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Ordinarily I wouldn’t write about the sale of a “famous” person’s domain name, but this is a different story. Andrew wrote about Susan Boyle, the Texas artist who initially registered several years ago as a place to exhibit her artwork. Recently, another Susan Boyle became famous after her inspiring appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, and it looks like both Boyles are going to make money from it.

According to an article in UK’s Guardian,   the American artist Susan Boyle “consulted a company called Sedo that sells domain names and, following their advice, has now put her web address up for sale for a cool $25,000. She hasn’t sold it. Yet.”

It will be interesting to see if someone buys the name, and assuming that happens, if the buyer will be able to create a non-infringing website on the domain name, as the name “Susan Boyle” has become famous. In my opinion, the production company would be wise to buy this valuable domain name, although they don’t own although they do own If you’re wondering, is a fan site monetized with Adsense, and currently ranked 513,478 in Alexa.

This will be interesting to watch.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. In my opinion, it should be sold only to the Susan Boyle who has brought it great fame. I hope this Susan Boyle, if she does not get it herself, sues the pants off whomever would seek to profit off of her own work, talent and career progress.

  2. Mark, the domain wasn’t registered by a cybersquatter — it was registered years ago by someone else also named Susan Boyle, so she’s not doing anything wrong by selling it.

    Might be a good investment at 25k if Susan Boyle stays popular as she is now — question though, could anyone other than another Susan Boyle buy this domain without risking a UDRP?

  3. I think it’s a little stupid for the “American artist Susan Boyle” to sell her domain. Her name is the central brand of what she does. If she was smart, she would revamp her site and it would pay off way further than $25k. Someone at Sedo gave her stupid advice.

  4. Perfect application for Rick Schwartz’s famous “enter” button. Splash page simply says “for Susan Boyle the artist”, enter here. To the right “for Susan Boyle Britain’s singing sensation enter here”. The rent could be a percentage of her income for life.

  5. @Owen

    IMO, if the production company “gets it” $25k is nothing for the name and would pale in comparison to ongoing revenue split. If the artist didn’t want to sell your suggestion could be an option.

    • @Ed

      Very good point. If it was my name, I would want as much money as possible, especially if I was using the name for a business website. Since one of the very few groups that could use the domain name legitimately (without the risk) is a multi-billion dollar corporation, I would have priced it much higher than $25,000 (if I was forced to put a price on it). At best, a huge sale would be made, and at worst, the domain name wouldn’t sell and I would have my personal website.

      If it was my name, I wouldn’t set a price and let the offers come to me.

  6. On the other hand, in six months we all might be wondering who the heck is Susan Broyle. Susan Broyle? Where have I heard that name before? Oh, that’s right Susan Boyle.


    Nice story. I own “”. Parked at thru fabulous, it’s making about $2 a day. I getting rich every minute I type this response.

    Really I do own “”.

    I buy and sell first, last, and full names. can be purchased right now for a cool $900, paypal only. Oops! Sorry for the ad bro! Will you cut me some slack? I’ll give you 10%.

    peaceout gang

  8. Does anyone know her middle name?? could certainly change the way domains make money. Some experts in the industry are finally realizing the world of domaining as we knew it has been born. Start with dropping the internet standard of PPC. Then Every site can make money!! Have a great Day Elliot and Thank You, Wm

  9. @Mark

    I spoke to Susan Boyle the Texas painter for about 45 minutes on the phone in the week after the British singer got famous. Texas Susan is not cybersquatter, and she’s not even a domainer. She’s someone who registered her own name, like many people do, and she’s using her own name to sell her artwork. She was very concerned about not exploiting the British singer’s fame, but wanted to legitimize her own work. (N.B.: There’s something to be said about people who go on TV talent shows not wanting to be exploited, but that’s a different conversation).

    Ultimately this is a windfall for her and I still think that she could sell her art through a similar site, maybe

  10. @christian

    Thanks for the clarification. My point is simply that Susan Boyle the singer obviously deserves the profits of her own fame.

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