

    How about fish ponds, education??? animal conservation, co-habitation?

  14. How much does it cost these days to kill a whole family of elephants? Last I checked it was 20K to 25K for a single male.

    My wife and I would like to kill a whole family of “problem elephants”. She wants to use her pink-handled .22 pistol to kill the babies. After the kills, we’ll rock out to some Slayer (our choice of music) while we dance on the dead problem elephants . We can then be the village heroes for a day.

    Oh the glory ! I can see her priding herself on the kills the rest of her life. This is what family memories are all about. Truly a bonding moment.

    Seriously though, idiocy aside, it’s not problem elephants is population problems. Either the world has to stop having kids or a disease or war needs to wipe out over half the population if there is any chance for the world’s animals, including us.

    I agree with David regarding the video and kill, this is just blood lust. How many stalks of damaged corn there? Maybe thirty? Just saying, Bob’s got a pretty obnoxious way of doing “good” if that is all it took to kill the elephant.

    It’s none of his damn business what happens in Zimbabwe corn fields, but he made it his. This is ego.

    What? Did he get a phone call from someone that said, “Bob, we need you. There are problem elephants in Zimbabwe and we need you to go kill them!”. What a load of crap.

    True villagers have to eat, but just maybe, I don’t know, but just maybe they are encroaching on the elephant’s land. That was never mentioned if that was the case. Maybe the elephant had more rights than the human. Who says humans should take precedence? Of course, the humans do sadly more often than not.

    Bob made a very poor case for killing this elephant if all the facts were presented in the case were the ones he showed. He showed even poorer judgment making this video. That should be regarded as stupid no matter what side you are on regarding this.

  15. As a Brit I have to wonder if this makes any of you Americans feel at all shamed or embarassed by Parson’s antics here.
    A little ‘Team America’ don’t you think?
    It’s incredibly vain and self promotional.
    White Knight rides in, slaughters a beautiful, defenceless animal under cover of darkness thus solving problem, poor African’s get food, White Knight becomes victorious hero (throws in a bit of shameless and exploitative promotion by slapping some baseball caps on African dudes), and rides on to the next village like some millionnaire vigilante.

    For all that Parsons has done for the industry and indeed for some great causes through his philanthropic endeavours, this makes me a little sick.

  16. What David Castello said.

    There are no problem elephants, just problem people.

    Like Bob Parsons; who–if this video is legit (and I hope it is not)–is doing no more than trying to justify killing one of the most impressive creatures to ever walk our Earth.

    Shame on you, Bob.


  17. @David J Castello and others

    Thanks for not misconstruing my emotional words there. Of course I was not trying to I insinuate that Bob Parsons’ actions were representative of all American citizens or that you should all be ashamed, that would be very un-British of me. You guy’s have loads to be proud of, Fender guitars for one.
    Might have to boycott GoDaddy however.

  18. @Adi “…there are other ways to solve this problem.” – Exactly
    @David “…he was simply satisfying his own bloodlust” – Agreed
    @Rob “…I’m not sure this really qualifies as a humanitarian effort by Bob Parsons.” – Right

    It’s been said, and I’ll say it again – Why not spend the same amount of time, effort and money to relocate these animals… and if it costs a little more, I’m sure Bob could pony that up.

    This makes me sick and very sad.

  19. Is this all the good Bob Parsons can do for the people of Zimbabwe? Instead of improving the conditions of local farmers and providing elephant corridors to minimize damage he would rather maintain the status-quo so that he can satisfy his desire to kill. This is exploitation masked as aid, glorifying the desperation of these people who live under a constant state of oppression by using them as promotional tools for GoDaddy.

    • Much like people endlessly debate whether women should be sexualized in commercials, people are discussing this issue as well. It may not be “good” PR, but it’s getting people to talk about the company.

  20. Promoting the lame .co extensions and now glorifying and rationalizing killing elephants.

    Go-Daddy and this blog have fallen to new lows. Scam extensions and killing animals for sport (that is what it was). Two things that make the world a worse place.

