Bitcoin Keyword Domain Names Owned by End Users

During the last several months, I’ve noticed quite a few “coin” domain names selling at various aftermarket venues like Sedo, GoDaddy, Afternic, and NameJet. Most of the names that appear to be selling seem to be of the brandable variety rather than exact match keyword domains.  I think a big reason for this is that most of the primary keyword .com names are already owned by end users.

The reason that the best exact match keyword domain names are owned by end users already is likely because Bitcoin and other crypto coin currencies have become popular during the last few years, and the domain names weren’t picked up by many speculators. In addition, because of the growth trajectory of Bitcoin, major players in the space had more money to spend to acquire aftermarket coin domain names (see and links below for more details about those domain names).

Some examples of exact match Bitcoin and other coin related domain names that are (or appear to be) owned by end users are listed below. Many of these domain names are already developed or are pending development:

Some examples of brandable coin domain sales that have recently sold via aftermarket domain sales venues include the domain names listed below. I don’t know if these were speculative investments made by domain investing companies or if they were purchased by end user buyers seeking to build a brand:

  • (NameJet)
  • (GoDaddy)
  • (NameJet)
  • (Sedo)
  • (NameJet)
  • (Afternic)
  • (Afternic)

One reason we are seeing names with the “Bitcoin” term selling is because I don’t believe there is a trademark that would allow one company or individual to use the Bitcoin keyword exclusively. Despite the Bitcoin “brand,” I don’t think there is a real trademarked brand that would prevent others from buying and using Bitcoin within their domain names.

I believe we will continue to see coin related domain names selling in the aftermarket. It will be interesting to see if sales for some of the highest value “coin” domain names, like,…etc. These domain names were probably originally destined for websites related to the hard currencies, but perhaps that will change.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


    • I reviewed that portfolio a few months ago. They have a few good names no doubt, and I’m sure they have some traffic and will receive some offers.

      But, it’s about quality, not quantity.

      Plus, I noticed a few domains that could be guilty of trademark infringement – which could result in severe consequences – which is definitely not the same as professional “generic” domain investing.

      In any event, I wish him/her/they the best year ever.

    • @ Currency Evolution, I looked at your future trend bitcoin-related domains – not bad!

      Did you really sell for $250k?

      Afternic just posted its sales, with: $3000

      That’s kind of a huge discrepancy.

    • CurrencyEvolution good job on setting up a site to present your assets.

      I think a Bitcoin TM would never pass, I know there are many applications in, but for whatever reason, if Bitcoin get’s regulated, blocked, shut down by the powers that be, maybe a new COIN will emerge. That is why the smart money has been playing COIN, Bitcoin is such a tied term. It is the first to market standard, but by last count their was about 40 different coin companies now, trying to emulate the same success.

      Like last week, when one major exchange caused the price of bitcoin to fall 20% in a single day, any Gov’t influence to this bitcoin, will cause panic, and the above portfolio would become very worthless, very quickly.

      I am assuming you are the one who sold for $11K initially, whereas it was passed on to be sold for $250K, as your site indicates you are the one who sold it for $250K.

  1. Would be nice to go back 5 years or so and hand reg all these Bitcoin and Coin related domains. What will be the next hot trend like this, there is always some new opportunity in domains.

    • What will be the next hot trend like this, there is always some new opportunity in domains.

      @Domains, once domainers start talking about a trend, I think it is already well-reserved. But if you do your own research in the field you are interested in, I think you can get in early on a trend that bypasses domainers in general.

      @ Elliot, when are you going to post another Recent Acquisitions? I have one I want to brag about . . .

  2. I am playing around with turning (or .net) into a cyptocurrency site and moving my coin business to the exact match .com for what we do which I also own.. hmm

  3. “Would be nice to go back 5 years or so and hand reg all these Bitcoin and Coin related domains. What will be the next hot trend like this, there is always some new opportunity in domains.”

    It’s called ‘Future Trend Domaining’, often maligned but can also pay dividends.

    • I’m not though. Just being honest. There some good ones in there but registering ever country name + bitcoin just seems like a waste. i have no idea what “Ethereum” is but perhaps some of those will be good if whatever if is blows up.

