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Niko Younts Featured in Coin Report


Niko Younts is a domain investor who has a considerable investment in Bitcoin domain names via his Currency Evolution business. I was sent an article this morning that was published in Coin Report, entitled, "The Domain Name King of Bitcoin?"

Younts, who may be best known by domain investors for his $250,000 sale of, still owns a large portfolio of Bitcoin domain names. If you follow him on Twitter, you know his company owns,, and, in addition to many geographic and other Bitcoin-related domain names.

The article, written by (more…) → Read More

Domain Guardians Announces Sale of for $1 Million



You can add another seven figure domain name sale to this year's domain name sales chart. I just learned that Domain Guardians brokered the sale of the domain name for $1 million USD. The buyer is reportedly a Bitcoin mining hardware company called GAWMiners. The domain name registration remains under privacy, and the landing page has not yet changed.

It was just over two months ago that I reported the private acquisition of I reached out to the seller of the domain name for a comment, but I believe the owner would prefer to remain private. Jen Sale, Co-Founder of Domain Guardians did comment on the sale of  "Your domain name is the foundation of your online brand," said Sale. "Flagship domains like solidify brands by empowering users to easily discover, remember, share and recognise your company online. The right → Read More

How I Created My Own Virtual Currency


Last week, I made a posting on my blog about Bitcoin 2.0. It reminded me that years before Bitcoin was even invented, I created my own electronic currency. This is the story of the rise and fall of

Back in the late 1990s, virtual currencies such as E-Gold and CyberCash were a hot trend, offering alternative payment systems for consumers to use on e-commerce sites. This appealed to people who did not have a credit card, and to people who at the time did not trust giving their credit card info out online. Years later Paypal ended up winning the online payments battle, but before that (in 2002) I jumped on the bandwagon and started my own competing site: It was totally new type of payment service for websites that only sold digital goods (such as software downloads, eBooks, or memberships).

The way it worked was that people would make a purchase using the DigiCredit system and then pay for it later in real money. It was basically a promise to pay. No credit check, everyone was automatically approved → Read More

Bitcoin Keyword Domain Names Owned by End Users


During the last several months, I've noticed quite a few "coin" domain names selling at various aftermarket venues like Sedo, GoDaddy, Afternic, and NameJet. Most of the names that appear to be selling seem to be of the brandable variety rather than exact match keyword domains.  I think a big reason for this is that most of the primary keyword .com names are already owned by end users.

The reason that the best exact match keyword domain names are owned by end users already is likely because Bitcoin and other crypto coin currencies have become popular during the last few years, and the domain names weren't picked up by many speculators. In addition, because of the growth trajectory of Bitcoin, major players in the space had more money to spend to acquire aftermarket coin domain names (see and links below for more details about those domain names).

Some examples of exact match Bitcoin and other coin related domain names that are (or appear to be) owned by end users are listed below. Many of these → Read More