    • @ scam

      LOL… yes, blame this blog for those things. Maybe I had something to do with the situation in the Middle East, too.

      Ironic that your only comments on this 3.5 year old blog are all Where were you before you did all your .co hating?

      BTW, I am certainly not in favor of killing animals for sport by any means. The reason I posted this article is for people to see what’s being promoted and make their own decisions and to encourage discussion, which it has.

  21. I was against dotmobi before I was against .co. Things that are dumb and make no sense I am against.

    Most dumb things in the domaining world cost people money and hurt domainers in the long run.

    Shooting that elephant and putting up the video for the world to see was a dumb thing to do by Bob Parsons. That type of publicity is NOT good.

    And anyone who takes pleasure in shooting an elephant for any reason is unethical and borderline psychopathic. If the elephant decided to trample Bob Parsons to death would Bob Parson’s family be laughing.

    You either GET IT or you DON’T. Actually scam extensions and shooting elephants are very similar. Both are dumb. Both are unethical. And those involved in any way with either deserve ZERO respect.

    • @ Against dumb things

      I see nothing wrong with capitalistic ventures such as .CO. If people are making money with them or building businesses on them, good for them. Nobody is forcing you or anyone else to invest in them. If people do invest and lose money, that’s their own fault. Domain investors should research every single domain name they purchase. Nobody is going to shed a tear for me if I buy a $100,000 domain name and can’t sell it for a profit. These are investments, and often the bigger the risk, the bigger reward.

      People were saying the same type of thing (not the scam part, but the worthless part) about .com names 14+ years ago.

      I do find it a bit amusing and ironic that you are trying to come across as altruistic, but you are hiding behind anonymity. Additionally, you only seem interested in knocking .CO in all of your comments on my blog. Why should anyone take an anonymous person like yourself seriously or heed any of your advice without knowing your background, experience, and expertise?

  22. The bottom line is that .co is not good for domaining because at its core it is dishonest and unethical. I don’t want to hear the nonsense from others that Columbia is entitled to their own extension, either. It is just wrong. They could use something else. And everybody knows it is wrong….and everyone knows why it is wrong.

    Shooting elephants and having fun doing it is also wrong, no matter what the reason. If you disagree with what I said then you are WRONG.

    This isn’t like having a discussion about what type of music one likes. The examples I gave are both wrong because the world is a worse place because of people who endorse the activities.

    • @ Doesn’t matter to me

      I agree with you on the elephant situation.

      I am not going to engage in a discussion about .CO though with an invisible person who is afraid to use his own identity, but Overstock and Google are obviously two companies that would disagree with what you said.

  23. This one is to generate the “Great Daddy”, “Good Daddy” feeling among the viewers.

    He went go to mugabe’s screwed up country to hunt, he better shut his mouth and his propaganda about how he is there to help the farmers and so on. Why doesn’t he give the farmers electric fencing, have trenches dug up for them?, if he really wants to help.

    The New Godaddy contest.
    Buy 10 domains and win chance to visit zimbabwe to hunt down problem elephants. And help the poor farmers.

  24. The Problem of these elephants is a man made one, by killing the older animals for ivory and by cutting thir natural ways to water etc. The last thing needed is an ex-marine go-bananas-billionaire that kills them… anyway I think its all a PR-gag and in fact an ad for elephant-traffic….

  25. Ha,Ha, they should take Robert Mugabe out in the jungle area and let him loose, then hunt HIM down and shoot him. Maybe make Bob Parsons wear a Robert Mugabe mask at same time !

  26. By bye Go Daddy account and 1200 domains.

    So Bob has to be the person who rids this farmer of the elephant? Why? Because he can afford to pay the 15k it costs to pay to do this?

    Elephants show human like emotions, are conscious of themselves and mourn their dead for years. An elephant will recognize a human 20+ years after they first meet them even if they have not seen the person the entire time.

    Shooting one shows a total disregard for being able to feel the pain the animal suffers through for Bobs “sport.” Is this even sport?

    What an egomaniac. He will handle this like he does all else.

    Bob is right….

    He is not an intellectual person.