    • Well, thank you for “being honest”, but unfortunately, this isn’t your expertise. It is mine. And, I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in this space while countless others were “just being honest” and pushing their opinion and negativity down my neck.

      The simple fact you don’t know what Ethereum is instant proof you are disconnected from this vertical.

      Several of the listed domains were aftermarket acquisitions, for your information, for tens-of-thousands of dollars, not $8.67 hand-registrations. The others were registered while the rest of the world is watching their favorite reality tv show.

      Go try to acquire FranceBitcoin[.com] and see what the asking price is. Or, maybe ArgentinaBitcoin or CanadaBitcoin. If you make it that far before your humble pie arrives, check out the owner of IndiaBitcoin and ColombiaBitcoin, he’s the Director of Business Development for ButterCoin, a Google Ventures company. I could keep going, but I’m confident you’ll understand after a few $25k and $50k tags.

      Some more [free] tips. Go find the latest Bill Gates quote regarding “Africa Bitcoin” and the hundred-billion dollar market. You might see AfricaBitcoin[.com] on the front of SkyMall Magazine one day…

      Like I said, I wish you the best year ever.

      Take care, stranger.

    • I am no expert in the bitcoin field but have been making a living selling domains for a number of years and have also sold a bitcoin related domain for mid five figures. The majority of the good bitcoin domains were regged a few years ago, not this november.

      Major country names could be a good investment but you don’t seem to own those. I wish you all the luck in the world. It just reminds me of lists of domains you see in the drops. someone regs for a bunch of domains, holds them for 10 years, they never sell and then drop them. anyways, you’re not the only one paying attention to this space or any space while ‘the rest of the world is watching their favorite reality show’ lol. what condescending view of your peers.

    • I should also add that just because all these domains have their owners wanting five or six or whatever figures, doesn’t mean they’ll ever get it. some will, some won’t. asking prices do not determine value. oh and that bitcoin blogspot guy…he has some good ones too but wow, so many crappy and tm regs as well.

    • “The majority of good bitcoin domains were regged a few years ago, not this november.”

      I can’t speak for the entire market, only myself. I did not register or acquire any virtual currency domains until November of 2013. It’s not always about $8.67 “genius hand-regs” but rather professional research and analysis to uncover x,xxx to sell for xx,xxx and xx,xxx to sell for xxx,xxx and xxx,xxx to sell for x,xxx,xxx.

      The bottom line, for no apparent reason at all you blasted the portfolio and have been negative, and admittedly, lack the education and research to support the claims and position so I will exit stage left so I don’t waste your time.

      Best regards.

    • Some people cant handle honestly especially in this business.. The names I agree are terrible and most will likely never sell, by chance some will could fetch in the low 4 figures at most.. The bitcoin wallet domain was a good domain, but NO where near worth $250K, bottom line is the seller got lucky connecting with a buyer who wanted it bad enough that he’d paid the inflated price, And now we have every tom dick and harry registering and selling bitcoin domains based on ONE sale.

    • You are a fool. Both of you.

      The names speak for themselves. No, actually, my tax return will speak for itself.

      Where are your names? And, …HAHA, why are you hiding behind “Raider” and your other jealous friend “jZ” without a real name and hyperlink…?

      Oh, I get it. You must be one many owners who didn’t understand their assets and sold them to me like they were t-shirts at the flea-market in a desperation, fire-sale.

      I can handle honesty, but unfortunately, your opinion is completely irrelevant because you are a ghost, and you have no clue what you are talking about. For a week now, instead of providing facts, professional opinion and support to counter or discredit the investments, you launch blind and wild comments in an attempt to fuel the fire based on…radical opinion and pure negativity.

      100% grade A – HATERS.

      And for the record, I never said it was “the best” but merely the largest, [targeted] portfolio. It wasn’t aimed at you personally, but you sure took the marketing hype as a direct attack and comparison to your very manhood.

      Don’t worry, friends, haha, you will see our work again soon in the Dn Journal. Stay tuned!

      Sorry Elliot, for as long as I live I will not post again on your blog. It’s negative losers like these that waste peoples time, lend and spread misinformation and drama, promote Trademark-infringing domain assets, and overall have nothing positive or informative to lend to the conversation or industry.

