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Despite All the Promotion, Amazon Doesn’t Own


Yesterday was dubbed "Prime Day" at Amazon. According to Amazon, "Prime Day is a one-day only global shopping event exclusively for Prime members." There were a ton of news stories devoted to Amazon and its Prime Day deals all day. From my perspective, Amazon seems to be building a brand around its "Prime" membership. Of note, Amazon does not own the exact match domain name.

If you visit, you can see that it is a standard Uniregistry parked page with pay per click links. There is a message at the top of the page that says "This domain has recently been listed for sale Click here to inquire," and clicking the link takes the visitor to a standard Uniregistry inquiry form. The domain name has been registered under private Whois for many years. has been up for sale before. In 2011, was listed for sale in the Moniker / SnapNames year end auction. At that time, the domain name had a reserve price range of between $1 - $5 million. I searched through my email archive, and I see the domain name → Read More

3 Great Domain Names That Were Owned by Jeff Bezos


I saw a neat article on Reader's Digest that discussed a few of the domain names that were originally registered by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. The article discussed how Bezos almost called Amazon "Relentless" and he bought the matching domain name, According to the article, Bezos also considered using and

As you might expect, the domain names mentioned in the Reader's Digest article are all currently owned by Amazon. I did a Whois History search at DomainTools, and it looks like those domain names have been registered to Amazon for nearly two decades. Unfortunately, this means that people can't find Mr. Bezos' personal email address, which may have been possible had ownership records gone back further.

I think we can all agree that the Amazon branding has (more…) → Read More

Amazon Buying Grocery Domain Names


In the wake of Amazon's pending acquisition of Whole Foods, it looks like Amazon has been buying grocery related domain names. Using a DomainIQ monitor alert, I was able to detect a number of recent domain registrations made by Amazon, most likely spurred by the acquisition. Most of the new registrations I noticed are new gTLD domain names.

As you can see below, the names I noticed that were registered have AmazonGrocery or AmazonGroceries in them with different extensions. The company has owned and since 2006, according to DomainTools Whois History tool. Smartly, the .com domain names both forward to the grocery section of Amazon's website.

Some of the domain names I noticed that Amazon registered in the past few days include: (more…) → Read More

Amazon Acquires 3 .Club Domain Names


Amazon has acquired three domain names from the .Club registry, matching generic brands the company operates. Amazon acquired Prime.Club, Alexa.Club, and Fire.Club. All three of these domain names were acquired for an undisclosed amount, and Amazon used its corporate registrar for the purchase.

Today is "Prime Day," at Amazon. The company is offering special deals to customers who are Prime members at Amazon. Prime.Club is being used by Amazon to forward traffic to the Amazon Prime Day landing page with special Prime Day deals. Alexa.Club currently forwards to the Amazon Alexa landing page, and Fire.Club currently forwards to the Amazon Fire landing page.

.Club Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Sass complemented Amazon on its (more…) → Read More

Amazon Hiring Project Manager for Amazon Registry Services


Amazon was one of the largest applicants for new gTLD domain name extensions, having applied to manage 76 new TLDs. Although the company is not going to operate all 76 of these extensions, the company is looking to hire a Project Manager for its Amazon Registry Services, Inc.

According to a job posting on, here's the first paragraph of the Project Manager job description: (more…) → Read More

Would Amazon Launch “Pantry” Without DigiMedia’s


DigiMediaI read a story on about a new business that Amazon is reportedly developing. " is working on a new business called Pantry that will help it expand further into the giant consumer package goods market," according to the USA Today article. There wasn't really information about whether a business unit called Pantry would go under the Amazon umbrella, or if it would be a freestanding entity.

When you hear of a major company launching a new major business under a different brand name, you probably assume that the company has the exact match .com domain name to go along with it. As of right now, it appears that (more…) → Read More