  27. @ Eric

    Didn’t know that about elephants. I wonder if Bob thought about of the repercussions of posting that video, or if he believed that his reasoning for killing the elephant would temper the anger.

  28. I say post let the word decide. What I mean is that even I have an opinion about it, I say why isnt this up on the news stations? He documented it for a reason so now let us see what the rest of US thinks.
    If its PR I dont think it will be truly positive. I think most people form superbowls know the name godaddy as its already branded. Not sure this helps in PR per se.

    So why not forward this as submission vid to your local or national tv stations? I personally dont think itwill go over very well.

  29. I’m pretty sure that the org’s and conservationists in with domains in bob’s reg are reeling over this ‘pr stunt’

    Gee bob, I here there’s a problem with the local blue whale population scaring local fisherman and jeopardizing their catch, “Better load up bob it’s hunt’n session over in the Pacific!”

    and here I thought the video was going to be about bob working with the local farmers aiming to build an elephant proof fence around the sorghum crops.

    common sense is indeed a rare commodity these day’s –

    and bob “you better start selling up your empire then apply for bridging finance cause your going to need the cash to buy some!”

  30. Bob,
    Amazing courage. Excellent shooting. Great humanitarian project.

    Parson’s is a throwback to when men were men. He is entrepreneurial, and is exactly the type of individual what Anne Rand wrote about in Fountainhead.

    Bob, next time you go, take me with you.

    Ernie Hemple
    Go Daddy Energy Drinks

  31. Bob,
    Amazing courage. Excellent shooting. Great humanitarian project.

    Parson’s is a throwback to when men were men. He is entrepreneurial, and is exactly the type of individual that Anne Rand wrote about in Fountainhead.

    Bob, next time you go, take me with you.

    Ernie Hemple
    Go Daddy Energy Drinks

  32. The only thing that may happen from this is if it goes viral and people pull many of the domain names out of godaddy. They will lose millions over this video.

    Maybe the elephant was pregnant also? So he just killed a family right? wow this guy is so cool.

    @erinie, a real man would use his hands or a spear. This guy bought a gun a shot at a helpless elephant. Or is this a fake video? I mean no ceo would really do this right?

    What a man —wow real cool dude. IT’S LIKE PEOPLE WHO DEER HUNT, take a bow and arrow instead of a gun. If your going to hunt do it the old way. Any idiot can get a gun and go shoot it.

    I am pulling my names from this company if this even a real video.. this would just be bad press and will hit tipping point in about 10 days.

  33. Pulled my domain inventory from from GD this morning. I could ‘just’ barely tolerate their ads and force selling bloated admin panels, this was the last straw for me. Granted that Bob does harbour a talent for success and shares it on his blog with the general public, he is only one of many CEO’s that engage in this practice. His advice is more or less the same as other motivational speakers I’ve come across in my travels, nothing new.

  34. @jayjay – Doing the same thing and sent the video to my other friends who are pulling their domains as well.

    He doesn’t deserve my money!

  35. I guess if a rich American businessman can go to Zimbabwe to hunt and the United Nations results make Zimbabweans the most literate in Africa that means someone is telling a very very very big lie about Zimbabwe.The media seem like agents that have been demonising this place so as to make Africa look bad when in fact the whole world has problems including America.Seriously,they have called Zimbabwe a war zone and you get Bob Parsons,Akon,Capleton,Sizzla and Donnie McClurkin going there with no matata….LETS WAKE UP WORLD

  36. We applaud Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons for standing up for his sport and passion. Big Game hunters that travel to Zimbabwe and many other countries are the reason many of these exotic animals have not become extinct. When they have value, they will be managed in a sustainable fashion for future generations to see and enjoy. Unfortunately groups like PETA don’t see these facts. Hunters, anglers and trappers are the reason wildlife in this country and many other countries are thriving like never before.

  37. “When they have value, they will be managed in a sustainable fashion for future generations to see and enjoy. ”

    Value, what value are you talking about? You don’t need to kill animals to raise their values.