      I sincerely hope you two find a new hobby, seek professional, and help each other remember your names.

      No need to reply, I will not be visiting this page again. Ever.


    • What do my domains have to do with your country bitcoin portfolio? only you must know.. Understand that your the only one in this thread touting that you have the largest niche portfolio on the planet, I didn’t do that, YOU did that all by yourself and your even going so far as to change it by adding “Targeted” Why don’t you come clean and admit that what you wrote wreaked of arrogance and move on? Domainers like you are a riot, you hand reg all these domains just last year, something any moron could of done and your suddenly an authority on bitcoin domains, domains that only a reseller would be interested in.

      It’s nothing personal so why get bent out of shape over domain criticism? your obviously insecure with your portfolio otherwise it wouldn’t bother you, It doesn’t bother me when someone tells me my domain(s) suck, if I feel they are I’ll gladly admit it and say, “maybe your right, I don’t know what I was thinking when I reg’d that one, or if I think he’s wrong I’ll just laugh it off.

      I’ve been in the business since the mid 90’s and know pigeon shit when I see it, and you my friend have a lot of it, like, here you registered the WRONG version on 12/4/13, when the correct version (w/o the plural) was available at the time and later registered on 12/22/13 by someone else, and you say we don’t understand our assets?


    • if you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. and you did say you had the best. i see however you have edited your comment. i am just a guy who owns tens of thousands of domains. i’m sure i never sold anything to you, i only sell to end users. regardless, cry me a river. it doesn’t matter who i am. i don’t need attention like you do, i don’t publish my sales and don’t post my names online or spam them in comments. people come to me to buy. you are very late to the game my friend. i don’t know if you just started selling domains or what bu the fact that you just started buying virtual currency domains this past november shows how late you are. like i said, if you are going to be so public with everything and claim your portfolio the best, you need a thicker skin.

  4. As everyone knows, is the original domain name used with the very first Bitcoin website. is recognized as the official ‘unofficial’ Bitcoin website (there is no official Bitcoin website).

    As such receives internet traffic from all over the world and continues to rise in popularity.

    I’m selling for those seeking a competitive advantage in the Bitcoin market. Please contact me at

  5. I domain as a hobby, I have around 100 bitcoin related domains and I do it for fun on the side. All this arguing and chest beating is for the birds. One man’s garbage is another man’s gold, I’ll leave it at that.

  6. I own over 100 bitcoin and cryptocurrency related domain names. They are all highly marketable and have excellent sales potential. Quite a few are worth thousands, but I just don’t want to deal with them anymore. A while back I decided to become a domain name broker, but have been too busy with my real estate business to have time to focus on selling these crypto domains. I am looking to do a bulk sale and get out of the domain name industry. I am asking 12 bitcoin as payment for the entire list. If you’re interested in seeing the list, please email me at kelly at kellyneal dot com.

    Thank you

    • That would have sold for alot 2 or 3 yrs ago (bitcoinmining) but there was a huge loss for personal mining equipment too expensive to mine anymore and it gets harder to mine them i would recommened selling them as soon as possible or develop.

      Good Luck

  7. Wow, there are so many people here that are ignorant to the impact that blockchain will have on the world. Yes, this market is still in its infancy and there will be turbulent times ahead, but the outcome is inevitable. If you want to compare it to the dot com bubble that is fine, it made many millionaires and then destroyed a lot of wealth, but the technology has transformed the world. I do not believe in Bitcoin’s ability to bring us to this new era due to the lack of a road map forward and their fractured community. Ethereum, on the other hand, appears poised to take us there within the next 2-5 years.

    Everyone who claims this is all a ponzi scheme makes it all too obvious that they do not understand the technology in the slightest.

  8. First, I am a complete newbie here and i’m trying to buy a digital product. I am really open to more tips.
    So, I am about to sign up to buy bitcoin from localbitcoin and they are asking for my email address. Is it ok to use my email address for privacy purpose? I’m taking your advise not to link my real life info, but I have to buy the bitcoin through paypal, which has my real life info. I’m confused! Please help! Thanks for your time.

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