    How about we kill few thousand people in DC, New York, Berlin etc. to increase the value..also, once we have less people it’s going to be easier to manage the rest of the population.

    What a joke!!!

  38. What about the total disrespect of his customers and employees. He is a CEO with thousands of employees and millions of customers.

    I have seen several polls now showing about 80% saying they are against the CEO of Go Daddy shooting and videotaping the hunt.

    It would stand that at least 50 percent of is employees are against it and can not speak out at all.

    His customer now

    Why take on such a controversial subject when you know it is going to offend many of your customers and employees.

    Why? Because egomaniacs must always do highly controversial things so they are constantly put into a position of “assumed authority.”

    He should spend another 50,000 and motivated to help this elephant:

    A hidden camera has recorded footage of circus workers in the UK kicking a 57-year-old elephant, and striking her with a metal pitchfork.
    Animal Defenders International (ADI) released footage from behind the scenes at the winter quarters of Bobby Roberts Super Circus, (in Polebrook, Northamptonshire) showing Anne, an Asian elephant, being repeatedly struck while tethered to the floor by a short chain. During a three-and-a-half week period 48 strikes were recorded.

    Buy this Elephant Bob since you have such a kind heart.

  39. It’s not cheap to hunt and kill an elephant in Zimbabwe. It costs more than 12k to buy a permit. That 12k that Bob Parsons paid is SUPPOSED to go back to the tribal community–to help pay for roads and bridges (and it does in places like Botswana and Namibia). However…he bought that permit in Zimbabwe…a place where a tyrant uses thugs to attack people who didn’t vote for him. Parson basically handed 12k over to Mugabe. THAT is the issue I have…not the Peta one. That elephant meat..that will last a week at best. But now Mugabe just has more funds to further starve his country with.

  40. I rather have the damm elephant killed then having those framers suffer without crops and nothing to feed their kids.. typing from your cozy room is easy .. put your self in the place of those poor farmers and think again. ohh i just moved all my domains to godaddy .. thanks for helping Humans GoDaddy

  41. Bob”s antics in Zimbabwe inspired me to do some research on fencing (took less than 10 mins) he’s a cost effective solution in materials resource and labor.

    [The ha-ha Fence:]

    As many who have pointed out regarding travelling expenses, the costs for getting a permit to shoot elephants, hiring trackers and vehicles to traverse the countryside –

    this money could of been put to use in hiring a bulldozer (importing one if necessary) to construct ha-ha fencing fortifications around the villagers farms.

    Micro-financing and possible Government subsidising (I’m sure Bob could of pulled his financial weight/influence here) would contribute to the construction of such projects throughout all the regional farms – villages in Zimbabwe.

    Unfortunately Bob Parsons and others with his mindset tent to find solutions with their nature of destruction rather than creation.

    It’s a shame to see a great figure in business in the public eye like this but he should of exercised foresight before his undertaking,

    and the consequence’s it could have on Godaddy’s business, it’s investors, employees, his families well being from extremist-environmentalists and his integrity in the public eye.


  42. @jayjay – but doing this he won’t be able to use the AC/DC music in the background and there won’t be blood. he also won’t be able to use a rifle in order to satisfy his ego.

  43. Oh and by the way, for people that think the elephant population is in peril in Zimbabwe, a study that was done in 2001 showed that the elephant population in the country has increased fro 40,000 to about 90,000 since 1980 and is even higher today. The country has estimated the carrying capacity at about 56,000 and the elephants are destroying the countryside looking for food to feed all of the large animals. Therefore, it makes sense to have the animals hunted to reduce the population. Building a fence may help the village and farms but does not keep the animals from destroying the areas outside the fences, but I guess people would just rather see starving elephants than to feed starving people.

  44. Big Hunter….big deal..he killed an elephant. Yes, I feel bad for the elephant..but I feel WORSE for the people. BUT..there’s a bigger picture at hand. Parson did more HARM to these people than he did good. He paid 20k to get a permit to kill this elephant. That 20k was put into the hands of a dictatorship. If he paid for this elephant in Bostwana or Namibia it would be fine. The money spent on the hunting permit goes back to the villagers…improves roads, buys books. However, he shot that elephant in ZIMBABWE. He paid for that permit in ZIMBABWE. A place where the so-called “president” has taken over all the reserves. He handed over 20k to Mugabe…not to the people,..but to Mugabe’s thugs. He gave a dictator money so that he can further starve the villagers and fatten the rich.

  45. Not sure, but I think the controversy that ensued was brought on by some clips that were in the first video, but not in the version Elliot id getting. The original had several shots of Parsons posing with his rifle, leaning up against the dead elephant the next morning. For sure, he looked significantly smug enough to be nauseating.

    That, and the original version had AC/DC’s Hells Bells playing as kicked-up background music while the peasants, wearing GoDaddy Hats and T-Shirts – close-ups of which were also edited out – desperately fought to get some of the elephant meat. It was just plain weird, and quickly made you realize there was about a million better ways GoDaddy could do something for the peasants.

    Of course, all that is above and beyond the basic understanding that (1) Parsons went there intent on killing something – problem or not; (2) His hunting party was trampling the peasant’s garden in their quest to stop the elephant from trampling the garden, and; (3) The elephant was a target of opportunity – there was no way to identify that particular elephant from the herd as the “problem” elephant.

    All in all, even having seen the original version, I’d still say it’s a distraction and who ever said we should be instead focusing on what’s going on with Obama continuing the Bush Doctrine was right. Especially after I read something like this: It’s off-topic, but I for one and sick of fighting endless wars and handing out tax cuts while at the same time we’re closing schools and pinching the poor.

    Doh! Rant alert!

  46. Ego maniac! He has enough money to solve this problem with buying a fence helping the people and animals a different way, He doesn’t do anything for those poor people.
    This has nothing to do with helping, this is a pure selfish act. Hope the next time the elephant falls on him!

  47. This guy is a criminal! Killing elephants is unacceptable period! There is “no” reason, or excuse, for killing elephants. I don’t care if that elephant destroyed an entire country, and killed every human inhabitant; there is still no justification for killing even a single elephant. In July, I am transferring my 2000 internet domains away from GoDaddy, and will never do business with them again!

  48. moving all of my domains from godaddy
    would rather not give him the time of day now.

    this is a classic way of making your business drop in value

    f%&^k godaddy

  49. Also done doing business with GoDaddy

    It would take very inexpensive fences to deter bull Elephants long term without shooting everyone that approaches. And if he cares so much about the locals food shortage, he can do lasting good with his money as opposed of getting his rocks of shooting elephants.

    I wonder how much of his industry segment finds Elephants sacred… I know my company does and all of there business is being moved from GoDaddy. Good job Bob!

  50. There ARE valid causes to cull elephants under certain circumstances, because otherwise elephant populations may self destruction by destroying their often isolated habitats, and trophy hunting can play a part in this. BUT, I have seen NO mention anywhere about what guide or organisation he used. There are some conservation organisations that do facilitate trophy hunting for a fee that would contribute to their cause, and then there are a large proportion of shady guides who will be happy to pocket 10’s of $1000’s for their service. Being that there is no mention about this, I am assuming Bob chose the latter.

  51. Ok, the Zimbabwe government allows this and supposedly uses the money to pay National Park employees and then sells the meat, all the while overestimating the elephant population to allow more hunting. And while it’s nice that park employees are (supposedly) getting paid, the money is obviously not going towards these villagers who have nothing.

    I really, really don’t like it, but it’s their country. But the thing that really irks me is that this a-hole put his bright orange godaddy hats on these starving people and shot close-ups set to AC/DC. How distasteful and degrading. And did Bob really stick around long enough to guarantee his claim that they elephants never returned? And why are we supposed to believe the villagers themselves can’t kill elephants? There’s probably a reason they don’t.

    I employed godaddy’s services strictly out of convenience (certainly not for their advertising), but I will be switching companies when my contract soon expires. And I don’t tend to be easily offended.

  52. Go to hell parsons. For the idiots who think there are “problem” elephants go do your homework, this is pure cruelty based on greed. I have had 20 people move their hosting from godaddy and I will continue to spread the news to boycott.

  53. Killing all animals is wrong! Killing elephants is wrong beyond comprehension. If you can’t figure out why, then wait til you’re mature, and then try again. Here are the constituents (in order of importance):
    1. Elephants
    2. Humans
    3. Crops

    After all the humans have been killed, then you can start thinking about killing elephants!

    P.S. I love the idiot hunter’s rational for killing everything… “there’s too many of them”… and “they’re gonna starve if we don’t kill them”. In my opinion, there’s “too” many of something, but it’s not deer, and it’s not elephants… it’s HUMANS!

  54. Steve, I can’t agree with you more. I have been doing charity work (working with underprivileged children) for the last 15 years and I have to say that there are plenty of “adult” humans out there that don’t deserve to grace the same planet as an elephant.

    I’d like to take this Parsons ass out into the bush, and hunt him down – there are FAR too many hosting companies out there! We don’t need godaddy.

  55. I am a proud hunter, “animal killer” for all you animal rights activists. I am also a human being. I have a fiance and son. We are young and do not make much money. In order to support my family, I harvest (“slay”) poor innocent creatures. I get much pleasure with each and every kill. The adrenaline rush is like no other. However, I also take a certain pride at the accomplishment of killing such an amazing creature, no matter what the animal is.

    I have read several of these posts and am disappointed, yet not suprised at many of the responses. The dissapointment, and lack of suprise are both derived from the fact that so many people are disturbed by the actions of Bob Parsons. This businessman is a person. Not a senseless killer. His hobbies and desires are his own, not to be judged by others. After earning his money, he decided to spend it in a way that would not only benefit himself but others as well. Sure there are other options available to deter the elephants. However, by killing the elephants several problems are solved.

    1: The farmers crops are saved.
    2: The elephants of that heard will not come back.
    3: There is one less elephant that the shrinking habitat of the elephants will have to support.
    4: The villagers were able to obtain several hundred pounds of meat.
    5: And yes, Bob Parson was able to satisfy his personal wants.

    I understand everyone has their opinion, but for everyone who believes its not the “too many” elephants, or deer, that are the problem, but the “too many” people, why dont you do society, and apparently all those poor animals a favor and just kill yourselves. If you honestly believe there are too many people and not enough room for the animals that were here first, kill yourself. I for one would not miss you at all. And I’m sure all those animals that you worry so much about wont either. They know and care nothing about you. In fact Im sure if you met these creatures face to face they would help you in your suicide attempts and trample your body into the earth where your body can serve an actual useful purpose by providing fertilizer for the farmers crops.

    Have a wonderful time diving off that skyscraper

  56. “They know and care nothing about you. In fact Im sure if you met these creatures face to face they would help you in your suicide attempts and trample your body into the earth where your body can serve an actual useful purpose by providing fertilizer for the farmers crops.”

    This is cheesy nonsense. A five year old wouldn’t come up with crap like this.

  57. To the ones that have an issue with this video get a life . It is our jobs to defend our food and land. EveN if that means killing people or animals.. Don’t be so stupid, go hug a tree!

  58. “our food” and “our land”? Humans have a way of declaring everything to be theirs. Have you noticed? What land doesn’t belong to humans? We think everything is ours because we’re aggressive, arrogant, and have power. So basically what Nick’s saying is WE, AS HUMANS, NEED TO KILL ALL THE ANIMALS because they are alive ON OUR LAND. Hey, there’s a mouse in my home. I have to kill it! Hey, there’s a deer on the highway. I have to kill it! Hey, there’s a bear in my neighborhood… better kill it! Hey, there’s fish in the Ocean… let’s kill them! Whales… kill them! Sharks… kill them too! I know that groundhog’s gonna chow on my garden… I’ll just kill him! Check out my YouTube video where I kill a black snake to emphasize the importance of killing animals. Ever notice how the people who kill animals are the same ones who would object if “they” were the animal being killed!!!

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